• The easiest diet for weight loss

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    The easiest diet for losing weight:how to choose

    Every woman who watches her figure sooner or later notices two or three extra kilograms, and sometimes more. Of course, I want to choose the easiest way to lose weight, and this is helped by special diets.

    Which diet is easier to lose weight at home ^

    Not everyone can boast of great willpower, and in the presence of excess weight, many ask the question: what diet easily takes weight and volume?

    After all, you want not to deny yourself in your favorite dishes, but also not to sit on debilitating mono-diets, and for this you can use several options:

    • The easy balanced diet has a rather satisfying menu, because it respects the optimal proportions of proteins and carbohydrates. It suits absolutely everything, including pregnant women;
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    • Easy effective diet, as a rule, has no more than three products in its arsenal, but the result is visible from it already for 2-3 days. There is one disadvantage: it is not recommended for people with gastrointestinal diseases, diabetics, pregnant and lactating mothers.

    Choosing between a quick result and an easy diet for safe weight loss, it should be borne in mind that prolonged starvation does not bring benefits, but a well-designed menu that takes into account all the needs of the body in substances contributes to a slower, but harmless weight loss.

    When choosing a light diet without harm to health, you should pay attention to a few points:

    • What products are allowed in it;
    • Duration of its use;
    • How often it can be repeated.

    What is forbidden in any easy healthy diet:

    • Fried and smoked dishes;
    • Fatty foods;
    • Sweets, alcohol;
    • Flour.

    Basic rules for eating:

    • It is necessary to eat often, but in small portions;
    • Observe the drinking regime: at least 1.5 liters of liquid per day;
    • Do not eat 4 hours before bedtime.

    How to choose an easy diet: menus, rules, recipes ^

    The easiest protein diet for losing weight at home: menus, recipes

    The easiest diet for fast weight loss

    Despite the rather meager menu, this method is relatively nutritious, because in itproducts that satisfy hunger are used. For 3 days the weight decreases in this case to 5 kg:

    • On an empty stomach we drink a glass of water;
    • For breakfast we drink 200 g of warm milk with the addition of honey and cocoa( 1 tsp);
    • At lunch we eat grapefruit;
    • After 20 minutes we eat vegetable salad and boiled meat;
    • For a snack and dinner we drink vegetable broth.

    Easy diet for weight loss of 10 kg

    To reduce weight by 10 kg per month, it's enough just to exclude harmful food from the diet, and eat according to the example of the following menu:

    • Lunch 100 grams of oatmeal, banana and kefir;
    • Having a snack with an apple;
    • Lunch boiled veal or chicken( 100 g), two slices of whole grain bread and vegetable salad;
    • We snack the grapefruit;
    • We have dinner with baked potatoes, 100 g of chicken breast and 200 g of kefir( 1%).

    Easy diet for every day

    In order not to gain weight, it is enough to adhere to this menu for 1500 Kcal:

    • We have breakfast banana smoothies and whole grain bread;
    • We have a snack with yoghurt;
    • We have lunch with vegetable soup and stewed vegetables, we eat a cutlet;
    • We snack a fruit mix;
    • We dine with steamed vegetables and a slice of chicken breast.

    Easy diet for 3 days

    This option is also used for complete body cleansing:

    • During each day, drink 1.5 liters of kefir( 1%);
    • We eat 1 kg of green apples.

    Easy and fast diet for a week

    Green tea has cleansing and fat burning properties, so it became the basis of this weight correction technique. The bottom line is that during the week you need to drink at least 5 cups of tea, and you can eat according to the following menu:

    • In the morning we drink milk, eat yogurt;
    • We have a snack with fruit;
    • For dinner we eat soup-puree from vegetables, a piece of boiled fish;
    • We have a salad with vegetable salad;Dinning with grapefruit and chicken breast.

    Easy diet for the month

    One month technique allows you to lose up to 10 kilograms if you follow this menu:

    • We eat only fruit, porridge and boiled meat the first week;
    • The second week we eat only vegetables in any form, as well as whole grain bread;
    • In the third week we consume potatoes, milk and sour-milk products;
    • We spend the fourth week eating vegetables and fish dishes.

