• Diet after 40 years

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    • Weight loss features for women over the age of 40
    • Diet for slimming women and men after 40 years: sample menu
    • Results, reviews of thin and recommendations of doctors about proper nutrition after 40 years

    Diet after forty years is aimed at reducingand weight stabilization and improvement of the body

    The diet after 40 years is designed for one to two weeks, during which the weight will decrease slowly, but effectively, eliminating the appearance of health problems.

    Features of weight loss for women over the age of 40 ^

    This diet is based on proper nutrition, consisting of a large amount of fiber, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, but with a minimum of fat and calories.

    The problem of overweight at the age of 40 years, faced both women and men. This is due to the fact that with the beginning of the age of forty the following changes occur in the human body:

    • Metabolism decreases, fat cells increase, muscle mass of the body decreases;
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    • Hormonal changes cause a slowing down of metabolism;
    • Oscillations of the hormonal background significantly increase cholesterol and blood pressure;
    • There is a risk of osteoporosis as a result of leaching calcium from bone tissue.

    To reduce and stabilize the weight, as well as to improve the well-being and health of the body, it is necessary to radically revise the food ration. The diet after 40 years is aimed not only at losing weight, but also for further preparation for proper daily nutrition.

    The diet menu after 40 years consists of the following compulsory food products:

    • Fruits, berries, vegetables are sources of vitamins, dietary fiber, fiber, minerals and natural antioxidants. These low-calorie useful products improve the work of intestinal peristalsis, cleanse the body of harmful compounds, strengthen immunity and give a lasting sense of satiety. Among especially recommended vegetables - cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, beets, tomatoes, greens and fruits - cherries, apples, citrus fruits;
    • Whole grains - brown rice, oat flakes, wheat, corn and buckwheat groats, barley. Dishes from whole grains stimulate the intestine, saturate the body with vitamins E and B;
    • Legumes are a source of complex carbohydrates and fiber. They are able to stabilize the level of insulin with glucose in the blood;
    • Walnuts, almonds are sources of calcium, vitamin E, C, A, and iron.
    • Lactic acid nonfat products( cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, yogurt) and low-fat meat products are sources of protein and calcium. These products strengthen muscles and bones and promote weight loss in the waist;
    • Fish, olive and flaxseed oils are sources of essential omega acids and iodine.

    Potatoes, semi-finished products, flour products, pasta, mayonnaise, salty foods, soda, alcohol, coffee, sugar are subject to a significant restriction.

    The main rules of the diet after 40 years:

    • To take food should be often, but in small portions( 200 - 250 grams or 8-12 tablespoons), preferably every 2 or 3 hours;
    • You are not allowed to use additional slimming products;
    • It is necessary to adhere to the daily drinking regime - 2 liters;
    • Dinner should be light, but early( before 19.00);
    • It is recommended to put into physical exercise a feasible physical exercise.

    Strict contraindications and shortcomings diet program after forty does not have.

    Diet for slimming women and men after 40 years: approximate menu ^

    Diet for women after forty

    Thanks to properly formulated dietary nutrition for women of 40 years of age, the following positive effect can be achieved:

    • Weight will effectively decrease about 5 kg in 12 days;
    • Skin will become smooth and elastic;
    • The risk of skin flabbiness and drying will decrease.

    Around the menu for a four-day diet after the forty:

    Day 1

    • Breakfast: carrot juice, cottage cheese with greens;
    • Lunch: plums 4 pieces;
    • Lunch: lean soup, kefir, broccoli salad with tomato;
    • Snack: fruit yoghurt with walnut;
    • Dinner: boiled rice, slice of fish, tomato salad, radish, brynza with linseed oil, chamomile tea;
    • Overnight: dietary yogurt.

    Day 2

    • Breakfast: mashed potato with stewed cabbage and carrots, cucumber, yogurt;
    • Lunch: citrus to choose from;
    • Lunch:: beetroot on chicken broth, carrot fresh salad with olive oil, lean milk with muesli;
    • Snack: apple - banana puree with juice of half a lemon;
    • Dinner: white cabbage stew with grated carrots and rice in sour cream, milk;
    • At night: mint broth with honey.

    Day 3

    • Breakfast: Vinaigrette, egg, milky banana cocktail;
    • Lunch: salad from cauliflower and cucumber;
    • Lunch: steamed broccoli with fish, vegetable salad, apple-carrot drink with cinnamon;
    • Snack: salad: peach, apple, nectarine, finely chopped and flavored with dietary yogurt;
    • Dinner: stewed pieces of beef in sour cream, vegetable salad, orange juice;
    • At night: a little cherry.

    Day 4

    • Breakfast: ginger drink with honey, plastic cheese, porridge on the water( oatmeal, dried fruit);
    • Lunch: cottage cheese with apricots and yogurt;
    • Lunch: cucumber salad, tomatoes stuffed with lean beef, ginger tea;
    • Snack:
    • Dinner: vegetable casserole, sea kale, orange compote;
    • At night: a small handful of almonds.

    Diet for men after age 40

    Many men after the age of forty also experience significant discomfort from being overweight. In addition, with the growth of excess kilograms, they have increased health problems - dyspnea, cardiovascular diseases and so on. The solution to the problems that begin is the right diet, including dairy products, vegetables, lean meats, fruits and fish.

    Recommended approximate daily diet menu for men:

    • Morning: oat unsweetened porridge, a couple of boiled eggs, fruit juice;
    • Lunch: cereal yoghurt, vegetable salad;
    • Lunch: boiled potatoes with beans, fish, vegetable drink;
    • Snack: a piece of dark chocolate, tea with honey;
    • Dinner: colored or white cabbage, stewed with lean beef, whole wheat bread, compote.
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    Results, reviews of thin and recommendations of doctors about proper nutrition after 40 years ^

    Results of the diet after 40 - weight loss for 10-14 days to 5 kg. Repeated application of it is possible in a couple of months. For the subsequent stable maintenance of weight it is necessary to consider advice or councils of dieticians how correctly to eat after 40 years to not grow stout and to keep health:

    • To strictly supervise snacks;
    • Give preference to low-calorie, healthy and healthy foods;
    • Restrict fatty, floury, fried and confectionery products;
    • Try to consume a lot of fluids;
    • Three times a week to include in the daily routine feasible exercise or every morning to start with a five-minute charge.

    Reviews of the diet after 40 among the slim women and men are very positive. They believe that this food system is quite diverse, nutritious and easily tolerated. Nutritionists also approve of the diet for the age of forty, as it includes those products that are really capable of reducing weight, stop the aging process, cleanse, revitalize and rejuvenate the body.

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