What you can not eat when losing weight - foods that interfere with weight loss

  • What you can not eat when losing weight - foods that interfere with weight loss

    Many girls who decided to start struggling with extra pounds, necessarily the idea that there are products that definitely interfere with this process.

    This fear is not unfounded, since even a very meager diet can contain an "enemy" of losing weight.

    About forbidden products

    Many girls want to lose weight, but not everyone knows that you can not eat when losing weight.

    List of high calorie foods:

    1. Sugar is a product that is fastest converted into fat. The use of sugar will never allow achieving such a result as a thin waist.
    2. Juices and sweet fizzy drinks. This liquid is a high-calorie, and there is no quenching of hunger as a result of consumption, i.e.you simply increase the daily number of calories.
    3. Dairy products for which a high fat content is characteristic. Kefir or milk, in which the standard fat content is hidden, should be replaced by one-percent or fat-free.
    4. Meat of fatty varieties. Meat is an indispensable source of protein, but when losing weight, it is better to eat a chicken breast than a leg or lean beef than fat pork.
    5. Sweet foods used with tea. Many women drink tea with some sweetness, which can reduce all attempts to lose weight to zero, because every eaten waffle or candy contains a large number of calories.
    6. Mayonnaise, ketchup or other high-calorie sauce, also has high fat content and high calorie content. Their use is strictly not recommended in the fight against excess kilograms.
    7. Fast food Fast food. One hamburger can contain up to 700 calories, which is more than half the daily diet of a girl who decided to lose weight.
    8. Different nuts. They, of course, are very useful for the body, but, besides, they are very fatty product, which significantly slows down or stops the process of losing weight.
    9. Dried fruits are very useful, but also a high-calorie product that can be consumed during a diet, but very limited.
    10. Various flour products. In pancakes, cakes, bread and other similar products in large quantities contain simple carbohydrates, rapidly turning into fatty deposits.
    11. Foods high in carbohydrates, as their processing results in sugar. When this dose is received, the body tries to produce more insulin so that the blood sugar level remains within normal limits. After a short amount of time, the body begins to demand a new portion of carbohydrates and, as a result, a vicious circle.
    12. Frozen Vegetables Products that have been frozen. To preserve the freshness of frozen foods for a longer time, manufacturers often use a natural preservative such as sodium, which is characterized by retention of fluid in the body, which inevitably leads to swelling. Consequently, the metabolic processes are slowed down, which considerably delays the desired result from you.
    13. Normal work of the digestive tract is impossible without fiber, on which depends the attainment of a sense of satiety, especially necessary during the maintenance of low-calorie diets. But there is a downside to the coin: the absorption of fiber is a very long process, so excessive use of it can lead to health problems.
    14. Low-fat food. To the use of such products, almost every girl wants to get rid of extra pounds. But when the fat content is reduced, the taste of the product usually deteriorates, so the producer starts adding sugar to improve taste.
    15. Alcohol. The recommendation of any nutritionist never includes alcohol, since any drink or cocktail "with a degree" carries only excess sugar. In alcohol, there is not a single nutrient. In addition, for such beverages, a decrease in will is characteristic, therefore, instead of a light salad, a high-calorie pizza can be eaten. Any alcohol is a toxin, which means that the liver will not process fat, because it will be engaged in detoxification. In general, if you decide to achieve the ideal forms, then hot drinks and noisy parties - this is not what you need!
    Weight Loss Products

    And what foods can be included in the diet? To achieve the desired results will help:

    • skimmed milk products;
    • low-fat meat;
    • any vegetables cooked in any way( except frying);
    • black bread in limited quantities;
    • cereals;
    • fruit.

    To get the ideal figure as a result, you need not only to know the "enemy" in person, but also take into account the amount of food consumed, and also regularly expose the body to physical exertion.


    What you can eat, what you can not eat and how to use prohibited foods to lose weight, see below: