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    Tibetan slimming gymnastics for slimming:

    rules Tibetan slimming gymnasticsis a very effective set of exercises, which helps to rejuvenate, improve and burn excess kilograms.

    This technique is widespread in our country, and also popular in the west - Tibetan gymnastics is actively used to lose weight, even Hollywood stars.

    Tibetan gymnastics for weight loss: essence, rules, contra-indications ^

    So, this eastern technique was originally a secret, and only Tibetan monks living in the mountains knew it. Tibetan gymnastics became popular all over the world and became available to everyone after the publication of Peter Kadler's book called The Eye of Revival.

    According to Tibetan monks, almost all health problems are related to the disturbance of energy movement in some areas of the human body. To restore it, they developed a set of exercises aimed at the activation of energy flows and, therefore, the acceleration of metabolic processes and the burning of fatty deposits.

    The main task of this program for losing weight is to activate the energy zones. Monks believed that in the human body there are 19 energy zones - vortices, which, rotating, give energy and strength. When at least one of the 19 whirlwinds fails, the person begins to feel weak, fast fatigue, his metabolism slows down and a set of excess weight occurs.

    Most experts consider the Tibetan exercises to be absolutely safe. At their performance the main thing to adhere to all rules and recommendations:

    • to do gymnastics regularly;
    • conduct training in the morning before breakfast;
    • allocate at least 20 minutes a day for lessons;
    • clothing should be comfortable, non-deterrent movements;
    • during exercise exercises should be controlled to keep the breathing smooth and deep;
    • is recommended to be relaxed during classes;
    • is not worth doing training through force or in a stressful state;
    • body and soul must be in harmony;
    • to begin training Tibetan gymnastics is necessary with a growing moon.

    In addition to effective burning of excess weight, exercises of Tibetan gymnastics help to get rid of headaches, osteochondrosis, arthrosis, varicose veins, digestive disorders, problems with menstruation in women. Despite the undeniable benefits of training, they are contraindicated in such cases:

    • with high blood pressure and other diseases of the cardiovascular system;
    • in the presence of gastric ulcer;
    • in case the thyroid gland is significantly enlarged;
    • if there are problems with the spine.

    Tibetan gymnastics: basic exercises, video ^

    Gymnastics of Tibetan monks: a set of exercises for weight loss and healing

    5 exercises of Tibetan gymnastics

    The complex of Tibetan gymnastics consists of five effective exercises, also called ritual actions. Beginners need to do 3-5 replays of each of them. Over time, the number of repetitions can be increased to 20-21.

    Exercise 1

    The first exercise of Tibetan gymnastics improves blood circulation, strengthens muscles and accelerates the rotation of energy in all energy zones.

    • The starting position: you need to become even, put your feet wider than the width of your shoulders and spread out even hands to the sides, while the left palm should look up and the right hand should look down.
    • Then start slowly rotating in the clockwise direction.
    • It is recommended to do 5-6 turns until light dizziness appears. Beginners will be enough two turns.
    • After doing this exercise, it is recommended to sit down or lie down, if the body requires it.

    Exercise 2

    The second ritual action has a positive effect on the thyroid gland, kidneys, adrenal glands, genitals and digestive organs, strengthens the muscles of the press and legs.

    • Starting position: you need to lie on your back, put your hands along the body with your hands down.
    • The chest should be strongly pressed to the chin and begin to lift the even legs up until they form an angle of 90 degrees with the upper body.
    • It's important to keep your feet together and not bend them in your lap.
    • In this position, you should stay, and then slowly lower your legs and head to the floor.

    Exercise 3

    The third ritual action is directed, first of all, to strengthening the thyroid gland, normalizing breathing, eliminating pain in the neck and back.

    • Starting position: you need to kneel and place them on the width of the shoulders, and palms of your hands to rest on the hind muscles of the hips under the buttocks.
    • The head should be tilted forward, trying to touch as much as possible with the chin of the chest.
    • Then it is smooth to do a tilt of the head back, trying to bend the spine back, and again to return to the starting position.
    • It is important that movement and breathing are consistent.
    • With your head back, you should take a deep breath, and, returning your head forward, - exhale.
    • It is necessary to breathe deeply, because Tibetan monks believe that it is through breathing that the connection between movements and energy rotation is realized.

    Exercise 4

    The fourth ritual of Tibetan gymnastics helps to improve the condition of the thyroid gland, cardiovascular system, strengthens the abdominal muscles, hips, shoulders and hands, increases immunity and gives strength.

    • Starting position: it is necessary to sit on the floor, stretching out even legs forward, palms resting on the floor, pointing fingers to the buttocks, and aiming at the chest with your chin.
    • Simultaneously, you should tilt your head back and tear the body off the floor, lifting it to the parallel with the floor and to the right angle with your hands, to inhale.
    • In this position, you should stay a couple of seconds, straining your muscles and holding your breath.
    • Returning to the starting position, you must again exhale.

    Exercise 5

    • Starting position: you need to lie on your stomach, then rest your palms on the floor, bending your back. The body must touch the floor with only the palms of the hands and toes.
    • Throwing your head back, you should take a deep breath and press your chin to your chest.
    • During inhalation, slowly raise the pelvis upward, forming a right angle between the lower and upper part of the trunk.
    • Stay in position for a few seconds and hold your breath, then exhale slowly down.
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    Tibetan gymnastics for weight loss: reviews of those who lose weight and doctors, the results ^

    The results of weight loss with Tibetan gymnastics will be excellent if performed daily and correctly. For a month of exercise and proper nutrition, you can lose weight by 3 - 5 kilograms.

    On the Internet, you can see only good and enthusiastic reviews about losing weight with the help of Tibetan gymnastics, which speaks about its effectiveness and absolute safety. Here are a few responses from our regular readers:

    Arina, 25 years old:

    "I have been practicing Tibetan weight loss exercises for a year now. At the same time I tried to eat right and lead an active lifestyle. My result is minus 10 kg. "

    Valentina, 55 years old:

    "This gymnastics I've been doing for 6 months. In such a short time, I not only lost 7 kg, but began to feel younger, and look more attractive. "

    Vlada, 42 years old:

    "Overweight, fortunately, I never bothered, but with age, I began to notice that my body was becoming unattractive. My friend advised me this oriental technique for losing weight. A month later I saw excellent results: the muscles became taut, the body flexible, and I began to feel like a 25-year-old girl. I recommend Tibetan gymnastics for rejuvenation and weight loss. "