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    A protein-free diet: feedback and weight loss results

    a diet is one of the ways to unload the body, which doctors often recommend to stabilize the balance of substances and reduce weight.

    The protein-free diet: essence, benefits and harm, features ^

    The essence of the protein-free diet is that its diet is limited to only twenty percent of all substances entering the body per day. This practice is recommended in a number of cases, for example when:

    • Kidney and liver diseases;
    • Oncological neoplasms;
    • Arthritis and diabetes;
    • Diseases of the heart, blood vessels and liver.

    The benefit of a protein-free diet is that it reduces acidity and normalizes the protein content, an overabundance of which is very common and leads to the aforementioned problems. Also, limiting the intake of this element in the body contributes to weight loss, if properly balanced diet.

    The advantages of a protein-free diet are as follows:

    • Stabilizes metabolism;
    • It is softened during some diseases, their appearance is prevented.

    There is one small drawback here: sportsmen should not limit their use of protein.this can lead to damage and rapid wear of muscle tissue.

    How much can I adhere to a protein-free diet: the opinion of nutritionists

    Doctors advise everyone without exception to spend 3-4 days of loading on protein-free food per month. Those who want to lose weight on such a diet, should comply with the regime no more than two weeks. Particularly useful is nutrition for people with diabetes, because it helps to reduce and normalize the level of glucose in the blood.

    What products are allowed:

    • Bread, pancakes and pancakes without salt;
    • Milk, curdled milk and butter;
    • Vegetables, berries and fruits;
    • Groats;
    • Vegetable oils;
    • Tea, juice and decoction of dog rose;
    • Macaroni;
    • Green;
    • Honey, jelly, preserves;Kissel and stewed fruit.

    What is undesirable to eat:

    • Confectionery;
    • Margarine;
    • Fats: pork, fish, chicken and beef;
    • Pickled, salted or pickled vegetables;
    • Ice cream and any chocolate;Mustard, horseradish and pepper;
    • Meat and fish;
    • Curd and cheese;
    • Yolks of eggs;Mineral, coffee and cocoa.

    Rules for protein-free diet:

    • It is recommended to drink as much water as possible without gas( up to 2 liters per day), if there are no contraindications: for example, in some kidney diseases it is better to limit one liter;
    • It is impossible to completely remove protein products from the diet, but it is necessary to count so that together with other substances, not more than 20% of this component falls into the body;
    • If you have any diseases before you start a diet without protein, you should consult your doctor.

    A protein-free diet: a menu for the week, popular protein-free recipes ^

    A protein-free diet: a slimming menu, the best recipes

    A protein-free diet for losing weight for 7 days

    To reduce weight by 7-10 kilograms per week, this diet, including only vegetablesand fruit. Drink during the whole cycle is allowed not more than 1 liter of water, becauseexcess fluid can overload the kidneys. Daily menu:

    • The first and second days - vegetable: we eat tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, etc., in total should be 1.5-2 kg per day;
    • The third day: we eat only apples and pears - they stimulate metabolism;
    • Fourth day: we eat boiled or steamed vegetables;
    • The fifth and sixth days: we prepare dishes from fresh vegetables, eat a little yogurt;
    • Seventh day: eat vegetables or greens.

    Non-protein diet for kidney disease

    In the presence of stones, kidney failure and other diseases of the urinary tract, such a diet helps to soften their course and accelerate recovery. It is important to limit the use of water to a minimum of 0.5 liters per day, and adhere to this food for no more than two weeks, and during this time the weight is reduced by 5-7 kg. The emphasis is on dairy products and vegetables.

    Sample menu:

    • In the morning we drink a glass of milk, eat 2 tomatoes and 2 egg whites;
    • We have lunch with vegetable stew and fruit salad;
    • Snack with dried fruits;
    • We have dinner with a salad of vegetables.

    Non-protein diet for oncology

    To prevent and treat cancer, doctors very often recommend eating buckwheat porridge and vegetables for two weeks. For a long time, you can not use this diet, because it can lead to a big weight loss.

    Approximate menu for every day:

    • We have a breakfast of 100 buckwheat porridges cooked on the water;
    • We snack with apples;
    • We cook vegetables for lunch, we eat them with a piece of bread without salt;
    • We have dinner no later than 18.00 porridge from buckwheat and two tomatoes.

    Protein-free diet for rheumatoid arthritis

    In the case of joint damage, the exclusion of protein from food contributes to accelerating the cure of the disease, reducing weight by 3-4 kilograms per week and normalizing metabolism. Within 14 days of the diet, it is allowed to drink juices and milk, eat vegetables and fruits, pancakes on yeast, cereals and pasta, and jam.

