Diet geisha - the secret of harmony, beauty and longevity of Japanese women

  • Diet geisha - the secret of harmony, beauty and longevity of Japanese women

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    Diet geisha - the secret of beauty and slenderness of Japanese women

    The diet of a geisha was the result of numerous studies of nutritionists in the field of Japanese cuisine. It interested the scientists quite naturally - in fact, Japan is traditionally considered a country of long-livers, and its population has strong health and excellent natural appearance.

    Japanese women are the owners of smooth healthy skin and thick shining hair, the figure of elderly Japanese women remains slim and perfect until old age. Yes, and little known cases where residents of Japan are obese. Why does this happen?

    What is the secret of supply of Japanese geishas ^

    All because the Japanese honor the traditions of their ancient descendants and do not change it for many centuries. This applies to food predilections. Thousands of years in a row, the Japanese prefer only healthy, healthy food, which does not contribute to the deposition of fat stores and has a rejuvenating and health-improving effect on the body as a whole.

    And, of course, the Japanese priestesses of beauty and love( in Japan they are called geishas) especially carefully adhered to such a menu that would allow for a long time to preserve health and beauty, and also to prevent the accumulation of extra pounds and fatty folds.

    The diet of a geisha is significantly different from the traditional diet of European cuisine. In their menu there is practically no meat, but according to fish consumption, Japan is the world leader. Fish and seafood contain in their composition a lot of nutrients and microelements necessary for the body, saturating the tissues with health and contributing to the prevention of many diseases - cardiovascular, nervous, oncological.

    In addition, it has traditionally been the case that, due to its geographical location in Japan, the cultivation of many plant crops is quite difficult. But rice has become well established on this land, which became the basis of the Japanese diet. The use of this culture has long been proven - it contains 8 important amino acids for the development of the body and a large number of vitamins and trace elements. Rice also contains complex carbohydrates, which actively contribute to weight loss and prevent its recruitment.

    Particularly give Japanese geishas a preference for brown unpolished rice, which is an excellent means for cleaning the digestive tract from the remnants of undigested food and slags. This, in turn, helps to effectively lose excess kilograms. In the same way things are with soy and vegetables.

    Another constant component of the diet of Japanese geisha is green tea. Everyone knows how important the Japanese give the many hours of ceremonies drinking this drink. The properties of green tea can be argued for a long time, but what is certain is that it is thanks to him that beautiful Japanese women are ready to brag about their excellent health and longevity.

    In short, the main constituent of the Japanese geisha's slenderness was the following set of traditional national Japanese products:

    • seafood,
    • rice,
    • vegetables,
    • fruit,
    • green tea;
    • is also included in the diet and milk, which is sometimes added to tea or drunk separately - it has a very mild effect on the digestive system and significantly reduces the feeling of hunger.

    During the slimming program, great importance is given to body massage, cleansing baths and cosmetic procedures. The diet of Japanese geisha contributes to the removal from the body of accumulated reserves of fat, fluid and stool, as well as normalization of the state of the gastrointestinal tract and getting rid of toxins and toxins.

    In addition, thanks to the peculiarities of this diet, a special sense of achieving complete harmony between man and the world is achieved, which also sounds very tempting for a modern man of any gender and age.

    Geisha diet: a menu for 5 days ^

    A geisha diet includes a very modest set of products in its diet, and therefore a sharp transition from the usual menu to a dietary one can become a serious stress for the body. Therefore, such a nutrition system requires pre-training, which is to reduce the daily caloric intake of food on the eve of a diet.

    The day before you start the method of dieting a geisha, it is recommended to switch to using only vegetable soups and salads. For a change, you can include boiled brown rice in the menu and reduce the intake of salt and sugar. The same menu is preferable to follow after the end of the diet program to reliably fix the result.

    The geisha diet is designed for 5 days, and during this period you can lose up to 7 kilograms of excess weight. If there is a desire to repeat this program of weight loss again, then between the dietary periods should be at least 1 month.
    However, those who achieved good results on the diet of the geisha had a slightly different scheme of dietary program, which, according to reviews, you can achieve the greatest effect - the diet is twice in a row with a break of one to two weeks.

    The first stage is aimed at cleaning and preparing the body for the next time and consists in dropping excess liquid and slags. At the second stage, it is possible to lose more kilograms and during this period the body begins to remove the fats. On such a power scheme, it is possible to reset to 16 kg of weight. But experts warn that it is impossible to get too involved and delay the geisha diet for too long.
    The menu itself is very simple and the variety does not shine:

    • breakfast - 2 cups of green tea with milk, diluted in a 1: 1 ratio;
    • lunch - 1 portion of unsalted brown rice, a glass of warm milk;
    • dinner - a portion of unsalted rice, a cup of green tea with milk;
    • for the day, you can also drink additional 2 cups of green tea( without milk) and an unlimited amount of mineral water without gas.

    Many fans of this diet program say that using it can be different kinds of rice or its mixture. Allegedly, the choice of its kind does not affect the effectiveness of weight loss. So it or not, we do not undertake to judge, but in the original geisha technique it is intended to use unpeeled brown rice.

    When choosing milk for a diet, it is better to give preference to foods with a fat content of 1.5 or 2.5%.Dairy products of higher fat content will negate the effectiveness of this technique, but skim milk is not recommended because of the low calorie diet.

    We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with a carbohydrate( low-carbohydrate) diet.

    Japanese geisha diet: testimonials and results ^

    A diet geisha on green tea, rice and milk is considered very effective and amazes with its results, for five days of its compliance you can lose up to 7 kg of excess weight.

    Reviews about it have many positive points. First, this method of weight loss is very mild, and, despite such a limited list of ingredients, gently affects the digestive tract. Such a diet is well tolerated even by people with minor stomach diseases. Secondly, the geisha diet is quite effective and its effectiveness can be seen already on the 2nd - 3rd day of compliance.

    Like any other dietary program, the geisha diet has a number of contraindications. So, it is not recommended to follow people with the following types of diseases:

    • gastritis;
    • stomach ulcer;
    • ulcer of the duodenum;
    • categorically contraindicated such a diet of food for pregnant and lactating women.

    This program of losing weight is most suitable for people who are inactive. And on the contrary, athletes and active people such a low-calorie menu simply will not work, as it is possible a significant deterioration in the state of health( dizziness, nausea, fainting).

    In addition, despite the fact that the composition of the diet of this diet includes exceptionally useful products, nutritionists identify two of its significant drawbacks:

    • absence in the diet of salt can lead to the development of violations of water-salt balance in the body;
    • rice is also often the cause of constipation.

    Therefore, before proceeding with the chosen scheme of nutrition, it is always necessary to consult the attending physician.
    We also recommend you to watch a video of experts - dieticians about what kinds of rice are the most useful for health and which of them should be preferred in making the menu: