• How to quickly recover a girl( at home)

    It is generally believed that the main problem of modern women is overweight, which is very difficult to get rid of without harm to health. However, in addition, there is a contingent of people who do not want to lose weight, but, on the contrary, they want to increase their volumes as soon as possible. Of course, the percentage of such women is much smaller, but this does not detract from the problem.

    In order to understand how quickly to recover a girl, first of all it is necessary to undergo a full medical examination. After all, excessive leanness often indicates the presence of any diseases. And only if your tests do not confirm this suspicion, you can safely use special diets that allow you to quickly gain weight and become more feminine.

    So, let's consider in more detail how to quickly recover a girl, and what consequences can arise from a sharp set of weight.

    Vitamins for the
    • figure Before you start to recover, you need to be clearly aware that this process should be based on a healthy and high-calorie diet, and not cause even more harm. After eating fatty foods, fast food and easily digestible carbohydrates, you will never become the owner of feminine forms. This is due to the fact that these ingredients contribute only to the development of diseases of the digestive system( stomach, gall bladder, duodenum, liver, pancreas, etc.).That is why, as a diet, you need to choose a varied and balanced menu that contains many nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.
    Separate power supply
    • To ensure that all consumed products are well absorbed, it is recommended to adhere to separate power supply. In other words, carbohydrate dishes are undesirable to use with protein ingredients and vice versa. In this regard, it is necessary to clearly understand that hamburgers, sandwiches and potato side dishes with meat for you are banned. Thus, you can avoid weight in the stomach, as well as constipation and other troubles associated with the digestive tract. It is also worth noting that it is extremely important to eat food that has been cooked with quenching, cooking or steam processing. This cooking preserves in the foods more nutrients and vitamins, which means that your body will be better and faster to absorb the consumed meals.
    • Do not give preference to only one useful element( fat, carbohydrates or proteins).After all, for a full-fledged diet all the substances are needed. Complex carbohydrates will give you a lot of energy, proteins will help build muscle, and fats will affect your figure.
    Thick breakfast
    • In order to recover, you should carefully monitor the diet. Thus, it is recommended to sit at the dining table at the same time. Breakfast should be the most saturated and nutritious of all subsequent meals. At lunch it is desirable to eat protein food, well, and for dinner leave the lightest vegetable dishes. It is also worth noting that for weight gain it is desirable not to limit yourself to only three meals a day. After all, the amount of calories in your case should be about 3000-3500 units. Only in this case you will achieve magnificent forms.
    • As snacks, it is not necessary to use only fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Of course, these products should be present in your daily menu. However, for the increase of kilograms, it is recommended to use a variety of cereals in milk with the addition of a piece of butter. From fruits you can lean on bananas, grapes, pomegranate, etc. And from vegetables it is desirable to use more often boiled potatoes, carrots, beets, etc. These products contain a lot of starch and a large amount of carbohydrates, which allows you to quickly gain excess weight.
    Consequences of sudden weight gain
    • Most women mistakenly believe that for weight gain, it is only necessary to eat and move very little. However, this is fundamentally wrong, since such amateurism, if it leads you to fullness, very soon you will want to get rid of it. After all, with a sedentary lifestyle, your body becomes flabby, jelly-like and ugly. Agree, this is not the kind of figure you dreamed of, absorbing large meals. Thus, in order to achieve ideal forms, it is necessary not only to eat properly, but also actively engage in sports. As such, you can use daily running, walking, swimming, aerobics, fitness, cycling, etc. The presented sports will pull up your body, and at the same time will give it the desired volume in the form of relief and beautiful muscles. But it is worth noting that for an effective result, such classes should be held at least four or five times a week for two hours.