• How to remove excess water from the body( at home)

    For sure, many people are familiar with this situation, when in the morning on the face there are quite strong swelling, which take place only by noon, and even by evening. It is generally accepted that this state of affairs is quite normal for the human body. And this is true, but only if you have consumed too much alcohol, salinities, marinades and other spices that directly contribute to fluid retention in the body. However, if you did not get carried away with anything like that, puffiness may indicate some deviations in the body.

    Very often, the causes of puffiness can be diseases of the kidneys, blood vessels, heart, and other organs, as well as menstruation in women, during which not only individual parts of the face grow larger, but also hands, fingers, feet, etc.

    Five reasons why there is swelling

    Replenishment of lack of water in the body

    The first reason is a lack of water in the body. Many people do not even suspect that their body is experiencing a huge fluid deficit. After all, in addition to tea, coffee, juice and other beverages, the body needs to be supplied every day with two liters of ordinary water. The second reason is diuretics and drinks. In the process of consuming diuretics( beer, soda, tea, coffee) the body tries to stock up with moisture in the form of various edemas. The reason is a large amount of salt.

    .Many people know that after taking salted vegetables or food, a person begins to drink a lot. This is due to the fact that the body is specially stocked with water so that excessive amounts of sodium do not affect human health in any way.

    The fourth reason is too active or, conversely, passive work. Reason 5 - too slow metabolism. This cause is also associated with a sedentary lifestyle. After all, almost all the office staff who sit around the table all day complain about the puffiness of the feet very often.

    So as to remove excess water from the body and no longer worry about the fact that your figure is far from imperfect forms.

    Six ways how to get rid of edema

    Saturation of the body with water

    Method one - supply the body with enough water. As paradoxical as it sounds, but in order to get rid of excess water, it must be drunk at least 2 liters per day. Thus, the body will stop "storing" life-giving moisture for a rainy day and soon you will notice how your puffiness disappears right before your eyes.

    The second method is the use of a small amount of salt. If during the observation you realized that the constant swelling on your face you are having as a result of excessive sodium intake, then you just need to reduce its amount.

    It is generally accepted that salt is added to the dishes solely in order to give the products a rich taste. In part this is true, but for this it is only necessary to pour a ready-made dish, rather than saturate all the products in a row.

    As a rule, after a long-term salt-free diet, the person in the shortest possible time displays all the excess fluid from the body, which significantly affects the figure and face. It is worth noting that after such a diet, people begin to get used to eating without sodium and consume it in much smaller quantities.

    Physical Education

    The third method is physical exercises that accelerate the metabolism. As you know, in the process of intensive sports, a person sweats very much, thereby getting rid of not only excess fluid, but also of harmful salts, toxins and toxins. In order to permanently forget about the swelling of the face, hands and feet, you have to exercise every day for one hour.

    The fourth way is fasting days. Many people who often suffer from accumulations of moisture and know how to remove excess water from the body, it is recommended to spend once a week for themselves a day of unloading. During such days it is allowed to consume only one kind of healthy product. It can be low-fat kefir, milk, green tea, natural freshly squeezed juice from any fruit or vegetables, etc.

    Unloading days

    It is also worth noting that it ideally takes liquid out of the body such a delicious and healthy dish as oatmeal. However, these flakes should be prepared exclusively on water without salt and sugar. Method 5 - aqueous procedures with salt. To conduct such relaxing activities, you must fill the bath with warm water and pour 500 grams of salt there. It is desirable to take such procedures for not more than ten minutes.

    Special complex carbohydrate diet

    Method Six - special food. Many experts recommend removing excess fluid from the body with an uncomplicated diet. To do this, increase the intake of complex carbohydrates( fruits, vegetables, cereals), reduce the amount of protein( only lean meat, eggs, fish, dairy products are allowed) and minimize oils and fats.