• Diabetes mellitus - non-traditional treatment and traditional medicine

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    Diabetes develops because of the absolute or relative lack of an insulin hormone. Because of this, the body begins to disturb the carbohydrate metabolism, and then a whole chain of various disorders associated with the metabolism.

    Diabetes is divided into two types - insulin-dependent( 1 species) and insulin-independent( 2 species).Thus, the treatment of diabetes depends on its type. But the main goal of treatment of any kind is to reduce the sugar content in the blood, restore all exchanges in the body, prevent the development of complications.

    General recommendations of

    So, the method of treatment of type 1 diabetes is insulin injections. It works as well as insulin produced by the body on its own. The diet with this type of diabetes will not significantly improve, but it will be able to support the basic metabolic processes in the body, and it will not lead to complications. Also, the body can be maintained by physical exertion.

    To treat type 2 diabetes, you need to take hypoglycemic drugs, and sometimes you can get by by simply following a diet. Thus, treatment of diabetes without insulin is possible only with type 2 disease.

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    Let's return to the diet. It is the basis of treatment. Each patient should always calculate the number of calories in the diet, the content of carbohydrates, fats, proteins. Do not forget about physical exertion, which should be moderate. Due to such loads, the blood sugar content is significantly reduced. Drug treatment of diabetes is only used if a change in lifestyle, diet, exercise does not work. Such treatment includes drugs for the treatment of this disease, which aims to reduce sugar, as well as the production of insulin in the pancreas.

    Modern treatment - is it effective?

    But medicine does not stand still. To date, there are modern methods of treating diabetes. For example, the use of such a method as extracorporal hemocorrection. This method allows you to maximize the function of the vascular wall, and also rid the body of such substances that cause the development of diabetic vascular and nerve damage.

    Extracorporal hemocorrection is treated even when conservative treatment no longer yields the desired results. Also with the help of this modern technology, it became possible to increase the sensitivity of the body to insulin. In addition, treatment of complications of diabetes mellitus is also possible due to extracorporal hemocorrection. To stop the development of complications, a two-week course is sufficient.

    Nontraditional therapies

    Methods of treating diabetes are quite diverse. Let's look at some of them.

    It is possible and even necessary to add mineral supplements. Chromium should be taken, since it is able to control diabetes. Further - magnesium. If it is not enough in the body. Then in this case complications develop in diabetes, as well as a shortage of insulin. Additives with magnesium will help control the amount of sugar. Vanadium is able to increase sensitivity to insulin.

    For patients with type 2 diabetes, one should consume buckwheat, green vegetables and, in particular, broccoli, peas, sage, as well as fenugreek seeds of Greek.

    Often, the disease causes excess weight, so treatment of diabetes should start with the means for losing weight. But make sure that these substances, dietary supplements for weight loss, do not contain a substance such as ephedrine, since it can cause various complications, for example, insomnia, high blood pressure, etc.

    During treatment it is recommended to attend sessions of massage of the abdomen and back( at least 5-7).In addition, it is possible to enroll in a massage of the reflexogenic zones of the foot and the auricles, such a massage will give immediate effect.

    In addition, many are turning to folk medicine. Pay attention to the bitter melon that can improve the health of type 1 diabetes. Silvery gymnastics will help reduce blood sugar. Ginseng is used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, it can increase the sensitivity of the body to insulin, reduce the sugar content. Take a day about 200 mg.

    Homeopathy and diabetes mellitus

    The treatment of diabetes with homeopathy is a fairly safe method, because such treatment does not cause a sharp fluctuation in blood sugar levels. It is not recommended to engage in self-medication, since this method needs the help and advice of a highly qualified doctor. In addition, homeopathy perfectly combines with traditional treatment.

    Preparation of homeopathic medicine. We need Acidum phosphoricum x 3, Arsenic 3, Uranium 3, Creosote 3, Iris x 3, Sicigum x 3. The proportion of the alcoholic mixture is 1 : 1: 1: 1: 1: 1.It should be taken 3 times a day for 30 drops.

    Another version of homeopathic medicine. Requires Solidigas x 3, Kanabis x 3, Equizetum x 3, Hypericum x 3, Vixum Album x 3, Droser x 3. Proportions are exactly the same. Take should be 40 drops, diluted in a glass of water, 2 teaspoons in an hour.

    These medicines take about 6 months, alternating each month of use.

    Possible complications of

    Complications of diabetes can be very different. But the most common complication is swelling of the legs and delivering huge inconveniences. Of course, you can simply prevent the appearance of edema and protect yourself from the negative consequences of this complication.

    Treatment of foot edema in diabetes combines exercise with physical fitness and constant diet, and do not neglect medicamental treatment. In addition, the feet need care, and careful. Every day, make warm foot baths, soften the skin with creams. It is forbidden to walk barefoot, get orthopedic shoes.

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