• Ointment from bruises and bruises, as a popular kind of treatment

    Any damage to blood vessels, which is caused by a painful change and / or injury, can lead to the formation of a hematoma. More precisely, it is a limited accumulation of blood that occurs as a result of closed or open trauma to organs or tissues. At the same time, a cavity is formed at the injury site, which contains coagulated blood.

    Around this cavity, a connective tissue envelope gradually forms, preventing the absorption of the spilled blood back. As a rule, hematoma after a bruise resolves itself with time. In order to get rid of such damage more quickly, the doctor can prescribe an ointment from bruises. However, in some cases, such damage is threatened with very serious consequences, therefore, immediate removal of the accumulated blood requires surgery.

    Classification of hematomas and the mechanism of their formation

    Violations of this type are classified according to their location. In addition, experts distinguish between different types of hematomas, depending on their relationship to the lumen of blood vessels, as well as the state of pathological contents.

    A hematoma on the arm or other part of the body does not form immediately after the injury, since the blood spilled from the damaged vessel remains a liquid for a certain period of time, and only then it coagulates. In the tissues surrounding the injury site, there is a reaction to this process. That is, damage and accumulation of blood causes a kind of inflammation, as a result of which around the accumulated in the cavity of blood, a dense shell is formed.

    Diagnosis of the disease

    It is not difficult to determine the hematoma under the eye or on the body, because the bruise or bruise that forms it is the right sign. If deep tissue is affected, for example, after surgery, redness and swelling are also possible. Hematomas after surgery are quite common and in addition to the above symptoms can also be characterized by pain, local increase in temperature, and in some cases - by limitation of mobility. With shallow superficial injuries, doctors usually prescribe ointment from bruises, which greatly speeds up the healing process.

    Intracranial hematoma, as well as internal organs, is more difficult to determine, since the symptoms here are significantly different. Most often, the internal organs' hematoma is manifested by the sensation of squeezing the nearby elements of the body, which, with the help of severe pain and a deterioration in overall health, send signals about the violation.

    Naturally, such damages will not cure the ointment that resolves, most often they are removed surgically. Precisely to establish the presence or absence of internal trauma is possible only with the help of ultrasound( for internal organs) and computed tomography( with hemorrhage in the brain).

    Intracranial hematomas may increase in size for several days immediately after injury. As a result, the specialists diagnose the so-called traumatic acute subdural hematoma, in which the accumulation of blood occurs between the cerebral membranes. Such damage can be a serious threat to the life of the victim, so most often it is eliminated using emergency operational methods.

    Treatment of damaged vessels

    For the treatment of small external bruises, as a rule, no specific medications are used. If the damage is accompanied by a pain syndrome, the specialist can prescribe an ointment from bruises and bruises, which will reduce pain and accelerate healing. In addition to ointments, doctors can also recommend the application of cold compresses, the application of a pressure bandage, the use of analgesics to reduce pain, and after a certain period of time - physiotherapy.

    If the lesions cover a large area, then Vishnevsky's ointment with hematoma is unlikely to help them cope. More often, the injured with such traumas are prescribed a puncture to extract liquid blood.

    After the procedure, a pressure bandage is applied to the affected area. If the external manifestations do not disappear after a couple of days, you can use an ointment for resorption, which significantly accelerate the healing of the damaged area.

    If after some time after the puncture the bleeding is resumed and the hematoma appears again, the specialists will open it, bandage the bleeding vessels and apply seams. With suppuration, it is necessary to open them to remove the pathological contents of the formed cavity from the body. With simple hematomas, for the most part, the predictions of doctors are favorable.

    With frequent appearance of hematomas, as an additional treatment, the victim can also be prescribed various medications and vitamins to strengthen blood vessels. Intramuscular hemorrhage requires a longer physical therapy, and abdominal hemorrhage - careful medical observation in a hospital.

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