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    Diuretic diet pills: benefit or harm

    Overweight into a certain extent is due not only to the increase in fatty deposits, but also to fluid retention.

    Fighting fat can take a lot of time, but the removal of liquids - just a couple of days.

    To do this, diuretics are used for weight loss, which are drugs that quickly remove fluid from the body.

    Diuretic for weight loss: benefit or harm ^

    Weight loss is to accelerate the removal of fluid from the body, due to which the body weight decreases, and fat deposits remain.

    During reception of diuretics it is strongly recommended to take potassium and products with potassium content.

    It is important to note that the action of diuretic in losing weight will be safe only if taken on the advice of a specialist for treatment or weight loss.

    Advantages and benefits of diuretics for weight loss

    • Diuretics are prescribed by specialists in such diseases as hypertension, nephritis, renal and heart failure, cirrhosis and severe poisoning.
    • Diuretics help to get rid of puffiness, due to which they are often prescribed during pregnancy.
    • The labels often write that when using diuretics, the bowel cleanses. If it is reasonable to use diuretics, then it is possible to effectively purify the body of toxins and toxins.
    • A great advantage of drugs having a diuretic effect is that they have a low cost. The most effective natural diuretic for losing weight at home is watermelon.
    • If the remedy is chosen correctly, then it can improve blood circulation, eliminate water and water-salt balance disorders, stabilize blood pressure, prevent stagnant phenomena.

    Harm of diuretics

    • Cleansing the body with a diuretic can lead to problems with kidneys and dehydration.
    • Intensive use of a strong diuretic can lead to a violation of the cardiac activity, because not only the excess liquid, but potassium and sodium is excreted in the urine.
    • An uncontrolled intake of diuretics can lead to frequent headaches and dizziness, loss of consciousness, nausea and vomiting, and lack of appetite.
    • In addition, intensive intake of drugs helps reduce vision, blood pressure, excessive sweating and skin rashes.

    Some sports federations in different countries forbid the reception of diuretics before the competition. They are often taken by boxers and athletes to control weight before the competition. Diuretics were banned due to several deaths, when athletes were stopped by the heart due to intensive intake of diuretics.

    In addition, a major drawback of diuretics is that after their intake the former weight is dialed at a high rate.

    How to take diuretics for weight loss: doses, recipes ^

    Principles of taking a diuretic

    To take diuretics did not bring irreparable harm to health, you need to know the basic rules for their reception:

    • Before using diuretics to get rid of excess weight, it is necessary to consult a specialist.
    • The use of diuretics is strictly prohibited in such diseases as diabetes, skin tuberculosis, gout, etc., as it can cause serious complications of these diseases.
    • Every day, you need to monitor the water balance using a fat analyzer. For this purpose it is necessary to be weighed at one time, preferably in the morning. When weighing, remove clothing.
    • Try not to admit dehydration, you need to replenish the water balance by taking 8 glasses of water a day.
    • Eliminate from the diet salty foods that help to retain fluid in the tissues.
    • Check if diuretics are compatible with other medications taken.

    To reduce the amount of fluid in the body, it is useful to include natural diuretics in the daily diet. For example, it is recommended to add parsley greens in salad, ginger in pastries or brew ginger tea.

    Diuretic tea for weight loss

    For its preparation it is necessary to mix such components:

    • 20 dandelion leaves, 20 grams of hay and nettle, 10 grams of mint and dill and pour them with boiling water.
    • Insist for 10 minutes and start drinking in small sips.
    • Weight loss should start with one glass a day. Then the consumption is increased gradually to 3 glasses per day.
    • After this, it is necessary to begin to reduce the amount of tea consumed per day to 1 glass.
    • You need to drink tea before eating.

    To maintain weight, you need to drink a glass of tea after the completion of the course of treatment. To conduct such a course of treatment should not be more than once a year.

    Diuretic tablets for weight loss

    Tablets are another way to get rid of excess weight. Diuretic tablets have the property of suppressing appetite. However, they have disadvantages in the form of side effects:

    • Causes insomnia, dizziness, diarrhea and psychological dependence.
    • In addition, their use adversely affects the stool, causing irritation of the intestine.

    Tablets act in this way: they swell in the stomach, creating a feeling of saturation. It is worth noting that it is better to choose natural diuretics, so as not to harm the body.

    Diuretic slimming products

    The following foods can be classified as natural diuretics:

    • Fruits and berries that contain a lot of water. Fruits contain vitamins and are the safest diuretic. When they are used in the body, the concentration of sodium decreases.
    • Vegetables promote more frequent urination. The most effective in this regard are: beans, asparagus, carrots, peas, celery.
    • Caffeine also has diuretic properties. Studies have shown that consuming coffee, tea and other beverages containing caffeine does not lead to dehydration, but actively removes liquid from the body.

    Diuretic Herbs for Weight Loss

    A diuretic diet for weight loss has a milder effect on the body than medications. Herbs not only free from liquid, but also effectively purify the body. In the pharmacy you can buy a ready-made collection of herbs or make it yourself.

    Effective plant diuretics can be called:

    • field horsetail,
    • birch leaves,
    • milk thistle,
    • parsley and other herbs.

    Nettle and dandelion compensate for calcium leaching during frequent urination.

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    Results, reviews of weight loss and doctors about losing weight with diuretic drugs ^

    The results of losing weight using diuretics are very diverse. If you use diuretics wisely, you can get rid of a few pounds by losing fluid, but not fatty deposits.

    Reviews about the use of a diuretic for losing weight such: health professionals do not recommend the use of diuretics without first consulting a specialist, however, women go to great lengths to achieve the desired goal and attractive appearance.

    With the use of herbal and natural diuretic products, many weight loss people notice a slight weight loss and improve overall well-being.