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    Flaxseed diet allows you to smoothly reduce weight and effectively cleanse the body

    Flaxseed diet is one of the most populartechniques for obtaining the desired weight, shape, body cleansing and significant improvement in appearance.

    How to lose weight with flax seeds ^

    The basis of the flax diet is flax seeds and oil. Thanks to the presence of omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, fiber and vitamins E, A, B in these unique products, the flax method of weight loss has the following undoubted advantages:

    • Weight decreases gradually but steadily and effectively;
    • Lipid( fat) metabolism is stabilized;
    • Digestion is normalized;
    • The body starts actively to get rid of harmful and toxic substances;
    • Metabolism is accelerated;
    • Improves appearance: skin is cleared, nails are strengthened, hair condition is noticeably improved;
    • There are no contraindications.

    In the dietary method, not only oil and seeds are used, but also flax flour and porridge. Flax diet is based on the following important rules that must be strictly observed:

    • To exclude from the food ration fried, floury, sweet dishes, semi-finished products, smoked products, mayonnaise and alcohol;
    • Eat often, limited to small portions;
    • Drinks such as compote, fruit juice and tea should be consumed after 20 minutes after each meal;
    • The norm of linseed oil should not exceed 30 grams per day. It can be taken on an empty stomach, added to warm porridges or seasoned with salads.

    The authorized products include:

    • Milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour-milk drinks;
    • Vegetables in stewed, boiled or raw kind;
    • Fruit, fresh or baked;
    • Berries, dried fruits and muesli;
    • Meat, fish products and broths;
    • Oat, buckwheat, rice cereals;
    • Herbal or green teas, fruit drinks, compotes and decoctions.

    Flaxseed diet: menus, varieties and features ^

    The dietary method based on flax is designed for a long time, at which weight loss will be an average of 2 kg per week.

    Flaxseed Diet

    Flax oil is characterized by a mild laxative effect that facilitates painless cleaning of the intestines from toxins and other harmful substances, as well as the healing of small cracks on the walls of the gastrointestinal system.

    The duration of the dietary technique on linseed oil is a month, during which the weight will gradually decrease by about one kilogram per week. The main condition - to eat properly and balanced, excluding high-calorie food.

    Flaxseed oil on a teaspoon is taken 15 minutes before the morning meal three times daily. In addition, they are allowed to fill salads.

    The approximate menu of the flax oil technique is as follows:

    • Morning: curd with pieces of fruit, berries or dried fruits, oatmeal, kefir, black dried bread,
    • Second breakfast: muesli and drinking yogurt;
    • Lunch: meat( fish, chicken) soup with a piece of meat( fish, chicken), a couple of crackers and fruit juice;
    • Snack: fresh vegetable, fruit salad, baked apple or a pair of fruits;
    • Dinner: unsweetened cocoa, pumpkin or mashed potatoes, carrot, apple and fresh cabbage salad.

    Flaxseed Diet

    Flax porridge perfectly promotes the cleansing and healing of the body, as well as safe weight loss.

    Recipe for cooking porridge:

    • 200 gr.flax flush, pour water 2 cm higher and place in a warm place at night.
    • In the morning, beat until foam forms.
    • If desired, add unrefined sunflower oil 50 ml, salt and spices.

    The duration of the dietary technique on linseed porridge is 10 days, for which the weight loss is about 5 kg.

    • Breakfast: yogurt or kefir with muesli, porridge;
    • Lunch: carrot salad with orange( or other citrus), porridge, juice;
    • Snack: berries or fruit with yoghurt;
    • Dinner: porridge, dried apricots with kefir.

    Flax Flour Diet

    Flax flour is effectively used as an assistant to reduce excess weight as an addition to various dishes( porridges, soups, salads).

    In addition, it can be used to prepare a healthy and delicious dietary mush. To do this, the seed must be passed through a coffee grinder and in 100 g of finished oatmeal, add 20 g of flour flax. The resulting dish is mixed with dried apricots, dried apples or prunes.

    The result of the technique on flax flour will be a very slow weight loss and constant cleansing of the body.

    Flaxseed Diet

    This method assumes the use of flax seeds as decoctions. Dietary and clearing drink should be consumed only in fresh form and on an empty stomach, preferably before the morning meal.

    For more effective process of growing thin it is necessary to make a daily food ration of vegetables, cereals, fruits, lean soups and protein foods. Baking, sugar and fatty foods should be completely removed from the diet.

    Linen diet by Joanna Budwig from cancer diseases

    Dietary program of the famous doctor - biochemist from Germany Joanna Budwig is a popular anti-cancer food system consisting of a daily norm of 150 grams of cottage cheese and a pair of art.l.linseed oil.

    In addition to this dish, the menu allows you to enter sea fish, cereal bread, poultry meat, honey, water, freshly squeezed juice, kefir, fruit, yoghurt.

    By this unique technique, you can not only successfully lose weight, but also prevent the development of cancer.

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    Results, reviews of thin and physicians about the linseed diet ^

    The results of the linen diet are stunning - harmless, gradual, but effective weight loss within a couple of kilograms per week. In addition, with each dietary day, the intestine is effectively freed from toxins, toxins and toxins, and there is a significant improvement in appearance.

    The linen supply system is transferred very easily, since the menu is fairly balanced. Exit from losing weight provides for the gradual addition of dishes from the usual diet. During this period, it is not forbidden to add a decoction of seeds and butter to dishes.

    Reviews about the linen diet is very approving. Many women who adhere to gradual weight loss, were satisfied with the result. In addition, they noted the strengthening of the nail plate, the appearance of hair shine and their healing.

    Doctors - nutritionists do not prohibit the use of a linseed diet as a weight loss, however, only if the food from flax will be combined with other useful products and physical exercises. As for linseed oil, doctors do not recommend taking it with hepatitis, pancreatitis, gallstones, blood diseases and gynecological diseases.

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