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    • Grandma's diet: the essence, benefits and features of
    • Grandmother's diet for weight loss: menus, recipes, diet rules
    • How to quickly lose weight on the grandmother's diet: reviews, results, real stories of losing weight

    Grandma's diet: reviews and results of losing weight

    Babushkina diet is an effective method of losing weight, which is used by many women for several centuries.

    Babushkin's diet: essence, benefits and features ^

    Many people believe that only lush forms have always been in vogue, but from time immemorial, those who have only moderately and do not have excess weight are considered to be the standard of beauty, therefore diet for weight loss existed in alltime.

    The essence of the grandmother's diet is to limit the consumption of calories, as a result of which the body starts to produce its own energy from the deposited fat stores. The diet is dominated by proteins, fiber and vitamins, helping to accelerate the process of losing weight and have a beneficial effect on human health.

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    The use of the grandmother's diet consists precisely in a rich set of irreplaceable substances for the body, which cleans the intestines well, improves its functioning, burns fat cells and strengthens muscle tissue.

    Pros and cons of the grandmother's diet

    The diet for weight loss by grandmother's recipes has many positive qualities:

    • It helps to quickly reduce weight;
    • Fiber well quenches the hunger, so the diet is relatively easy to transfer;
    • Has a general health effect on the entire body.

    There are also disadvantages:

    • Hunger will still appear periodically;
    • It is forbidden to use the method for pregnant women and those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

    How much can I lose on the grandmother's diet

    Because of the low caloric content of the grandmother's diet - no more than 1200 Kcal per day - for a week with this diet, you can lose weight by 6-7 kilograms, provided all the rules and refusal of fatty, fried, smoked, salted, sweet and flour food.

    Grandmother's diet for weight loss: menu, recipes, dietary rules ^

    Grandma's diet: the menu, the best recipes for weight loss

    Grandmother's diet rules:

    • During the maintenance of a limited diet should sleep at least 8 hours a day, drink at least 1 every day,5 liters of water, including one glass - on an empty stomach;
    • Do not engage in heavy physical exertion, but it is necessary to be more often in the open air;
    • Give priority to the menu of vegetables, fruits, sour-milk products, fish, lean meats, greens and porridges.

    Grandmother's diet for weight loss: a menu for 3 days

    For a smooth weight loss of about 3-5 kilograms worth using this example of the menu, designed for 6 meals:

    • We have breakfast with honey;
    • After a couple of hours we eat a piece of cheese of a solid variety;
    • Dinner boiled egg, lettuce, 150 grams of boiled meat and hard cheese( 20 g);
    • We snack a cup of coffee with the addition of 1 tsp.honey;
    • We dine with stewed meat and vegetable salad dressed with lemon juice;
    • Before going to bed, drink a minty broth.

    Babushkina diet for 7 days

    This diet is designed to reduce weight to 7 kg per week, but if the desired result is not achieved - can be extended to 14 days:

    • In the morning we drink tea with the addition of berries;
    • We bite 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese;
    • Lunch roasted meat without butter( in a dry frying pan), vegetable salad and a slice of hard cheese;
    • We snack a glass of kefir;
    • For dinner we eat salad from leafy vegetables;
    • For the night we drink tea with melissa.

    Babushkin's diet

    Athletes who want to strengthen their muscles can take advantage of this menu sample for 5 days:

    • In the morning we drink green tea, we eat a pack of cottage cheese;
    • At lunch we eat 2 boiled eggs;
    • We have lunch with vegetable soup and 100 g of boiled veal;
    • We snack with milkshake;
    • For dinner, we repeat the breakfast ration.

    Recipes for the grandmother's diet

    Recipe for lettuce

    • Sliced ‚Äč‚Äčarugula, spinach and red chicory;
    • Chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and radishes;
    • Mix everything, fill with lemon juice, sprinkle with nuts.

    Recipe for vegetable diet soup

    • Make chicken broth;
    • Chop the carrots, onions, greens, celery;
    • Put in boiling broth, cook until ready.

    Recipe for baked fish

    • We scald the lemon with boiling water, cut the half of the fruit into mugs;
    • We clean the fish, cut it across, we insert in several incisions lemon slices;
    • Squeeze out the second half of the lemon juice, water the fish and leave everything to soak for 20 minutes;
    • Put several branches of parsley into the belly of the fish;
    • Cut the celery, pepper, carrots and onions;
    • We lay the paper in a baking dish, we put vegetables there, and then - fish;
    • Water the fish with olive oil, salt and pepper, bake for half an hour in the oven at 130 degrees.
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    How fast to lose weight on the grandmother's diet: testimonials, results, real stories of losing weight ^

    Doctors do not recommend sticking to the grandmother's diet for more than two weeks, as this can lead to exhaustion and abnormalities of the digestive tract. In order not to gain weight in the future, it is enough to limit the consumption of fatty and high-calorie food, and also to periodically spend unloading days.

    The exit after the grandmother's diet includes several stages:

    • Gradual increase in portions of consumed meat in the first week;
    • Since the second week - the introduction of new first dishes;
    • With the third you can afford a little sweet.

    The results of the grandmother's diet are just wonderful:

    • Running the metabolism;
    • Decreased total body weight.

    Reviews about the grandmother's diet for losing weight of our regular readers are also very positive:

    Yana, 23 years old:

    "I tried on myself a three-day menu - I thought I would break, so I'm used to eating all the high-calorie. The difference in nutrition is very important, but there are pluses: I threw off almost 4 kilograms, and now for myself decided that I will eat only useful products. "

    Marina, 30 years old:

    " For almost 2 weeks I was fed by grandmother's recipes, and reached certainsuccesses: dropped 8 kilograms and strengthened muscles well, becausewhen I'm doing sports, protein is very important for me "

    Larissa, 35 years old:

    " I used my grandmother's diet for a week, I lost 5 kilograms. There is absolutely no desire for me, since the menu in this case is not much different from my usual nutrition, except that the proteins are slightly larger "