• Mushrooms of Eringa

    The white steppe mushroom, which is also called the royal oyster mushroom, steppe fungus or French horn, is edible and is a part of the Pleurotus family. The name of "Yeringa" is due to the fact that in nature it can be found together with a windmill( the full name of the plant is Eryngium Campestre).

    The main places of growth of the white steppe mushroom are the territories of such countries as the Middle East, the Mediterranean and North Africa. Not so long ago, he appeared in Japan, Korea and other countries that make up Southeast Asia.

    The sizes of the white steppe fungus entering the supermarket shelves vary from 5 to 20 centimeters or more( the diameter of the foot of this fungus can be up to 8 cm).The resemblance of Ering and Oyster is indisputable, but several differences can still be distinguished. The first has a pleasant mushroom flavor and a more elastic cartilaginous structure.

    Useful properties of

    In the fungi of Earing you can find many vitamins, minerals, biologically active substances. This allows the most favorable effect on the work of internal organs, cleanse and rejuvenate the body, normalize the work of internal organs, positively affect the condition of the skin, nails and hair. Low calorie level makes this product the most preferable option for organizing a diet, and a large number of enzymes improves the digestive system.

    No less important characteristic is the fact that fungi can not be poisoned - the nature itself protected it from the accumulation of substances that have a negative effect on the body. The only caveat is the restriction in baby food. Fungi of Eringa, like any other fungus, contain chitin, with the assimilation of which it is very difficult to cope with the child's organism, therefore, it will be much better if the digestive system under 12 years is not subjected to such loads.

    Еринги remove from the body salts of heavy metals, increase immunity and even are able to compete with oncological disease. In the mushrooms of eringa, there are amino acids and calcium, which allow them to be placed on one level with meat or milk. Due to their regular use, you can lower cholesterol, normalize heart rate and blood pressure, and increase resistance to infectious diseases. This product has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, immunostimulating and tonic effect.

    Ways of preparation

    Features of preparation

    Both hats and legs of mushrooms are subject to consumption. All parts of the fungus have a wonderful taste and aroma. There are several specific uses for cooking purposes:

    1. You can only use a young oyster mushroom( no more than 10 cm).
    2. Mushroom can be eaten even raw, for example, by adding it to salads.
    3. You can use both fresh and dried mushrooms.
    Please note! After heat treatment, the eringi loses only 5% of the total amount of biologically active substances, when in the remaining fungi the value of this index reaches 50%.

    Stewed, boiled or fried fats can be used during the preparation of a wide variety of foods: first and second vegetable and meat dishes, semi-finished products, and also salads based on vegetables and fruits. Such a high level of versatility in the use of fats in cooking explains the excellent compatibility of these fungi with virtually all food products. All this thanks to a neutral flavor and refined sweetish taste.

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