• Monodiet for fast weight loss

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    • How to quickly lose weight at home on a mono diet
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    • The best mono-diet for fast and safe weight loss at home: reviews, results, correct output

    Monodiettes for weight loss: reviews and results

    Monodietes are considered one of the most effective methods of weight loss, as they provide for a number of restrictions and a fairly strict diet.

    How fast to lose weight at home on a mono diet ^

    A monodiet is a mode of eating that is based on only one, and rarely - two products. Most often, cereals, apples, meat, cottage cheese, kefir, bananas, fish and watermelons are used for these purposes.

    Mono nutrition also involves the use of water in unlimited quantities, because it is by its rules that you can satisfy the feeling of hunger.

    On what monodiet you can lose weight at home

    There are several options for the best mono diets for weight loss, and they all differ in caloric content and ease of transfer:

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    • A balanced monodiet for weight loss, usually involves eating two foods: for example, apples and yogurt. The former contain mostly carbohydrates and fiber, and the second contains proteins. The daily calorie content of such a diet does not exceed 800 Kcal, therefore, even those who lead a sedentary lifestyle can lose weight;
    • Fast monodiet for losing weight without a return implies only one product, saturated most often with slow carbohydrates or proteins. It is carried quite heavily, therefore it is not recommended to use it for longer than 5 days.

    Any of the mono-diet safe slimming options at home is based on the following rules:

    • During the use of the diet, the use of products not listed in the menu is forbidden;
    • It is desirable for this period to reduce physical loads, becausethe body can weaken;
    • Mono diets are not suitable for people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, pregnant and lactating mothers;
    • The product or dish indicated in the menu should be divided into 5-6 portions and eaten during the day, as well as drinking at least 7 glasses of filtered water per day.

    The most effective mono-diets: menu, rules, recipes ^

    Monodiet for rapid weight loss: menus, recipes

    Monodiet for 3 days

    In order to throw off up to 4 kilograms for a three-day period, it is necessary to eat as follows:

    • At night we pour a glass of buckwheatboiling water( 400 g), leave it in the morning under the lid;
    • During the day we use only steamed buckwheat and water.

    Mono diet for weight loss for 7 days

    Weekly diet eliminates 7 extra pounds:

    • Monday: We only eat vegetable soup with celery;
    • Tuesday: we drink 1.5 liters of kefir( 1%);
    • Wednesday: we use buckwheat milk soup;
    • Thursday: we eat 600 g of low-fat cottage cheese;
    • Friday: eat boiled chicken fillet or breast;
    • Saturday: we drink yogurt with a small amount of raisins;
    • Sunday: We eat vegetables or fruits( 1,5 kg).

    Monodiet for 10 days

    This option is considered one of the most difficult, but it is very effective - the weight decreases by 10-12 kg:

    • Every day we drink 1.5 liters of low-fat kefir, divided into several portions;
    • Also every day we eat 0.5 kg of fruit, best of all - apples.

    Monodiet 3 on 3

    For 3 days of such a meal, you can throw up to 3 kg:

    • Drink for the whole day 600 g of yogurt;
    • Each time, the curdled milk is drunk with a rose hips decoction or green tea.

    Kefir mono-diet

    For carrying out unloading days or reducing weight by 3-4 kg for 3 days, the following method is suggested:

    • Throughout the day, drink 2 liters of 1% kefir;
    • At the onset of hunger we drink water.

    Rice mono-diet

    To lose weight on rice for 3 days for 3-4 kg, use the menu:

    • In the morning we boil a glass of rice on water, eat cooked porridge without salt and sugar during the day;
    • It is allowed to eat 2 apples, and also to drink apple juice.

    Cucumber mono-diet

    Cucumbers well clean the intestines, and also reduce weight by 3 kilograms for 3-4 days:

    • During each of the days we eat only fresh cucumbers( 1.5 kg);
    • We consume up to 1 liter of kefir.

    Curd mono-diet

    This diet is suitable for weight loss of 3-4 kg for 3 days, as well as for athletes as a drying:

    • Daily eat 500-600 g of low-fat cottage cheese;
    • Drink 1-1.5 liters of kefir.

    Apple mono-diet

    Here the weight loss is 4 kilograms for 3 days:

    • We eat every day only apples of green varieties( 1.5 kg);
    • Drink 1,5 liters of 1% kefir.

    Protein mono-diet

    Within 10 days it is allowed to eat only protein food: seafood, meat, kefir, eggs, cottage cheese, milk, fish. All fruits and vegetables are banned.

    Sample menu:

    • Lunch with a pair of boiled eggs and green tea;
    • We are eating cottage cheese for lunch;
    • We have a seafood salad and a piece of chicken;
    • We cook or bake fish for dinner, we drink a glass of kefir.

    Banana mono-diet

    Bananas refer to high-calorie fruit, but, nevertheless, with their help for 3 days you can lose 3-4 kilograms, using this menu:

    • We consume 3 bananas every day;
    • Any food intake with a glass of skim milk.

    Oatmeal mono-diet

    It is allowed to adhere to this diet for not more than one week, and to lose weight during this time it is possible to 6-7 kg:

    • For a day we consume 800-900 g of porridge welded on water and divided into several portions;
    • We drink only water, once a day a glass of kefir is allowed.

    Fish Monodiet

    In this menu, only lean fish types are allowed: hake, flounder, pink salmon, pike perch, cod or navaga. Duration - 1 week.

    Diet of one day:

    • We eat fish in boiled, stewed or baked form;
    • Drink 2 liters of water.

    Watermelon monodiota

    The essence of this technique is the use for three days only watermelon, following these rules:

    • For 10 kg of human weight should account for 1 kg of watermelon - this is the calculation of the daily rate;
    • When you feel hungry for lunch or a snack, you can have a snack with a slice of rye bread.
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    The best mono diets for fast and safe weight loss at home: reviews, results, correct output ^

    Most often doctors recommend using mono-diets for one day to unload the body, and the duration of the diet for weight loss is limited to 10 days. In order not to gain further weight, it is enough just to adhere to the proper nutrition.

    How to get out of a mono-kit:

    • Every day, one new product is included in the menu. It is desirable that they are fruits or vegetables, and in no case - fatty foods;
    • Fried can be consumed only from the second week, when the caloric content of the diet will be brought up to 2000 Kcal.

    The results of effective mono-diet for losing weight at home are wonderful:

    • Rapid weight loss;
    • Cleansing of the intestines.

    Reviews about the best mono diets for fast weight loss of our regular readers are very positive:

    Yana, 30 years old:

    "I often use a mono menu with kefir and apples, I eat so 3 days. During this time, I manage to throw off 4 kilograms, but I do not abuse it and use this technique at most once every six months. "

    Alisa, 27:

    " When I had to lose weight before the wedding, I used a mono-diet on yogurt, andI did not lose: 4 kilograms for 3 days, but to survive all this time and not to break was quite difficult "

    Daria, 38 years old:

    " I do unloading mono days on watermelon, and especially this is actual in the summer. There are in such periods absolutely do not want to, becausethe body is filled with water, so the monodiet is transferred very easily "