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    Weight loss peptides: myth or reality

    Athletes and ordinary people very often use peptides for weight loss, becauseas these substances can very quickly "burn" subcutaneous fatty tissue, thereby reducing body volume.

    Peptides for weight loss: essence and properties ^

    Peptides are substances formed from the residues of alpha-amino acids and linked together in a single chain. They are divided into natural and synthetic, and they can be purchased in a pharmacy in the form of a powder, which must be diluted with water and injected with the solution obtained.

    Peptides for weight loss: the principle of action of

    Before the course of losing weight with peptides, it is important to learn about the peculiarities of their effect on the body:

    • They slow down aging,the appearance of wrinkles is often associated with a lack of peptides;
    • Provide a normal protein content in cells;
    • Promote cell regeneration;
    • Stabilize the synthesis of proteins;
    • Create favorable conditions for anabolism;
    • Activate metabolism.

    Thus, thanks to peptides, you can get rid of subcutaneous fat and strengthen muscles, becausemuscle tissue in this case is not affected: there is a decrease in appetite, craving for sweet food, and also accelerates fat burning.

    Peptides for weight loss: benefit or harm

    Having decided to resort to peptides for rapid weight loss and fat burning, it is worth familiarizing themselves with their action:

    • Restore the functioning of the bronchopulmonary system;
    • Activate the work of internal organs;
    • Increase physical activity and mental performance;
    • Normalization of the pancreas and liver;
    • Stabilize carbohydrate metabolism;
    • Increases immunity;
    • Slow down aging.

    The shortage of short peptides for weight loss is considered to be a high probability of an overabundance of protein, which ultimately leads to a disruption in the performance of the liver and kidneys. This side effects do not end: due to the high level of growth hormone, appetite is significantly reduced, which in the end can lead to adverse effects - anorexia.

    Peptides in bodybuilding: types and characteristics ^

    Peptides for burning fat and slimming: how they affect the body

    Weight loss peptides hgh 176 191

    Peptide HGH frag 176-191 for weight loss is an element that accelerates burning of subcutaneous fat. The amino acids contained in it help only to reduce weight, and to strengthen muscles in no way affect. If you regularly use this peptide, you can reduce the rate of fat cells.

    How to take:

    • Calculation of dosage is based on 10 μg per 1 kg of weight, but it is not recommended to administer more than 800 μg per day;
    • It is necessary to place the peptide three times a day in between meals, and it is desirable to do an evening dosage more than a day or morning dosage.

    Peptides for weight loss NNPTSTO

    The National Research and Production Center of Technology of Rejuvenation offers a whole line of peptides that help to cope with a variety of diseases:

    • Oncology;
    • Decreased immunity;
    • Obesity and overweight;
    • Diseases of the brain, lungs, heart and bronchi;
    • Problems with the gastrointestinal tract and reproductive system;
    • Diseases of the spine and joints;
    • Skin diseases;
    • Dental diseases;
    • Muscle relaxation.

    You can order fat-burning peptides on the Center's website by selecting the appropriate section and indications.

    Peptides for fat burning: indications and contraindications

    Before you start taking peptides for slimming women in tablets or in the form of solutions, you need to read the main indications:

    • Presence of excess weight;
    • Increased appetite;
    • Rapid aging;
    • Weak muscles.

    When the use of peptides is contraindicated:

    • Hypertension;
    • Cardiovascular and endocrine diseases;
    • Puffiness, excess fluid in the body.

    Among the side effects, the most common increase in blood pressure, increased appetite and growth hormone secretion, fluid accumulation and swelling.

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    Peptides for weight loss: results and feedback ^

    Having decided on weight loss with peptides, the pluses and minuses need to be weighed long before the first injection or tablet use:

    • These substances can not completely replace steroids, so those who want to build muscle, theywill not help in full;
    • The minimum number of side effects allows you to carry out weight loss courses with almost no negative consequences;
    • Thanks to peptides, it is possible to reduce fat tissues as quickly as possible.

    Also natural peptides are endorphins contained in products: bananas, berries, chocolate, nuts and coffee. If you eat them in small portions and visit the gym, then the desired effect can be achieved in a short time.

    Peptides for losing weight: feedback from our readers

    Maria, 24:

    "I drank peptide hgh 176 191 in tablets for three weeks - that's what allowed me to lose weight by 7 kg, but of course I also went to the gym. I think that no drugs can act if you do not give yourself a load: without it you can not affect either muscles or fat. "

    Margarita, 28 years old:

    " I bought peptides from NNPTSTO, chopped a couple of weeks - during this time the effect wasreached: I threw off 8 kg, and now, when six months have passed, the weight remains normal. Did not notice any side effect, except that sometimes itched the marks of the injections. "

    Valentina, 30 years old:

    " With the help of hgh 176 191 I got rid of 10 kg of weight relatively quickly - for a month. In addition to taking peptides, I switched to proper nutrition and began to play sports more intensively.coach advised to change the training regime »