• Fractional Diet

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    • The essence of the fractional weight loss diet
    • Fractional diet for weight loss: a menu for 5 days
    • Results, reviews of slimming and doctors about fractional weight loss method

    Fractional diet promotes smooth weight loss without stress and harm to the body

    Fractional diet is oneof the most effective and gentle methods of losing weight, during which gradual weight loss will not cause stress for the body and will not cause harm to health.

    The essence of a fractional diet for weight loss ^

    The basis of a fractional diet is "crushing" a low-calorie diet for small portions and eating a small amount. According to many doctors - nutritionists, it is this method of nutrition contributes to the reduction of excess kilograms and the long-term fixation of the result.

    The fractional weight loss system has certain principles, with strict adherence to which it is possible to achieve the desired effect:

    • The days of the fractional diet alternate with rest days for as long as necessary to obtain a positive result;
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    • The fractional feeding period lasts five days, followed by ten days of rest;
    • During the dietary program, the gap between each meal should be about 2 hours;
    • During the tenth day, you need to take food 5 times a day, but excluding from the menu chips, fast food, sharp and fatty foods, bakery products, sweets and carbonated drinks.

    The advantages of a fractional dietary technique include:

    • The first five days of the diet is the maximum weight loss and is about 4 kg;
    • The digestive system begins to function in the right rhythm;
    • During a five-day period of weight loss and a ten-day fixing of the result, there is no feeling of an acute sense of hunger;
    • Appetite decreases well;
    • With each meal the metabolism improves;
    • Fractional menu allows you to reduce the size of the stretched stomach, which is an important fact for those who lose weight.

    Fractional dietary food will not give an overload to the intestines and stomach, which will allow it to be observed even for those who have peptic ulcer, colitis or gastritis. But with diseases of the heart or vessels from the use of this diet should be abandoned. It is also not recommended to use it for pregnant women and girls under 16 years of age.

    Fractional diet for slimming: a menu for 5 days ^

    The five-day cycle of a fractional diet consists of the following menu:

    • 08.00 - Any hot drinks without sugar: coffee, chicory, cocoa or green tea brewed in turkey;
    • 10.00 - Carrots passed through a fine grater and seasoned with juice & # 189;medium lemon;
    • 12.00 - Any medium-sized fruit: orange, apple, banana, peach or pear, or a small portion of soaked dried fruit: dried apricots, raisins, dates and prunes;
    • 14.00 - A piece of beef, chicken or lean fish, cooked or cooked steamed or in the oven, a slice of bread, bran or rye with butter;
    • 16.00 - 0.5 a pack of low-fat cottage cheese or a small piece of cheese, or a boiled egg.
    • 18.00 - a small portion of salad from a set of any fresh vegetables with olive oil: cabbage & # 184;tomato and greens or cucumber, tomato and green onions or carrots and pumpkin flesh;
    • 20.00 - a glass of ryazhenka or kefir with a minimum percentage of fat.

    Looking at such a dietary diet, you can not doubt that not only excess kilograms will go away, but the body during the diet will be effectively cleared of toxins and toxins and saturated with nutrients and vitamins necessary for its normal life.

    In addition, with each subsequent repetition of the five-day cycle, the weight will go down. However, it should be noted that during the ten-day restraint, you must adhere to the developed power system.

    The approximate menu of ten days of rest should look like this:

    • Breakfast: 100 gr.any cereal flavored with oil( rice, buckwheat, oatmeal), or omelet from a couple of eggs and vegetables, a glass of fruit or berry juice;
    • Second breakfast: any citrus fruit: two mandarins, grapefruit or orange;
    • Lunch: 150 gr.soup with beef or chicken broth with pieces of meat, a slice of bread, a glass of tea( green, herbal or black);
    • Snack: banana, peach or apple;
    • Dinner: mashed potatoes - 100 gr., Cabbage - carrot salad - 100 gr., Milk or vegetable stew or vinaigrette - 100 gr., A piece of fish and yogurt.

    In the menu the above dishes can be replaced with the following:

    • Mushroom, vegetable or fish soups;
    • Fruit or fruit and vegetable salads and mashed potatoes, for example pumpkin pulp and apple;
    • Degreased drinking yoghurts and berry mixes;
    • Low-fat cottage cheese, cheese cakes and stuff.

    In addition, there is still a variant of the fractional diet, in which one should keep about the same menu for a week as for 10 days, but on the 7th day it is necessary to arrange a day of unloading only on sour-milk non-fat products.

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    Results, reviews of thin and doctors about the fractional method of losing weight ^

    Fractional diet program is good in that it can be adhered to not only by necessity, but also constantly, by introducing such food into the lifestyle. The above fractional methods of weight loss will be much more effective if they are combined with regular activities of any kind of sport, such as jogging, swimming, fitness, aerobics.

    The results of a fractional diet are a gradual and slow weight loss of 4 kg or more for 3 to 4 weeks without causing damage to health. Exit from the fractional dietary technique does not imply any cardinal changes in the diet. Excess weight after observing fractional nutrition, unlike many modern diet programs, is not immediately asked to go back, it is only necessary to adhere to certain rules in nutrition:

    • Do not over-increase portions;
    • To consume food per day is not less than 5 times;
    • Time for dinner - 7 pm, but not later.
    • During the diet, you must minimize the consumption of sweet, fatty and floury.

    If you follow these simple rules, you do not have to worry that extra kilos will decide to return to their original place. Comments on the fractional diet of many women who used it in action, in most cases, only approving. They noted that although it lasts a long time, but during this time, along with weight reduction, well-being, mood and appearance improved.

    Doctors - nutritionists consider the fractional diet of one of the most correct methods of losing weight, since at this time there is no overeating and starvation. Moreover, sticking to it is easy enough and painless. When a positive result is achieved, the fractional diet should be repeated either after three months, or with increasing weight.

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