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    L-thyroxine for weight loss:reviews and results of losing weight

    Despite the fact that the instruction of L-thyroxine does not indicate the possibility of its use for weight loss, this drug is often used for this purpose due to its specific properties.

    Is it possible to lose weight with L-thyroxine ^

    L-thyroxine is a drug intended for the treatment of euthroidic goiter and other thyroid diseases. Several years ago, he was found and another application - to reduce weight, because he has the attendant for this function.

    The properties of L-thyroxine for weight loss are expressed in the following:

    • It improves protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism;
    • Prevents the absorption of calories and fats;
    • Reduces appetite;
    • Strengthens the flow of heat;
    • Accelerates blood flow.

    It is because of this effect that L-thyroxin when losing weight quickly helps to get rid of excess weight, and also improves the activity of the nervous system and increases efficiency.

    Thyroxine for weight loss: the pros and cons

    The use of L-thyroxin when losing weight in comparison with other medicines has many advantages:

    • The drug is not addictive;
    • Despite the presence of side effects, which arise in rare cases, it has a favorable effect on the nervous system;
    • If there is a thyroid disorder, L-thyroxine helps to fight them effectively;
    • This drug promotes an easier transfer of the diet, and also enhances its effectiveness.

    Weight loss on thyroxine can trigger the occurrence of side effects:

    • Allergic reactions;
    • Rapid heart rate;
    • Sweating;
    • Anxiety status;
    • Increased appetite;
    • Diarrhea.

    Such negative reactions occur only in cases where an overdose was allowed or the drug was taken with contraindications.

    The drug El-thyroxine for weight loss is made in the form of tablets of several varieties:

    • L - thyroxine for slimming in tablets of 100 mkg, the packages can contain 10 and 50 pcs.;
    • The same tablets, but 50 μg each.

    To achieve the best results, it is enough to take L-thyroxine correctly, and losing weight in this case will be fast and safe.

    How to take L-thyroxine for weight loss: recommended doses, prescriptions, contraindications ^

    L-thyroxine for weight loss: how to drink, dosage

    Admission L-thyroxine for weight loss: instructions for use

    Daily rate of L-thyroxine for weight loss is calculated on the basis of1.8 μg per kg of human body weight, but it can vary depending on certain conditions:

    • If there is heart and vascular disease, the dosage is reduced to 0.9 μg;
    • With obesity, the norm rises to 2 μg per 1 kg of body weight;
    • At the very beginning, regardless of weight, it is allowed to consume no more than 100 μg per day;
    • If after a week there was no negative reaction of the organism, then it is possible to increase the norm up to 300 mcg per day.

    How to take l thyroxine 50 Berlin Chemie for weight loss:

    • First 4 days we drink 1 tablet on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast, wash down with water;
    • From 5 to 7 days, increase the dose to two tablets;
    • Next, drink a maximum of 4 tablets;
    • We finish the course in 3 weeks, reducing the dosage in the reverse order.

    Rules for the use of L-thyroxine 100 for weight loss:

    • From 1 to 4 days we drink 1 tablet before breakfast;
    • Starting from 5 and 7 day inclusive, we take 2 tablets on an empty stomach;
    • From 8 days to the end of the course we drink 3 tablets;
    • The duration of the course is a total of 7 weeks.

    Adhering to the safe dosage of L-thyroxine for weight loss, you can avoid many negative consequences, but it should be borne in mind that this drug can still affect the hormonal background, and it is not always favorable.

    During the application of L-thyroxine, you must also adhere to a diet: include in your menu rice, lean meat, whole grains, boiled eggs, vegetables, fruits and sour-milk drinks.

    Indications for use of L-thyroxine:

    • Hypothyroidism;
    • Prophylaxis of goitre recurrence;
    • Postoperative period with thyroid cancer;
    • Diffuse toxic goiter;
    • Diagnosis during the test of thyroid supes.

    Contraindications for the administration of L-thyroxine:

    • Individual intolerance to the drug;
    • Adrenal insufficiency and thyrotoxicosis in neglected form;
    • Lactose intolerance, impaired absorption of lactase and glucose.
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    L-thyroxine for weight loss: reviews of doctors and weight loss, results ^

    Doctors usually negatively regard the use of hormonal medications by those who do not need it, including for weight loss. L-thyroxine is not an exception, because it can cause some side reactions, up to a hormonal failure, so take it with extreme caution.

    For the entire course, you can achieve good results of losing weight with L-thyroxine - lose weight by 20-25 kilograms, but before you start you need to visit the endocrinologist and consult with him.

    Comments on the use of L-thyroxine for weight loss


    Alina, 28 years old:

    "When I started taking thyroxine, my appetite increased slightly, but I managed to restrain myself and follow Ducane's protein diet. From the second week, everything returned to normal, and the weight began to decline rapidly. Thus, for a couple of months I dropped 25 kilograms. "

    Olesya, 33:

    " On L-thyroxine, I lost weight for a weight of 20 kilograms, and the result is quite happy: no side effects, only a slender and beautiful figure "

    Jeanne,45 years old:

    "I always suffered from excess weight, but then the endocrinologist appointed me to drink thyroxine because of thyroid disease. A week later I noticed that weights are 5 kilograms less, but in a month I threw off 17 kilos »