    Sample menu:

    • For breakfast we cook buckwheat porridge on milk, we eat one cutlet from carrots and drink tea;
    • After 2 hours snack with raw vegetables or fruit;
    • We boil potatoes for lunch( 2 pieces), eat vegetable soup and drink compote;
    • We have dinner with pilaf without meat and a salad of vegetables, we drink a cup of jelly.

    Recipe for a vegetarian pilaf:

    • Grate one carrot on a grater, cut into cubes( 1 pc.);
    • Pour into the frying pan 50 g of sunflower oil, put the vegetables there and stew for 5 minutes;
    • Boil the kettle, put in a frying pan 1 can of canned corn, mix it;
    • After 1 minute, add a little tomato paste, stir with a fork and stew for another minute;
    • Pour 2 cups of steamed rice on top, distribute evenly over the entire surface;
    • Pour from above with boiling water until full coverage of rice;
    • Let the pilau boil, then reduce the fire to a minimum and stew for another half hour.

    Protein-free diet for pregnant women

    During pregnancy, a protein-free diet helps reduce the risk of giving birth to a child with autism, and also reduces weight by 4-5 kg ​​in two weeks of its duration. Before applying this regime, it is recommended that a future mother consult with a doctor.

    Sample menu:

    • We have a breakfast of buckwheat porridge( 100 g) and two apples;
    • Snack a small portion of yogurt;
    • We cook macaroni for lunch, eat a couple of salt-free pancakes, drink milk;
    • We have dinner with salad or ragout from vegetables.

    Protein-free diet for nursing mothers

    When a high protein content is found in a child, his mother is often recommended to use this diet, consisting of cereals, vegetables, fruits and greens. Observe it can not more than a week, tk. During this time, the body weight decreases by 3-4 kg due to a rather limited number of dishes. Daily menu:

    • In the morning we prepare porridge from buckwheat or mango on milk, we eat 100 g, we drink it with jelly;
    • Snack in 2 hours with vegetables or fruits;
    • Lunch soup without meat and two boiled potatoes;
    • In the evening, eat a vegetarian salad.

    Non-protein diet for diabetics

    To stabilize blood glucose level, it is recommended to resort to this diet once in 2 months, which helps to ease the course of the disease and strengthen immunity. From the food should exclude all sweet fruit, salt and eggs.

    The menu of the protein-free diet for diabetes:

    • In the morning we eat salad from fresh cabbage, we drink unsweetened tea;
    • Have a snack with cucumber or tomato;
    • We have dinner with boiled vegetables and pasta without salt;
    • We have a light salad;
    • For dinner, we rub one beet and fill it with vegetable oil.

    The protein-free diet of Andreas Moritz

    One of the best specialists in integrative medicine - Andreas Moritz - developed a method for purification from liver and gallbladder stones, which consists of several stages. This treatment can be carried out 1 to 3 times a month, depending on the condition.

    The first stage - preparatory:

    • Within 6 days we drink 1 liter of apple juice through a tube, and from the menu we exclude all fried, dairy, salty and meat dishes.

    The second stage is the main one:

    • On the sixth day we take all the food until 14.00, we eat oatmeal and fruit;
    • At 6 pm add 3 glasses of water 4 tbsp.l. English salt, we take half a glass and brush our teeth;
    • At 20.00 we drink half a glass of salt drink;
    • At 21.45, mix 0.5 cups of olive oil with 2/3 cup of citrus juice, drink and take a horizontal position, becauseat this time, the release of stones begins;
    • At 6 am we take another 0.5 cup of salt mixture, and after 2 hours we finish everything;
    • At 10.00 we drink a glass of juice.
    We also recommend that you read the article "Pea Diet".

    Non-protein diet for weight loss: reviews, results, real stories of losing weight ^

    Doctors treat a protein-free diet positively, and recommend periodically to limit themselves to it even to absolutely healthy people. In order not to gain weight after such a regime, you need to give up fatty, smoked and sweet food, or use it at a minimum.

    Results of a diet on protein-free food:

    • Removal of stones from the kidneys;
    • Weight reduction;
    • Normalization of cholesterol and glucose.

    Reviews of the protein-free diet for losing weight of our regular readers are also very positive:

    Regina, 27 years old:

    "When I was found with kidney stones, I decided to purify by the method of Moritz. What I experienced is beyond words. Drink with salt is very nasty to taste, and the preparatory stage was hard for me. But the effect was worth all my suffering: the stones still came out, and I lost 4 kilograms. "

    Irina, 33 years old:

    " I was losing weight while sitting on a 7-day diet. Everything went quite easily and I did not feel uncomfortable, but I lost 5 kg - a good result, I think. "

    Maria, 25 years old:

    " I was 5 months pregnant, my doctor advised to limit my nutrition in proteins, and I used a special diet. Of course, it was difficult to observe, but my blood counts improved, and now I'm not afraid for the child »