• Excess weight in pregnancy - overweight in pregnancy

    Which woman does not dream of having a baby and still be graceful and slim as before pregnancy? Did you know that in the near future you will become a mother? Congratulations from the bottom of the heart! It will be only 9 months, and the most real miracle will happen - your long-awaited baby will be born.

    In anticipation of the baby, many mothers are visited by anxious thoughts: how can one not gain weight during the pregnancy without the help of diets and fasting days?

    Let's talk about the norms of

    What is the optimal weight gain?

    For a woman with a normal "pre-pregnant" weight, the optimum is an increase from 8 to 14 kilograms.

    For women with a small excess weight, an increase of 7-9 kg is allowed.

    For women with obesity, weight gain should not exceed 5-6 kg.

    But do not worry if you do not fit into these norms. All women are different and the organism is different. Small deviations are not terrible. But if your increase is much higher or lower than the average, then this is an excuse to consult with specialists.

    What should be an increase in the ideal?

    What should be an increase in the ideal

    For women with normal body weight bearing the first-born:

    • 0 to 10 weeks - about 200 grams per month
    • 10 to 20 weeks - about 300 grams per week
    • From 20 to 30 weeks - about400 grams per week
    • From 30 weeks and until delivery - about 300 grams per week

    In thin women, the weight gain should be:

    • In the first trimester - approximately 800 grams
    • In the second trimester - about 2.4 kg
    • In the third trimester -about 2 kilograms of

    To women with excess weightdit of the addition is necessary to very carefully. For them, the recommendations are as follows:

    • In the first trimester - 0.3 kg per month
    • In the second trimester - 0.3 kg per week
    • In the third trimester - 0,2 kg per week

    For women with multiple pregnancies, an increase of 16-20 kilograms( regardless of the original weight) is considered normal.

    Why does a woman gain weight during pregnancy?

    Pregnancy is a tremendous restructuring of the mother's body. Just imagine that during pregnancy the volume of the mother's blood increases by about 50%, which is 1.5-2 kilograms. By the end of pregnancy, the uterus weighs about 1 kilogram, the placenta is about 500 grams, the amniotic fluid about 1 kilogram, the breast increases by about 500 grams, the water that the women's body cells hold up is 1.5-2 kilograms. Of course, the fetus itself is 2.5-4 kilograms. In addition to all the stores of fat - 3-4( or even more) kilograms. As we see, not all kilos are superfluous.3-4 kg of fat deposits is normal during pregnancy. After all, the mother's body needs to stock up on extra calories for later breastfeeding. But what exceeds 3-4 kg - this is the surplus, which the pregnant woman does not need at all.

    Than excess weight during pregnancy is dangerous?

    Than excess weight is dangerous during pregnancy

    We all know that excess weight is harmful to the human body. During pregnancy, the excess body weight of the mother can harm not only herself, but also her unborn baby.

    What is the danger for the mother:

    • First of all, large increases in weight provoke a violation of the functions of the nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine system. There is an additional burden on the legs, in connection with which many women develop varicose veins. The spine and internal organs are also not sweet.
    • Secondly, there is a risk of earning a whole bunch of different diseases. The cause of hypertension, diabetes, late toxicosis is just overweight.
    • Third, the probability of miscarriage or premature birth increases. If a woman is given a cesarean section, then doctors because of her thick layer of abdominal fat are much harder to get to the fetus.

    What is the danger for the baby:

    • Often a child suffers from a lack of oxygen.
    • Feeding nutrients is also difficult.
    • There is a risk of developing various neurological diseases, convulsive syndrome and even heart disease.

    What to do if your weight during pregnancy is far from normal?

    Proper nutrition is necessary during pregnancy

    During pregnancy it is very useful:

    Begin to keep a schedule of gain in weight. To do this, you need to weigh and record the results every week, on the same day. Perhaps this will help you better control yourself.

    Start eating correctly. Prefer skimmed milk products, lean meats, vegetables, fruits, sea fish and cereals. Exclude from the diet fried and smoked food, carbonated drinks. If possible, give up mayonnaise and sweet desserts. Store packaged juice juices from fresh fruit, mineral water without gas, compote from dried fruits or broth of wild rose.

    Start taking special vitamins for pregnant women. Although before this you need to consult your gynecologist.

    Extremely undesirable:

    Sitting on any kind of diets or doing unloading days. Remember that now you two, and the baby in the stomach needs a constant supply of nutrients.

    To lead a sedentary lifestyle. Do not feel sorry for yourself! Move more, sign up for a swim or a fitness group for pregnant women. Moderate physical activity will not harm you or your baby.

    Eat any alcoholic beverages. It happens that some women during pregnancy uncontrollably want to drink a glass of wine or beer. Do not indulge all of your "pregnant whims."After all, nobody canceled the harmful effects of alcohol.

    Abuse pickles. Salt, holding water in the body, can contribute to the appearance of edema.

    Eat as it is. Get used to eating at the same time.

    To quickly get rid of extra pounds, take the rule of following these recommendations and after giving birth. More often wear a baby in your arms, walk for a long time in the fresh air( during walks you can occasionally wear a baby in a sling, this will create additional stress for your body), and then your figure will again be the same as 9 months ago.

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