• That it is impossible at glaucoma: live with caution

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    After the diagnosis of "Glaucoma" the life of a person changes. Now all efforts of both the doctor and the patient are directed to preventing the disease from progressing and to postpone unpleasant complications. In this case, treatment alone is not enough, you need to reconsider your habits, nutrition, daily routine.

    At the first unpleasant sensations in the eyes, headache or fatigue, you should rest and take prescribed medications. The disease requires the patient to make regular visits to the ophthalmologist. In order not to miss the time of burying the eyes, it is recommended to keep a diary and even use an alarm clock - it will help not get out of the schedule set by the doctor.

    As a rule, patients are well aware of what they should do to maintain health, but that's not the case with glaucoma, unfortunately, not everyone knows.

    Liquid intake

    Do not consume a lot of liquid for a short period of time. The optimal dose is 1 glass, not more. For a day, the permissible amount is about a liter. The concept of fluid is not just water, it includes the first dishes, tea, coffee, milk, jelly, yogurt. Therefore, the most correct is the first time to conduct a notebook in which you should note everything that was drunk a day.

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    As for alcoholic beverages, strong alcohol is prohibited, and white or red wine is allowed in small quantities. Alcohol in large doses has a toxic effect on neurons and leads to the gradual death of the optic nerve and retina.


    In general, the food does not change much, but it is recommended to exclude smoked, salted and fried foods from the diet.

    With excess weight prescribed diet, aimed at losing weight. In this case, you should reduce the consumption of sweet, flour, include in the diet of dairy products, vegetables and fruits. In the daily menu, preference should be given to plant products cooked steamed, baked or stewed. Meat dishes are also better to eat boiled or baked. The general principle in nutrition is this - more vitamins and trace elements, less carbohydrates and fats.


    Visual loads are not contraindicated, but care must be taken to ensure that the head is not in the lowered state for a long time. Reading, writing, sewing are all quite acceptable activities, the main condition is sufficient lighting of the workplace, because a small amount of light can cause a sharp increase in intraocular pressure and provoke an attack. For these reasons, long stay in a darkened room is also undesirable.

    If the work is associated with frequent disturbances and stressful situations, it is recommended to replace it with a calmer psycho-emotional one. After all, stress is one of the main factors in the development of an attack of pain and increased intraocular pressure.

    Cleaning of premises, washing floors, washing clothes must not be done manually, but with the help of special equipment - vacuum cleaners, mops, etc. The prohibition of a low position of the head also acts in this case.

    When working in the garden or garden in addition to low inclines, it is forbidden to lift weights and stay without a hat. When the head overheats, there is a strong expansion of the blood vessels, and the likelihood of increased pressure in the eye increases many times. Raising a large weight leads to an increase in intra-abdominal pressure, which inevitably entails a jump in intraocular pressure. But light garden and planting works are possible if you sit on a low bench and watering with a hose. Easy physical exercise is not only not prohibited, it is welcomed.

    On sunny days it is recommended to wear glasses with green glasses - according to many doctors, green light reduces intraocular and blood pressure. But glasses with dark glasses can not be worn.


    Physical exercises in glaucoma, as well as general strengthening exercises, gymnastics, yoga, fitness, swimming, skiing in moderate amounts have a beneficial effect on the body, maintain a tone and increase the body's resistance to infections, especially during the winter epidemics.

    As for scuba diving, it is possible, but at shallow depths and without scuba, naturally in the absence of signs of decompensation.

    Rest and sleep

    When watching TV or working with a computer, it is strictly forbidden to stay in a dark room. When watching movies in theaters before the session, you need to drip your eyes with drops that the patient uses during the day.

    Saunas are not prohibited, but they must be strictly dosed, in which case they are useful and to some extent improve vision.

    Smoking is strictly prohibited, nicotine has an extremely negative effect on the optic nerve and leads to a sharp deterioration in the condition of the visual analyzer.

    Those people who are fond of music, it is necessary to remember that the play on wind instruments is contraindicated to them, otherwise there are no restrictions.

    The bedroom does not recommend dense, dark curtains, which interfere with the penetration of sunlight. Do not use small, low pillows, keep your head in a raised position. If you do not like sleeping on high pillows, you can buy a bed with a raised head end.

    And the last. When visiting doctors of related specialties, they must be made aware of the presence of glaucoma, since all preparations containing atropine are contraindicated with it. It dilates the pupil and can lead to an acute attack.

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