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    Mila Gritsenko diet:reviews and results of weight loss

    Mila Gritsenko diet is a healthy diet system aimed at reducing weight without harm to the body and based only on natural products.

    Mila Gritsenko's Diet: Essence of the Nutrition System, Efficiency and Features ^

    Mila Gritsenko is a Ukrainian nutritionist who made more than 1000 individual programs for different people, including.and stars.

    Mila herself used to weigh 82 kg with a height of 155 cm, but after she developed her own power system, she managed to lose 36 kg in just 5 months!

    The essence of the Mila Gritsenko diet is the use of only healthy food with a low calorie content, as well as in fractional nutrition. This feature allows the body to begin independent splitting of fats, but the person does not experience hunger at the same time.

    Many people are wondering whether the volumes on Mila Gritzenko's diet go? With the use of her technique, not only does weight decrease, but body volumes also decrease, and her figure confirms this. Such changes are due to the fact that during the diet you have to drink a lot of water, and it, as is known, removes excess fluid from the body and promotes faster fat burning, so the reduction of the waist, hips, arms and legs in diameter is inevitable.

    Milza Gritsenko's diet for weight loss is in her menu: it contains only products that have a beneficial effect on the body, which saturate it with vitamins, fiber, microelements and other substances. All of them in the complex contribute to the activation of metabolism, the cleansing of the intestine and the improvement of the person's well-being.

    Advantages of the diet Mila Gritsenko:

    • Easy portability;
    • No harm to the body;
    • A varied menu.

    Disadvantages include contraindications: pregnancy and lactation, chronic diseases, hypertension and diabetes.

    How much can you lose on a diet? Mila Gritsenko

    . Feeding on the technique for losing weight from Mila Gritsenko, for a week you can throw off up to 5-6 kilograms, and if you follow its usual rules of healthy eating, then for the same period, it takes 2 kilograms.

    Diet rules forbid any food not included in the menu. It also contains cottage cheese, fruit nuts, honey, vegetables, meat, fish, tea, eggs, seafood.

    Diet Mila Gritsenko for weight loss: detailed menu, rules, recipes ^

    Mila Gritsenko's diet: a menu for every day, recipes for weight loss

    Mila Gritsenko's diet: instruction for use

    • You need to eat in divided portions, but often. Half an hour before a meal, drink a glass of water, and next time drink liquid not earlier than half an hour after eating;
    • Tea, juices, compotes - all this refers to food, therefore, it is impossible to include the amount of water consumed in the general norm of the daily intake of water - 1.5 liters, they are taken into account separately;
    • It is desirable to eat every day at the same time;
    • Lunch and snack are the same all the days, and it is allowed to eat any of these products: 10 nuts, half a cup of yogurt, any fruit or vegetable. For dinner, we consume 100 g of protein food and the same amount of vegetables, except for a fasting day.

    Diet Mila Gritsenko: menu for every day


    • Carbohydrate - we eat one any product to choose from: vegetables, apples, watermelon pulp, oranges. In total, you can eat up to 1.5 kg;
    • Protein - also choose one of the options: 2 glasses of wild rose, 600 g of low-fat cottage cheese and 2 tablespoons.l.the same sour cream;chicken meat or lean fish( 350 g), 2 liters of water and 2 cups of wild boar;1.5 liters of kefir or skim milk;2 liters of filtered water, 400 grams of tea without sugar and 600 grams of cottage cheese.


    • In the morning we eat 10 nuts and 100 g of cottage cheese, mixed with 1 tsp.honey;
    • We dine with low-calorie macaroni and salad from vegetables( 100 g).


    • We have a breakfast omelette;
    • We have lunch with baked fish or chicken breasts, as well as vegetables.


    • In the morning we mix 100 g of cottage cheese with the addition of fresh fruits and natural honey( 2 tsp);
    • Lunch a salad of cucumber, boiled eggs and squid.


    • We have a breakfast omelette with crab sticks;
    • We have lunch with baked chicken fillet and vegetables.


    • We have a batch of cottage cheese mixed with 2 tsp.sour cream, the same amount of honey and fruits;
    • We have lunch with chicken and vegetables.


    • Unloaded, as on the first day.

    Mila Gritsenko's diet: the best recipes

    Recipe for the steam omelet

    • Mix 2 proteins with yolk, sliced ​​vegetables, grated cheese( 20 g) and seafood;
    • Cooking in a pan in a frying pan.

    Recipe for baked chicken

    • Rinse chicken breast, remove peel, divide the meat into pieces;
    • Cooking sauce from 3 tbsp.l.cottage cheese, grated garlic and chopped greens, dilute with a little water;
    • Spread the chicken in a mold, pour sauce, bake in the oven for 45 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees.
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    Mila Gritsenko's nutrition system for healthy weight loss: reviews, results, stories of losing weight ^

    As a result of the diet, Mila Gritsenko not only goes off weight, but also improves well-being: problems with stool disappear, and metabolism normalizes. Despite such positive changes, other nutritionists do not recommend using the technique more than three times a year, since abuse can lead to negative consequences.

    Rules for exit after the diet Mila Gritsenko:

    • On the day it is allowed to increase the calorie content by no more than 150 Kcal;
    • Caloric dishes are allowed only from the second week after the beginning of the dish;
    • To retain weight, you should limit the use of fried, fatty and stale foods, as well as sweets.

    Reviews of doctors about the diet for weight loss from Mila Gritsenko

    Valentine, 33, gastroenterologist:

    "For my part, I do not see any negative comments, and what's more, even those who do not have excess weight need unloading days. But this does not mean that you can use this diet for longer than 2-3 weeks: with a significant restriction of food, the stomach stops functioning properly, and this is fraught with gastritis or ulcers. "

    Karina, 35 years old, nutritionist:

    " I have been working for 15 years, and withconfidence I can assure that Mila's technique is really safe, if you follow all of its rules and do not abuse the diet. If you wish, you can stick to it for several months, but you need to have perfect health. "

    Maria, 38, nutritionist:

    " Mila Gritsenko's diet is not that difficult if you follow all the rules. When it is observed, it is very important not to break, and when you exit do not start immediately to eat fat, otherwise the kilograms will return quickly and with a makeweight »