• Treatment of hyperthyroidism with folk remedies and a diet of the patient

    Since the thyroid gland plays a very important role in our body due to the hormones it produces, the entire body suffers from its disease. There are several varieties of her disease, so it is important to determine how the thyroid gland functions. In cases where there is hyperthyroidism - treatment with folk remedies helps reduce the manifestations of the disease and reduce the drug load on the body.

    Hyperthyroidism develops in people in whom excessive formation of thyroid hormones is observed, and this causes an additional strain on all systems and organs, since receptors that take thyroid hormones are present on all cells of the body. In our time there are three forms of thyrotoxicosis. This disease is usually associated with excessive secretion of the thyroid gland, it also often occurs due to tumors and inflammatory processes. This reduces weight, there is dry skin, rapid fatigue and frequent changes in mood. Many people are interested in the question of whether hyperthyroidism can be cured.

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    Nutrition for hyperthyroidism

    Proper nutrition in the treatment of this common pathology is not the least. It is necessary to eat in small portions, but often. Try not to skip meals, because this will only increase weakness and irritation. Food should be high-calorie and provide the body with energy in particular, if there is a decrease in body weight. Virtually in all cases, the energy value of the proposed diet should be 25% more than it should in accordance with age or professional standards.

    In order to reduce the level of hormones in the blood, in most cases it is necessary to prescribe drugs that suppress their products, or affect the central link of regulation. In this case, you can use folk treatment for thyroid hyperthyroidism.

    Traditional medicine recipes used to treat hyperthyroidism

    Recovery of calcium level

    With the development of hyperthyroidism, calcium is excreted from the body in an increased amount - calcium to restore its level, it is necessary to use the following recipes.

    Method 1

    You need to take a little white wine( 100 g) and glycerophosphate tablets( 10 pcs.)

    How to Cook: Dissolve the tablets in wine and let it sit for 24 hours.

    How to use: For three weeks to 3 tbsp.l.after eating 3 times a day.

    Method 2

    You need to take red wine( 50 g) and calcium gluconate tablets( 10 pcs.).

    How to Cook: You need to grind the tablets and mix with the wine.

    How to apply: The course of admission 3 weeks, you need to use 1 tbsp.l.3 times a day shortly before meals.

    Drugs that suppress the production of hormones

    For the treatment of thyroid hyperthyroidism, you can use folk methods, including tinctures of berries on vodka.

    It takes 0.5 liters.vodka and berries cranberries and blueberry marsh for 20 g.

    How to cook: Berries must be crushed and poured vodka, let it brew for 6 days in a cool and dark place, then drain.

    How to use: Within 1 month, use one art.l.a few minutes after eating. Then break in 15 days, after which repeat the application during the same time and again break. Treatment lasts six months.

    For the treatment of hyperthyroidism, folk remedies recommend the administration of a balsam prepared according to the following recipe.

    You need to take vodka( 250 g), blueberries and dogrose 20 g each, and dandelion leaves( 10 g).

    How to Cook: Stretch the berries and cut the leaves, mix everything and pour the vodka. Then close the lid and insist in a cool, dark place for seven days.

    How to use: Take 7 tsp for 7 days.previously diluted in a glass of water three times a day. Then take a break for seven days and repeat the appointment for the same time.

    In hyperthyroidism, you can also take the following tincture.

    You need to take vodka( 250 g), ginseng dry grass( 10 g) and flaxseed oil( 200 g).

    How to cook: Ginseng chop and mix with butter, then pour vodka. To insist it is necessary in the bank with the lid closed for 7 days in a cool dark place, and then filter.

    How to use: Take for 15 days, 2 times a day for 1 tsp.washing down 0.5 cups of water( boiled) an hour before eating. After that, the break is 10 days, and then back again at the same time.

    To treat thyroid disorders, including hidden hyperthyroidism, you can use this tincture.

    You need to take 0.5 liters of vodka, blueberry leaves( 10 g), chicory root and bean pods by 20 g, 1 bay leaf.

    How to cook: Grind the collection and pour the vodka, then let it brew in a cool dark place for 5 days. Then strain.

    How to use: for 10 days take one st.l.with water( 100 g), three times a day. After this, take a break for five days, and repeat the application for another 10 days.

    With hyperthyroidism, people are increasingly thinking about treatment with folk remedies, and not for nothing, because they have fairly good efficacy. The use of proven drugs from the arsenal of traditional medicine helps the body to obtain the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body to regulate accelerated metabolic processes, and in some cases to reduce the dose of medications prescribed by an endocrinologist. It is important to correct therapy only under the supervision of a doctor - self-medication is unacceptable, and can cause serious complications.

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