    Easy Belly Diet for Weight Loss

    In order to reduce the stomach by 1-2 cm per week, it is necessary to adhere to the following approximate diet:

    • In the morning we eat a salad of tomato and sweet pepper, as well as a piece of boiled veal;
    • For lunch we eat cottage cheese with the addition of berries;
    • Lunch stewed zucchini and chicken breast;
    • We snack with yogurt;
    • For dinner, eat any citrus.

    Easy diet to reduce the volume of

    In order to reduce the volume of hands, legs and stomach, for 2-3 weeks it is recommended to eat as follows:

    • In the morning we eat a portion of fruit salad with kefir dressing;
    • Lunch rice porridge, light vegetable salad and 200 grams of meat;
    • We snack a couple of fruits;
    • We are having supper with boiled buckwheat, salad and meat( 100 g).

    Lightweight protein diet for weight loss

    The most popular option for weight reduction and muscle strengthening in athletes is this one, as the proteins are able to strengthen the muscular tissues for 2-3 weeks:

    • We have breakfast with cottage cheese, diluted with low-fat kefir and mixed with a handful of berries;
    • At lunch we eat an egg and drink green tea;
    • We have dinner with boiled beef or chicken meat and seafood salad;
    • We snack 100 grams of yogurt;
    • We dine with a steam omelette with greens.

    Easy diet for men

    If a man wants to tighten his tummy - this is helped by food for 2 weeks on the following menu:

    • Lunch a cup of green tea and carrot and cabbage salad;On the snack - fruit;
    • We have dinner with low-fat borsch and 150 g of meat;
    • We snack with kefir;
    • For dinner we eat seafood salad and baked potatoes.

    A light diet for teenagers

    A developing organism should receive all the substances necessary for it, so for teens there is a light version of a two-week diet that allows you to lose up to 7 kilograms:

    • In the morning we eat cottage cheese with berries, drink tea and eat a slice of whole grain bread;
    • For lan - fruit fruit drink;
    • We have lunch with milk soup, 100 g of boiled chicken breast and a salad of green vegetables;
    • We snack a banana;
    • We ate seafood and fresh vegetables for dinner.

    Easy diet for lazy

    Those who do not want to limit themselves in food, you can try this technique, in which you need to drink 5 glasses a day of 2 glasses of clean water:

    • In the morning we eat everything, but before that we drink water;
    • Having a snack with a banana;
    • We dine with meat soup, vegetable stew and a meatball;
    • We drink kefir for a mid-morning snack;Dinner with a light salad dressed with lemon juice.
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    The easiest diets for fast and safe weight loss: feedback, results, correct output ^

    Almost all doctors are positive about the methods of easy weight loss, so they do not assume significant restrictions in foods and prolonged fasting. Despite this, they do not recommend using any of the diets more than 3-4 times a year to not give the body a strong load and not to stress.

    How to easily and correctly exit the diet:

    • If the menu is dominated by vegetables and fruits - gradually enter the meat, in small portions;
    • When the protein( meat) diet is the opposite: smoothly added vegetable salads and fruits, but berries are allowed to eat only for 4-5 days;
    • Smoothly increase the total caloric intake by 150 Kcal per day.

    The results of light and effective diets for losing weight at home are wonderful:

    • Getting the necessary effect - weight loss;
    • Reducing the volume of the hands, legs, abdomen and buttocks;
    • Strengthening of muscles.

    Reviews about the easiest diets for fast weight loss of our regular readers are also very positive:

    Elizabeth, 28 years old:

    "I liked the technique for lazy people: drinking 2 cups of water each time, eating much less food, so the result is minus 7kilograms per month "

    Inna, 43 years old:

    " When I needed to quickly lose weight, I used a three-day diet. I would not say that it was given to me easily - I was not used to eating only apples and yogurt - but I brought it all to the end, and did not regret it: I took off about 1.5 kilos "

    Tatiana, 35 years old:

    " After losing weight, I need to supportweight, and I use an easy diet for every day. In principle, 1500 Kcal is a bit, so with its help you can also throw off kilograms, but insignificantly ยป