• Squash diet

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    • Can I lose weight on zucchini
    • Diet diet: menus for 3 and 7 days
    • Popular recipes and dietary dishes from zucchini
    • Results, reviews of thin and doctors about the zucchini diet

    The squash helps to lose weight, normalizes the water and salt balanceand lowers the level of bad cholesterol

    A squash diet is an excellent option for those who want to lose weight, but it is useful, satisfying and tasty to eat. It was successfully hosted by many celebrities - Margaret Thatcher, Sophia Loren, Catherine Deneuve and others.

    Can I lose weight on zucchini ^

    In its useful properties zucchini is one of the most popular and common dietary products. Among its advantages, the following are of particular value:

    • Extremely low caloric value( only 17 Kcal per 100 g of fruit), therefore you can eat 1.5 kilograms of the product a day and not get better.
    • Hypoallergenic - the plant does not contain allergens at all, therefore it is possible to prepare dishes from it allergy and children safely.
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    • Contains many vitamins( A, B, C, nicotinic acid) and minerals( phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, sulfur).
    • Reduces cholesterol and normalizes water-salt balance.
    • Great for combating cellulite.
    • Helps to cope with certain diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver and gallbladder, since it does not contain excessive amounts of coarse fibers and does not cause irritation of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.
    • Because of the high content of magnesium and potassium it is useful in heart diseases.
    • It is recommended for dietary nutrition to people with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

    The list of contraindications for this product is extremely small - it should not be used by those who suffer from violations of the withdrawal from the body of potassium and take it in raw form to people suffering from ulcers and gastritis.

    For the most useful and effective weight loss with zucchini, nutritionists are advised to follow some simple rules:

    • When cooking dishes, courgettes do not need to be cleaned from the skins, since it contains the most valuable substances( about 70-80%).In addition, they are not recommended to fry, it is better to cook in a double boiler, stew or boil.
    • An indispensable condition for a zucchini diet is the use of exclusively young ovaries in the diet, since they contain many useful minerals and vitamins.
    • Do not forget about protein products, such as lean red meat( beef, lamb), white poultry -( a great option will be a chicken breast containing a small amount of fat), any fish.
    • Portion of food should be small, not more than 350 grams.
    • As with any other unloading system, the zucchini diet requires an abundant drinking regime - at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water or herbal tea without sugar should be consumed per day.
    • It will be necessary to completely refuse from favorite delicacies - flour, smoked, salted, sugar and alcohol.

    Squash diet: menus for 3 and 7 days ^

    There are three and seven-day squash unloading.

    Menu for 3 days

    First day of

    • Breakfast: you can make a casserole in the oven and drink any liquid.
    • Lunch: vegetable soup;boiled chicken;vegetable juice.
    • Dinner: zucchini with filling;a glass of low-fat yogurt.

    The second day of

    • Breakfast: perfect pancakes without oil;brewed dogrose.
    • Lunch: fish with garnish;water.
    • Dinner: stewed zucchini with champignons;kefir.

    The third day of

    • Breakfast: perfect for fresh vegetable salad, brewed dog-rose.
    • Lunch: mushroom soup with zucchini;any liquid.
    • Dinner: beef with beans;vegetable juice.

    Menu for 7 days

    If the results of weight loss for 3 days you were not entirely satisfied and decided to continue the zucchini diet, then continue to eat according to the menu below.

    Fourth day:

    • Breakfast: you can cook a useful omelet;Freshly squeezed orange.
    • Lunch: stew;boiled chicken;cabbage from a juicer.
    • Dinner: salad;kefir.

    Fifth day:

    • Breakfast: courgettes with onions;low-fat yogurt.
    • Lunch: baked broccoli with zucchini and fish;any juice.
    • Dinner: soup and a glass of water.

    The sixth day of

    • Breakfast: you can prepare a fruit salad with the addition of the main ingredient;green tea.
    • Lunch: chicken with the main product;Freshly squeezed orange.
    • Dinner: boiled rice and tea.

    The seventh day

    • Breakfast: excellent useful and tasty squash pancakes fried in a non-stick frying pan;Freshly squeezed orange.
    • Lunch: garnish and beef in the oven;kefir.
    • Dinner: fresh vegetable salad and dog rose.

    Diet on squash caviar

    The dietary technique on squash is very popular among slimming, as it allows very tasty and satisfying to lose weight. The duration of her 7 days, the results of weight loss - 4 - 5 kilograms, depending on the initial body weight.

    Approximate daily menu:

    • Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, squash caviar;
    • Lunch: boiled chicken breast or a portion of fish, caviar;
    • Snack: any unsweetened fruit with a low glycemic index;
    • Dinner: buckwheat porridge without butter or boiled potatoes, caviar.
    • During the day, you should drink a lot of liquid - water and green tea without sugar.

    Popular recipes and dietary dishes from zucchini ^

    There are a lot of dietary recipes using zucchini, because this vegetable is perfectly combined with many products - cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers, cauliflower, white poultry meat and various cereals.

    Here are some popular dietary recipes from zucchini, the use of which will help you to safely lose weight:

    • For cooking vegetable soup you will need: one carrot, pepper, celery and zucchini. All vegetables are cut into cubes and cooked until ready. You can serve soup with the addition of parsley or basil. Try to keep the dish low.
    • For stuffed zucchini, cut it in half and extract the pulp. To the pulp, you can add various vegetables, mix and put into halves. Then the dish should be wrapped in foil and bake in the oven.
    • For salad take cucumber, pepper and the main ingredient. All you need to cut into cubes and fill with a mixture of parsley, cottage cheese and yogurt.
    • To prepare pancakes, you can not do without grated zucchini. In this mixture you need to add an egg, a little rye flour and 2 tablespoons of sugar. After this pancakes fry in a non-stick frying pan without adding oil.
    • For zucchini caviar you need a bow sliced ​​with straws and grated carrots. They need to be lightly fried in oil. Vegetables need to be cut into cubes and boiled, then add carrots with onions, tomatoes and tomato paste. When the caviar is ready, you need only slightly add salt and black pepper.
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    Results, reviews of thin and doctors about zucchini diet ^

    Dietary dishes from zucchini are not only delicious, but they also have a record low calorie content, therefore, eating them, you can easily lose 4 kilograms in 7 days. The results of the zucchini diet for weight loss will not make you wait, but to keep the results, it's important to get out right.

    To do this, you need to rebuild your diet in the direction of healthy nutrition and how to eat less harmful foods. In addition, you must necessarily eat often( five to six times a day), so as not to bring yourself to a sense of acute hunger and impose food in small plates.

    Specialists recommend sitting on such an unloading program for not more than seven days, as it is not completely balanced and other nutrients are vital to the body. On the Internet, you can find many positive reviews about the zucchini diet, many losing weight very much like this technique, as it is relatively easy to tolerate, tasty, useful and completely safe.

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