• What is harmful chewing gum - harm chewing gum

    For sure, every citizen of our country at least once, but saw a television movie where beautiful young people advertise a miracle chewing gum that heals all diseases associated with teeth. However, this is just a marketing move by one of the companies, because many people know that getting rid of caries or making your smile snow-white with the help of ordinary chewing gum will not succeed.

    Moreover, many experts claim that such products can be very dangerous for human health. So what is harmful chewing gum, what it causes such a negative on the part of medical workers?

    Five reasons why you should not use chewing gum

    Seizure of seals

    The first reason is the possibility of digestive system diseases. This is due to the fact that during the process of chewing gum, the human brain sends information to the stomach about the need to digest food. But since the food is actually missing, the produced gastric juice begins to affect the walls of the digestive organ, which can subsequently lead to the development of gastritis and even peptic ulcer. It is worth noting that it is especially dangerous to chew this gum on an empty stomach.

    The second reason - the loss of seals. In medical practice, cases are very common when patients complain that chewing gum is chewing, they sometimes have crowns, fillings or other implants. This fact is not surprising at all, because such a product has a specific structure that can very strongly adhere to the teeth, thereby ripping out the existing fillings.

    Incorrect bite of

    The third reason is an incorrect bite. As you know, the most ardent fans of chewing gum are children. But in fact at an early age there is a formation of a teeth and an oral cavity as a whole. And if the child regularly uses this chewing product, then there is a high probability that in the future he will develop an incorrect bite that can lead to health problems.
    The fourth reason is the development of caries. Despite the paradoxicality of the situation, it is the chewing gum that causes caries. After all, so that consumers enjoy chewing, manufacturers add a large amount of sweeteners( sorbitol, xylitol) to their products. In addition, getting into the body, such synthetic components adversely affect the work of the kidneys, heart, vessels and liver.

    Flavors and preservatives

    The fifth reason - the presence of flavors and preservatives. In order to understand what is harmful chewing gum, just look at the list of harmful components that are part of this product.

    As a rule, all manufacturers of ruminant products include the following preservatives in their products:

    • E 422 - stabilizer( glycerol).This substance has toxic properties that can cause various blood diseases.
    • E 320 is an antioxidant( butyl hydroxy anisole).Such an additive significantly increases cholesterol in the blood, and also significantly disrupts the work of all digestive organs.
    • Е 330 - acid( citric acid).With regular use, this substance can cause serious blood diseases.
    • Xylitol or sorbitol. These components are regular sugar substitutes, which possess a laxative property, and can also disrupt the digestive system.

    It is also worth noting that, in addition to negative qualities, chewing gum also has positive aspects. For example, chewing it right after eating, it cleans the surface of the tooth thoroughly from food particles, promotes significant production of gastric juice, which helps the food to digest faster, and also freshens breath.