• Methods of treating myopia

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    Myopia is perhaps the most common eye disease among modern adults and children.

    The essence of myopia is that the patient's ability to distinguish objects far from him worsens.

    If a person has good vision, he clearly sees objects at a long distance, as the image is projected onto the desired area of ​​the retina.

    In case of myopia, the lens is deformed, the optical distance of the eye changes, so that the image is projected onto the plane in front of the retina, which leads to its vagueness.

    The reasons for myopia may be different. Occasionally, axial myopia occurs when the size of the lens increases, but refractive myopia also occurs, when the cause of poor vision is excessive refraction of light falling on the organ of vision.

    Excessive strength of a refractive apparatus often becomes a source of myopia. Modern hardware treatment for myopia allows you to get rid of almost all types of this disease, even if it progresses.

    Myopia varies in severity. Among ophthalmologists it is customary to allocate the following degrees:

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    • Weak myopia - vision impairment to -3 diopters
    • Medium - to -3.25 to 6 diopters
    • High - 6 to 20-30 diopters. The upper border, when it comes to strong myopia, does not indicate. Sometimes its indicators reach -35 diopters, which is almost equivalent to blindness.

    Effective treatment for myopia

    The most popular method for correcting myopia is glasses and contact lenses. The glasses are chosen to reduce the refractive power and redirect the image to the desired area of ​​the retina, so that it becomes clear.

    However, sometimes in the case of particularly severe myopia the glasses do not help correct the vision to the maximum level. In this case, eye surgery, myopia can cure much more effectively, although there is also the treatment of myopia without surgery.

    Causes of the onset of the disease

    In rare cases, myopia is congenital. Much more often it develops throughout life. Myopia in children usually develops in school years, when the stress on the visual apparatus due to studies, books and computers is especially great.

    According to statistics, more than half of high school students acquire an easy degree of myopia and wear glasses.
    If myopia increases year by year, it is called progressing. Treatment of myopia with a laser here can be practically the only solution to the problem.

    Risk Factors

    Today, all doctors agree that one of the key risk factors that significantly increases the likelihood of myopia development is heredity. If at least one of the parents wore glasses, the child's risk of acquiring near-sightedness in childhood or adolescence is significantly increased.

    Vision in such a child can worsen, even because of a deficiency of vitamins in the daily diet, and not just because of the abuse of the computer and television.

    The second risk factor is overstrain and intense stress on the visual apparatus. Reading in low light, excessive TV viewing, long work behind the monitor screen - all this leads to the development of myopia.

    The third risk factor is incorrectly matched glasses. Very often progressive myopia occurs due to incorrect correction or lack of it at the first signs of deteriorating vision. Too strong or too weak glasses can also lead to overstrain of the eye muscle, which worsens the situation even more.

    Myopia: treatment should be timely
    If you notice the first symptoms of vision impairment, you must definitely visit an ophthalmologist, without waiting for more serious symptoms.

    If you do not even correct a weak myopia, you can seriously aggravate the condition of the visual apparatus and cause progressive strong nearsightedness. An ophthalmologist will help you in time to pick up glasses that will help you to view any objects at a long distance, and in other cases they can be taken off.

    Treatment for myopia at home

    In this case, treatment and prevention are almost the same thing. If you want the treatment of myopia without surgery to be effective, do not forget to do gymnastics for the eyes. The eyes need rest, so do not work at the computer for more than 30 minutes without interruption.

    Modern realities are such that the duration of work behind the monitor is usually very high, so you need to give yourself at least 5-10 minutes of rest from time to time.

    Gymnastics for the eyes will take you only 15 minutes a day, but it will significantly strengthen the eye muscle and improve accommodation.
    An important element of prophylaxis is the diagnostic visits of an ophthalmologist who can track the deterioration of vision in time or notice its improvement.

    Finally, the nutrition of a person suffering from myopia should be the most complete, rich in proteins, fiber, vitamins and trace elements.

    In the diet must be zinc, magnesium, copper. Vitamins for the eyes with myopia today are sold in almost every pharmacy, but before buying them, it is best to consult your doctor.

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