• What are the causes of low blood sugar?

    Often speech is about high blood sugar. He is very dangerous because he is able to cause diabetes mellitus, as well as other ailments that are complications of this disease( problems with the cardiovascular system, kidneys, eyesight, etc.).But low in not less dangerous for both diabetics and healthy people.

    Low sugar in non-diabetics

    Hypoglycemia is low glucose per person. In people who do not suffer from diabetes, it can occur as a response or on an empty stomach. Also, a low content of can occur as a complication to certain diseases. Especially this state is dangerous for children.

    Fasting low sugar occurs when a person has not eaten for more than eight hours. Many ranks can contribute to this. The use of a large amount of alcohol without adequate snacks, hormonal failure, fasting or eating medicines is meant.

    Response hypoglycemia occurs several hours after eating.the ranks of the low in this category have not yet been fully studied. But, most likely, it points to the early stages of diabetes. Often this condition is observed in people after surgical operations on the stomach or in the abdomen.

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    Also, this condition can occur as a complication of certain diseases. To measure, they include tumors, diseases of the pancreas. During these diseases, the body rises insulin, which leads to hypoglycemia.

    Sometimes, the content in decreases during pregnancy. In general, this is normal. The main thing here is to keep the glucose content at the right level. Also, during frequent diarrhea, certain types of tumors and diseases of the central nervous system, glucose can be drastically reduced. In healthy people this disease is very rare.

    A serious hazard is the low content of a is for newborns. It can lead to serious brain diseases, and in some cases even death. In the first year of life, a deficiency in children can arise due to intolerance to fructose and dairy. This state is provoked to be infant formulas for feed.

    Low sugar in patients with diabetes

    hypoglycemia is very low in both healthy people and in diabetics. If the rate is allowed to be 3.3-5.5 mmol / liter, then the lowered drop below 3.3 mmol / liter. Especially low sugar in people suffering from hypoglycemia is observed in the morning before breakfast.

    It is important to recognize this ailment in its early stages. Because otherwise a person with diabetes mellitus is at risk of falling into a coma. From such a state it is very difficult, almost impossible, to get out. If the medical help does not ripen in time, the patient may die from cerebral edema.

    For what symptoms can low sugar be recognized:

    • Nervousness, weakness and trembling;
    • Headache and dizziness;
    • Blurred vision;
    • Severe perspiration;

    This is important! If you eat something sweet, then all these symptoms of a low in will quickly disappear.

    It happens that a person does not suspect a reduced sugar, and he continues to decline. Then the condition will be accompanied by the following symptoms: inability to concentrate attention, slow speech, anger and crying, unstable state of walking.

    In the most severe forms, signs of a lowered in are nightmares, convulsive stupas, sleepwalking, stroke or even death.

    What will help increase sugar?

    In the described state, it is necessary to immediately supply the body with fast carbohydrates. He wants to eat a spoonful of honey or jam, drink some sweet water, so that the sugar can quickly assimilate. It is also recommended to drink lemonade and eat a piece of biscuit.not very neglected cases the state should improve in a few minutes.

    Not only sugar-boosting foods will help, but also the right diet. You need to eat at least four or five times a day. The intervals between meals of food should not be large, so as not to allow the body to consume all energy. A person who has a low content in the body also needs to increase the amount of calories that he consumes during meals. Especially useful are products that contain omega-3 fatty acids. If the sugar is below normal, you should eat more seafood and cheese, nuts, apples, wheat sprouts. Also on the benefit will go fried fish, vegetable oil and pumpkin seeds.

    What should I refuse?

    But refuse from sweet and flour dishes. They will not help either how to raise sugar in, or how to lower it. It is also recommended to refrain from carbonated drinks and alcohol. The listed products will be lifted sharply, but they will also cause a jump in the opposite direction and lead to the fact that the body will need an impressive dose again.

    Normalize will interfere with coffee and smoking.than, from last vychki in general it is better to get rid, and coffee to drink in the minimum quantities.

    The best for any person who cares about their health and about the normalization of glucose in is not starvation, but the correct rational nutrition. It just does not help, and in some cases even harm, I eat homogeneous food. With food, all the necessary vitamins and microelements, the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats must enter the body. Then many complications with health, including, with regards to, can be successfully avoided.

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