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    The harm of fast food is proved by doctors and leads to obesity and illnesses

    The word fast food is translated from English( fast fud - fast food) means a class of instant dishes that are prepared,most often, "in front of" the buyer.

    Fast food: benefit or harm ^

    Modern fast food( fast food) has its history since 1921.It was then in Kansas, USA, the company White Castle appeared, the specialty of which was a hamburger - a dish that was unusual at that time.

    The food was delicious and consistently cheap, until 1946 the hamburger cost 5 cents. Some people even then began to wonder if the fast food was harmful to health, because such food was a novelty in those days.

    And, in order to finally dissuade all doubting adherents of homemade food in the danger of fast food, and to attract them to their establishment, the owner of the company came up with an original marketing move. He hired several young people in the gowns of doctors who ate lunch every day at his restaurant. And people have lost their last doubts - even if doctors are eating such food, then the product is useful.

    In the USSR, fast food first appeared in 1990 in Moscow, where for the first day of its work the restaurant workers served about 30 thousand people, and the queue of those wishing to try the "American miracle" stretched for several kilometers.

    Nowadays, fast food and other places like fast food literally fill the streets of modern cities and enjoy incredible popularity. Hamburgers and hot dogs are the most popular lunch for students and schoolchildren due to the fact that these products are delicious, quickly prepared and not too expensive.

    But not everything is as rosy as it seems at first glance:

    • The harm of fast food is very high, and its products are enemies of the digestive system, as they relate to unhealthy food.
    • Of course, if you eat one hamburger a month, then it will not bring much harm to the body.
    • But if you make fast food regular, as it is ubiquitous in America, obesity and other problems can not be avoided.

    Americans, whose food fast food has become the norm of life since childhood, are a clear example of the harmfulness of such food. More than 50 million people in the US are obese, the average person weighs about 100 kilograms. Especially it is harmful to the growing child's body.

    First Lady of America Michelle Obama, extremely concerned about this state of affairs, announced the fight to fast food, calling them the main culprits for the development of obesity in children. She urged society to actively help her in the implementation of the program to combat the obesity of the nation.

    In her opinion, parents should forbid their children to eat in restaurants and fast food cafe, since the habit of improper nutrition is laid down from childhood and retraining a person will then be much more difficult.

    The harm of fast food ^

    Fast food is bad for people's health

    The harm of fast food: the food is too high in calories

    The assortment of fast food products consists of high-calorie dishes, which contain a lot of fats and sugar and little useful substances and vitamins necessary for the body.

    • Traditional dinner in a similar institution, usually consisting of a sandwich, salad, cocktail and French fries, contains more than 1500 kilocalories, which is almost a daily norm for a person with a sedentary lifestyle.

    Fast food products contain a lot of fats

    In addition, the big drawback of these dishes is that:

    • they contain too much saturated animal fats, which create a heavy load on the liver,
    • promote hypertension,
    • obstruction of the vessels and the occurrence of cholesterol plaques in them.

    In order to save money, fast food establishments use cheap fat substitutes - margarines, which are especially dangerous because they contain trans fats, which are very dangerous for the heart and even cause, according to some information, cancer.

    According to the WHO, the safe use of trans fats for humans is not more than 1% of the total diet, while a serving of French fries contains 30-40% of these fats.

    The harm of fast food: many fast carbohydrates, little fiber and protein

    The cunningness of fast food is also that it is saturated with fast carbohydrates and fats, but is very poor in fiber, which keeps the feeling of satiety. Therefore, a couple of hours after such a seemingly dense dinner, you will again feel hungry.

    Fast food is extremely poor in protein, necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Having eaten a traditional sandwich, you will get only 9 grams of protein, whereas the required amount should be about 100 grams a day for a person.

    Fast food contributes to overeating

    Visiting fast food contributes to overeating, because the offered standard portions are already too high, and any marketing tricks of the type "double", "premium" and other increased portions lead to the fact that visitors eat much more than they were going to.

    About why it is harmful to overeat, for what it is necessary to arrange rest to an organism from meal and about advantage of one-day starvation read in article.

    We recommend that you read the recommendations of the English diet, based on the use of only "healthy" foods and the alternation of protein - vegetable days.

    The harm of fast food: a lot of sugar

    Especially it is necessary to emphasize the danger of drinking carbonated drinks:

    • First, sweet sodas and cocktails contain too much sugar, for example in a can of ordinary soda, about 6 teaspoons, which is the daily sugar norm for men. Women in the day should not eat more than 4 spoons, children - only 1 spoonful. It is well known that an excess of sugar in the diet inevitably leads to obesity and the appearance of symptoms of diabetes mellitus.
    • Secondly, carbonated drinks are very harmful for the reason that they are diuretics, thereby causing dehydration of the body, leading gradually to many diseases. In order to be healthy, a person should drink enough ordinary water, rather than sweet soda.

    About how much water per day people need to drink, what diseases are caused by insufficient intake, about the dangers of dehydration and about the serious diseases it provokes( increased hemoglobin, blood clotting, increased platelet count in blood and blood clots),read the article on our website.

    Fastfood causes vitamin deficiency

    Because of the low nutritional value of fast food, a person who regularly feeds on it develops avitaminosis and other concomitant diseases, metabolism is broken, obesity and diabetes develop.

    The harm of fast food has long been proven by scientists and doctors, so if you want to keep your figure and health, minimize the visits to cafes and fast food restaurants, giving preference to healthy home-made foods.