• Signs and symptoms of latent diabetes mellitus

    Not every modern person takes care of his health condition, and even more so to monitor his blood glucose level and his state of health. It is this negligence in some cases and can be fatal, because sooner or later there can be a situation that will require urgent hospitalization with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.

    Although it seems that the probability of such an outcome of events is relatively small, you do not need to assess the possibility of such a development of events, but you just need to take care of your health. Sometimes the most common ailment can indicate a serious pathology, and what symptoms in diabetes - not everyone knows.

    Hidden( latent) diabetes can be called one of the most dangerous conditions, as it develops imperceptibly for the patient. As is known, the later the disease was diagnosed( regardless of its nature), the more difficult it will be to cure. That is why it is very important for each of us to know the symptoms of latent diabetes, because without it, it can appear at any time unexpectedly.

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    Risk Factors

    There are certain circumstances and risk factors that increase the likelihood of a particular patient developing diabetes.

    • The first risk factor is age. According to statistics, about 80-85% of elderly people already have this disease in a pronounced form or mark symptoms of latent diabetes mellitus.
    • Heredity can also not be excluded, since it has already been proven that it is the genetic predisposition that can influence the development of the disease in the presence of other accompanying provoking factors. Excess weight. As a rule, excess weight arises due to malnutrition and worsens the course of metabolic processes, so the symptoms of diabetes are noted in every 3-4 people with excess weight.
    • In some cases, the pregnancy has an impact on the development of the disease, so at present every pregnant woman must undergo a special examination for the detection of latent diabetes mellitus. If the disease was detected, then a special diet and special control for the entire pregnancy is prescribed.
    • Some viral diseases, such as mumps, can affect pancreatic cells that produce insulin.


    A distinctive feature of this type of diabetes is that it is asymptomatic and without any complaints from the patient. Unfortunately, sick people are not able to recognize the initial symptoms of diabetes, so they usually seek medical help already in a rather serious condition and with a neglected illness. Nevertheless, not everything is so sad, it is still possible to detect latent diabetes.

    The main diagnostic method in this case is GTT, that is, a test for glucose tolerance. The essence of this method of research is that first the patient measures the blood sugar level on an empty stomach, then gives him to drink 75 g of glucose, and after a while( 3 hours) the blood test is repeated. Even with the latent form of diabetes in the human body, some changes begin to occur. If a person is healthy, then natural filters do not release glucose from the body, and if not, it appears in the urine, which makes it possible to investigate diagnosing diabetes by using urine analysis.

    Symptoms of latent diabetes

    However, there are some symptoms and signs that indicate the development of the disease, although the patient himself usually does not pay attention to them. The first sign is peeling and itching of the skin, which is caused by the negative impact of pathogens. Earlier the skin was more protected from their influence, but the glucose is on their side.

    The second symptom is a constant feeling of dry mouth and thirst. Sometimes it's very difficult to get drunk, but it's because of the increased dryness in the premises and the hot summer weather on the street that no one is paying attention to this feature.

    The third sign is weight disorders. Far not always it comes immediately about extra pounds, on the contrary, sometimes the patient first loses weight, and only then gaining weight. In addition, the urge to urinate increases, the appetite only improves, which often leads to confusion, because it is commonly believed that it is a good appetite is a synonym for good health. In fact, these phenomena, as well as unmotivated weakness - the first symptoms of an attack of diabetes. It is not necessary that all these signs manifest simultaneously or in a complex way, only 1 -2 of them may be present or completely absent altogether, but it is worth paying attention to such symptoms.

    The possibilities of modern medicine help to identify the disease at an early stage - in this case, the selection of effective therapy and prevention of complications of diabetes, life-threatening.

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