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    Lymphatic cleansing at home: prescriptions

    Lymphatic system is an important component of the immune systemsystem, the main function of which is nutrition and protection of the body against viruses and bacteria.

    In lymph nodes all bacteria and microbes are rendered harmless, as a result of which they do not enter the blood. Cleaning of lymph is a very useful and necessary procedure, because contamination of the lymph system can provoke the appearance of serious health problems.

    Lymph cleansing: why is it needed ^

    Lymph is an intercellular fluid that constantly circulates. It is very similar to blood in composition, it even contains some constituents of blood that seep through the walls of blood vessels.

    The importance of lymph is that this fluid contributes to the supply of cells with useful substances, as well as the removal of dead microbes, viruses and other harmful substances.

    When the lymph flow accelerates, the speed of metabolic processes also improves. However, when the current of the lymphatic fluid slows down, the life of tissues and cells terminates. When the lymph nodes are slagged, they stop performing their basic functions, namely, to purify and protect the body. That is why lymph cleansing is simply necessary for people who suffer from heart, kidney or lung diseases.

    It is very important to note the fact that before cleansing lymph it is necessary to conduct qualitative cleansing of the intestine and liver. The ideal time for carrying out the procedure for cleansing lymph is spring. After the procedure significantly increases immunity, a person becomes more resistant to various diseases and infections, as well as more energetic and cheerful.

    Purification of the lymph at home: folk recipes ^

    Clearing the lymph system by folk remedies: home recipes

    There are a large number of medical ways to cleanse the lymphatic system of toxins and toxins, but cleaning it with folk remedies will be no less effective.

    To choose the most suitable method of cleaning, you need to familiarize yourself with the most popular of them.

    Cleaning of lymph with licorice and enterosgel

    For effective lymph purification it is recommended to use the licorice root, which is an excellent lymphostimulant, and enterosgel is a sorbent that can be compared with a sponge absorbing all harmful substances.

    It is worth noting that enterosgel does not absorb useful substances. This drug acts as follows: moves along the intestines, while absorbing toxins and viruses, which after 7 hours will be released from the human body.

    The procedure for the purification of lymph with licorice and enterosgel should be done in this way:

    • To begin with, a tablespoon of licorice syrup is added to a glass of purified water at room temperature, and then drink the contents of the glass.
    • You should take a spoonful of enterosgel and drink it with the necessary amount of water.
    • Approximately 2 hours after taking medication can not be eaten.

    The duration of the course of cleansing the lymph system is a couple of weeks. After the end of the course, there will be noticeable improvements in the state of health, the appearance of the skin, the pressure will be normalized, and the allergy will disappear.

    Cleansing lymph with activated carbon

    Activated charcoal helps not only to cleanse the lymph flow, but also the whole body. In order that the use of activated charcoal would only benefit and effectively purify, it is necessary to correctly determine the amount of the drug to be taken.

    • The daily dose should be taken from the calculation of 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight. That is, at a weight of 60 kg, it is recommended to drink 6 tablets of activated charcoal.
    • The course of lymph cleansing with this drug should last at least 3 weeks.

    Cleansing lymph with vegetable oil

    Cleansing lymph with vegetable oil has been used for a long time. This method of cleaning is considered very effective and simple. Carry out cleansing immediately after waking.

    • It is necessary to take a tablespoon of sunflower oil, necessarily unrefined and place it under the tongue.
    • After this, the liquid should be pushed through the teeth with the tongue and returned back to the mouth.
    • The oil must first thicken, and then change the color.
    • The duration of the procedure is 20 minutes.

    Purification of lymph by natural juices

    For effective purification of lymph, it is preferable to use natural juices from grapefruit, orange or lemon. Due to the fact that fruits contain fruit acids and vitamins, they effectively wash and clean lymph.

    The procedure for performing lymph purification with citrus juices is as follows:

    • In the morning, it is necessary to prepare a liter of citrus juice, for example, from 4 grapefruits, 3 lemons and the necessary amount of oranges to obtain the specified volume.
    • Juice must be diluted with a liter of water.
    • From 8 am, you should start the procedure by drinking a glass of juice diluted in water.
    • Drink juice every hour until the mixture is finished.
    • Duration of the course is 3 days.

    During the course of cleansing, refrain from eating. In the evening, after cleansing, you need to do a cleansing enema. A few days after the end of the course, you must eat only vegetable food.

    We also advise you to familiarize yourself with the article Cleaning the blood with folk remedies.

    Cleaning of lymph at home by Butakova and Walker: recipes, reviews ^

    Purification of lymph by Butakova

    Course duration - 2 weeks. The process of purifying lymph by Butakova's method is as follows:

    • At the very beginning of the purification procedure, one licorice root must be dissolved in warm water and a solution must be drunk.
    • After this, it is recommended to drink a glass of coral water. In a day you need to drink 3 tablets.
    • After 3 hours, you need to take a good sorbent, for example, brown algae. This is necessary so that the toxic substances do not return to the lymph.
    • Drink again with coral water. You need to drink sorbent three times a day for 2 tablets.
    • To clean the bile ducts, you need three times a day to drink an artichoke tablet with nanoclusters.
    • The reception of an altite is needed to restore vitamins lost as a result of purification.
    • Actin is necessary for the binding of toxic substances.
    • It is also important to take a probiotic to restore the intestinal microflora.

    Purification of lymph by Walker

    • It is necessary to freeze water beforehand. Then put it out, wait a bit until it melts and drain the melt water.
    • You should also prepare grapefruit-orange-lemon juice( grapefruit and orange for 900 g, lemon - 200 g) and dilute the juice with the same amount of pre-cooked water.
    • Before cleansing it is necessary to make an enema and drink a solution prepared from a tablespoon of Glauber's salt on a glass of water.
    • After that, you need to warm up the body well by taking a hot shower.
    • Then you should drink a glass of juice, then drink half the glass every half hour until the mixture is finished.
    • The specified sequence of actions should be repeated for three days.

    Purification of lymph by Walker should be conducted no more than once a year.

    Purification of lymph on Butakova: reviews

    Lydia, 33 years old:

    "My friend told me about the method of purifying lymph by Butakova. And so I, too, decided to carry out the purification procedure. I did everything according to the instructions I found on the Internet. After finishing the course of cleansing, I noticed that my skin improved and my blood pressure returned to normal. I advise everyone this method! "

    Catherine, 29 years:

    " Purification of lymph on Butakova became for me a real discovery. Thanks to Butakova's recommendations, I was able to get rid of a chronic cough that bothered me for many years. After receiving a positive result, I advised this method to my father, who has long been concerned about headaches. Now he is grateful to me, as he was able to get rid of this problem ".

    Purification of lymph by Walker: feedback

    Yana, 22 years old:

    "The method of cleansing the lymph that Walker suggested, I think is very effective, as I tried it personally. I did everything according to the instructions. I noticed that my skin was cleaner. Besides, I forgot what the autumn cold is. I recommend this method to everyone. "