What are harmful chips and crackers - the harm of chips and crackers

  • What are harmful chips and crackers - the harm of chips and crackers

    Chips and croutons are a favorite snack for beer, a light snack or even a full dinner. However, those people who eat them simply in an incredible amount every day, do not think at all what damage they are doing to their own organism. Especially big fans of such products are children, for whom the main criterion in the choice of food is its taste. Let's see, what are the harmful chips and crunches?

    Large amount of fat

    Excess fat

    Snacks are made by roasting potatoes or bread in vegetable oil. And this oil can be used repeatedly. Thus, both crackers and chips become very dangerous, as they are saturated with various carcinogens that can cause cancer. Useful substances, on the contrary, simply evaporate from the hot temperature.

    Please note! Fatty oil settles on the walls of your blood vessels in the form of plaques, there is a risk of obesity, diabetes, there are problems with metabolism, the work of the stomach and intestines is disrupted.

    Swedish scientists have identified in a number of snacks dangerous carcinogens, for example, acrylamide, which significantly harms the entire nervous system, as well as causes genetic mutations and tumors of the abdominal cavity.

    Food additives

    A pleasant taste and appetizing aroma of snacks are added not by natural ingredients, but by the latest developments in the chemical industry. All kinds of food additives can give any product a bright smell and taste of cheese, cold, bacon, greens, garlic, red caviar or salmon. Although there are no such components at all. The most popular among the producers is the well-known taste enhancer glutamate sodium, which is found today everywhere. This chemical can be addictive because of its vivid taste.

    Please note! Especially great danger it hides for children who are not yet able to distinguish useful products from dangerous ones.

    The fact that in 2007 the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation banned the sale of similar goodies in school cafeterias can also speak about the dangers of chips, as the number of children suffering from excess weight and health problems has significantly increased in recent years. Many of them develop a very serious allergy to the ingredients of these products. A significant contribution to the deterioration of children's health was made by the uncontrolled consumption of chips and croutons by children.

    Surplus salt

    Chips and croutons are products with a very high salt content. Its excess quantity has a significant negative impact on the human body.

    Please note! Salt can cause heart and vascular disease, impaired bone growth in childhood, increased blood pressure, obesity and fluid retention.

    Special harm is caused by regular consumption of food of similar products.

    Original products

    Potato flakes

    Many people mistakenly assume that the chips are made from thin slices of natural potatoes. Maybe a small percentage of these snacks and can boast of such a correct technology and recipe, but most of these products are made from potato flour or potato flakes, which are obtained by chemical production. And this does not speak at all about their positive properties.

    The benefits and harm of chips and crackers have not yet been studied properly, since they appeared on our tables relatively recently . To consume or not to eat them is up to you. However, try to do this deliberately and not too often, then the damage to the body will be minimal, and you can enjoy their taste without feeling remorse and health problems.