• Effective exercises for the eyes with myopia

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    Continuous work on the computer does not pass without a trace for our eyes: more and more often there is a feeling of fatigue, tension and tension in the eyes.

    We bring to your attention exercises for the eyes with myopia, designed to change the situation for the better. The specialists confirmed that the vision formed during the evolutionary development turned out to be incapable of regular and prolonged work at the computer.

    What exercises are useful for the eyes?

    The term "computer vision syndrome" has become popular in ophthalmic circles, leading to the development of myopia, decreased visual acuity, burning. Today even myopia in children is not a rare phenomenon, because many of them are desperate lovers of computer games.

    Try to limit the time of spending your baby at the computer - everything is good in moderation, dosed. If you have been diagnosed with myopia, it's too late to find out why, it's better to start treatment right away.

    Combating accumulated fatigue should be comprehensive and effective, otherwise vision will deteriorate;gymnastics for the eyes with myopia is designed specifically to ensure that a progressive disease does not poison your life.

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    Remember: exercise complexes are not a panacea, you should carefully follow the instructions and at least twice a day perform everything strictly according to the order.

    Gymnastics for eyes with shortsightedness - faithful assistant
    You should not wait for results after a week of lessons, charging for eyes with myopia should be done regularly, only in this case, restoration and preservation of vision are possible.

    Myopia is really treated, for this purpose and by qualified specialists, and exercises were developed for myopia. So, if on the horizon already looms nearsightedness - the treatment is found!

    However, it directly depends on the patient's perseverance and patience. Special exercises for the eyes with myopia are of great importance in vision correction.

    Be persistent and persistent, because the restoration of vision is a fairly long process, the result of which is worth the time and energy costs.

    Effective charging for eyes with shortsightedness - the solution to the problem

    Turning to the complex of exercises, do not forget that attention should be focused not on quantity that can lead even to negative consequences( overstrain, for example), but on frequency and regularity.

    Gymnastics for the eyes with myopia will be much more effective if it is produced before meals. Depending on the specific case of the "patient", progress can be seen within a few weeks or months of painstaking work.

    All eye exercises for myopia are recommended to be performed without eye strain, trying to relax them, rather. Start best with 4- 5 exercises, increasing their number day by day.

    So, charging for eyes with myopia includes the following exercises:

    1. Frequent blinking for 5-6 seconds. After the break, it is recommended to repeat the exercise 2 times.
    2. Sit down and squint your eyes for 3-5 seconds, then your eyes should be kept open the same time. Repeat the exercise 6-8 times.
    3. Stand up and stretch out your hand in front of you and look at the tip of your index finger, set against the middle line of your face. Without taking your finger off the eye, slowly bring it closer and look at the finger until it doubles. Exercise is effective if it is performed 6-8 times.
    4. With the index, middle and ring fingers of both hands, press the upper eyelid of the eyes, keeping them in this position for 1-2 seconds. We do this exercise 3-4 times.
    5. Slightly lift the skin along the brow ridges with index fingers, then slowly close your eyelids, leaving your fingers in the same position. Perform 8-10 times.
    6. Place the index, middle and ring fingers of the hand so that the index finger is at the outer corner of the eye, the middle finger is at the center of the upper edge of the orbit, the anonymous one at the inner corner. Do this exercise is recommended at least 8-10 times for 1 sitting.
    7. Slowly look from the ceiling to the floor and back. Exercise should be done without moving the head, which must be fixed in a stationary position. We perform the exercise 8-12 times.
    8. Slow circular eye movements from left to right, then right to left. We do this 4-6 times, not hurrying.
    9. Take your hand to the right, then slowly move your index finger from right to left in a semi-bent position. Carefully follow the finger, fixing the head in a stationary state. We do the exercise 10-12 times, after which we rest a little.
    10. We make the movement of the eyes diagonally, first from the bottom left corner to the upper right corner, and then look upwards in a straight line. We perform the same operation in the opposite direction. It is recommended to perform at least 6 times per sitting.

    Doing exercises in strict adherence to our instructions, it is necessary to include dietary supplements in the diet - they are designed to replenish the body's missing vitamins and trace elements, vital for correcting and restoring vision.

    Remember also that we have collected for you only the most effective exercises for myopia, but not all.

    Charging for eyes with shortsightedness without glasses is carried out, moreover, if you decide to take the treatment seriously, it is important to observe the following requirement: less to wear glasses if there is no urgent need. You in fact can move around the house without glasses or when you go on a familiar road to pain?

    Highly qualified oculist Victor Zhdanov, who spent many years of his life working on the development of effective eye exercises, noted: "The best exercise for the eyes is the absence of glasses on the bridge of the nose."

    We wish you success in correcting and restoring your vision!

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