Modern prevention of glaucoma of different types. How to minimize the consequences?

  • Modern prevention of glaucoma of different types. How to minimize the consequences?

    Glaucoma is accompanied by increased intraocular pressure and reduced vision, which without proper treatment and prevention can result in blindness in patients. Treatment in the early stages of glaucoma can be conservative, but with the progression of the process should be surgical.

    The danger of glaucoma is that the disease is often not accompanied by symptoms, and patients turn to the doctor too late. How to prevent the occurrence of glaucoma and to carry out preventive measures?

    What is the prevention of glaucoma?

    Before talking about such an important step as the prevention of glaucoma, you need to know how the healthy eye functions normally, and what processes occur in it with increased intraocular pressure. The eye is an optical device through which the image is transmitted from the retina of the eye to the brain.

    To ensure the refraction of the rays in the eye, a liquid is constantly produced, which is called watery moisture. Through this liquid, nutrients are delivered to the lens of the eye and its cornea, and the liquid itself is in constant motion, that is, it is periodically produced and exits the cavity of the eyeball.

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    The fluid is produced by the cilia of the ciliary body, which is part of the eye, and thanks to its circulation, the eye remains moist and maintains its balance. With glaucoma, the balance of the amount of fluid produced exceeds the number of outflows, so that the intraocular pressure gradually rises in the patients.

    The danger of many forms of glaucoma is that the main symptom is a decrease in vision, which many write off for age-related changes, delaying the visit to the doctor and prevention measures. According to statistics, the main frequency of diseases falls on the age of 40 years or more.

    Glaucoma examination is carried out in outpatient and, if necessary, in inpatient settings. Usually, the diagnosis of early stages of the disease is made if there is increased intraocular pressure( above 16-21 mm Hg) or signs of degeneration of the optic nerve disk.

    Preventive measures

    The best prevention is to detect the disease at an early stage of development. Prevention of glaucoma is an important component of maintaining health and preventing disability. All prevention measures can be divided into several steps:

    • Sanitary education work among the population about the causes of glaucoma and the first signs of the disease. It is clear that to wait in this case, the medical worker and his lecture should not, it is best to open the Internet and read all about glaucoma, the benefit of information on the Internet now is enough.
    • Preventative examination once a year for an ophthalmologist at the age of 40 years, and for people with hereditary heredity and available risk factors - at the age of 30 years. Early diagnosis of glaucoma and treatment in the initial stages can keep the vision for a long time.
    • If you detect signs of glaucoma and determine the stage of the disease, you must strictly follow all the prescriptions of the doctor and lead a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to move more, to give up alcohol and smoking, to conduct conservative treatment( drops for the prevention of glaucoma).
    • Eliminate all factors that may lead to deterioration and progression of the disease. In addition to movement and rejection of bad habits, you can not read in poor lighting, use medicines to dilate the pupil, eat irrationally, and not be in a long position with the head tilted forward. It should also limit the amount of stress and normalize the time of proper rest.

    All these preventive measures will help to avoid the formidable complication that often occurs in glaucoma - blindness. It should be remembered that primary glaucoma is formed most often at the age of 40 and more, which means that people over 40 are at risk in the first place.

    For the conservative treatment and prevention of disease progression, various drops are used to prevent glaucoma, the purpose of which is to reduce the amount of fluid produced and to reduce pressure in the eyes. Drops have a different mechanism of action and are prescribed usually by an ophthalmologist in each case individually. Drip in the eye drops with glaucoma just because they are dripping a neighbor and they help her, do not.

    In the early stages of the development of the disease, folk remedies for glaucoma prevention are widely used, which must be used constantly, since they do not have an instantaneous effect, but they give a lasting result. A good result is provided by physiotherapeutic methods of treatment, which can be obtained at least 2 times a year.

    Complications are not only blindness, but also the development of a condition such as malignant glaucoma, which is characterized by the progression of the disease even with all treatment methods and persistent increase in intraocular pressure. Fortunately, this form of glaucoma is very rare and happens mainly with surgical operations on the eye( with a closed-angle glaucoma).

    Some tips

    • Do not lift weights more than 10 kg, especially if you are over 40. Work in pleasure and do not overexert yourself. Set a good sleep and rest for at least 8 hours a day.
    • Do not stay long in a position where the head is tilted forward( when weeding the beds, for example).
    • Do not read or watch TV in poor light. Use glasses in time, especially if they were prescribed for you by a = ophthalmologist( by age).
    • If you work hard or work on your computer every 45 minutes, take a break for 15-20 minutes.
    • Eat correctly and rationally, respecting the ratio of 70:30, where 70% are plant products, and 30% - protein or meat.
    • Do not drink a large amount of liquid in a volley, it is best to drink an 1 glass every hour. With available hypertension, limit the amount of fluid you drink.
    • Do not wear shirts with tight collars that obstruct blood circulation in the vessels of the head and neck.
    • Bury drops for the prevention of glaucoma regularly, as prescribed by your doctor. Do not skip the burying time and do not forget to do it!
    • Protect your eyes from bright flashes( when photographing) and sudden light drops( when visiting a movie theater).
    • Visit your doctor regularly and measure intraocular pressure.
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