What is useful about chocolate? Which chocolate is the most useful?

  • What is useful about chocolate? Which chocolate is the most useful?

    Of course, the most useful for the human body chocolate - dark, but all this because of the large amount of natural cocoa in it. Dark chocolate is not processed as much as white or milk chocolate, which allows you to save all useful substances and enhance its taste. But first you need to understand the effect of chocolate on our body and to understand if chocolate has any side effects.

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    What is useful for bitter chocolate

    First of all, it must be recalled that flavonoids are contained in chocolate in high quantities. These are substances that stimulate the release of nitric oxide in the blood, and improve the blood supply of all internal organs. They also have a lot of useful qualities, for example, improve the work of the central nervous system, remove antioxidants from the body, improve the balance of blood pressure and so on. Accordingly, the more cocoa beans are contained, the higher the quality of chocolate.

    In white chocolate, the content of cocoa beans is minimized, so it is useless for our body. Chocolate with the addition of milk and sugar is called milk, it contains about 60-70% cocoa, which is much more attractive than white chocolate. The record holder for the content of cocoa is bitter chocolate, about 80-87% of cocoa in it, which increases its useful properties. It is very desirable to include bitter chocolate in your diet for better health, recent studies have confirmed the benefits of chocolate for the cardiovascular system, the brain and diabetics, since chocolate improves the body's sensitivity to the hormone insulin.

    With the help of bitter chocolate, you can lower blood pressure, as in any cocoa there is a substance that treats obesity and, together with it, lowers the pressure, especially in adults. A study was conducted in which 40 people aged, with very high weight, participated. The famous doctors took part in the experiment, for example, David L. Katz of the Yale Center. Participants were divided into two groups, the first was given a piece of bitter chocolate with 20 grams of cocoa, and the second was given a chocolate pacifier that did not contain cocoa. Before the beginning of the experiment, a medical examination was performed, ultrasound was made and the pressure was measured, and a survey was also performed at the end of the experiment, where it was found that the first group had normal blood pressure in comparison with the second group.

    Also, the pressure and condition of the vessels has improved significantly in people drinking two cups of cocoa, unlike people who do not consume cocoa at all. But much depended on whether sugar was contained in cocoa or not. When people were given cocoa with sugar - no useful properties were observed. The researchers argue that even adding two teaspoons of sugar to a mug can ruin the quality of cocoa and reduce the positive effect to a minimum. Despite this, one should not abuse such a wonderful drink as cocoa. Everyone knows that it is very sweet, which means that you can gain weight. Because of the increase in body weight, blood pressure increases, which has a negative impact on health.

    Another study showed that cardiovascular diseases can be cured with bitter chocolate. The experiment was conducted in Italy, during which it was found that the inflammatory processes contributing to the development of cardiovascular diseases are suspended if you use bitter chocolate. But for a day you can eat no more than 6 grams of bitter chocolate. They conducted a study at the Catholic University of Campobasso in Milan. Participated in the experiment, five thousand people who had no propensity to develop cardiovascular diseases. In simple terms, the cholesterol level was normal, as was the pressure. Both men and women, aged 30 years and older, who had good health, participated. In the course of the study, it was found that people with a lowered level of C-reactive protein had practically no problems with inflammatory processes, which is the most interesting - the amount of protein decreases if you eat the daily norm of bitter chocolate.

    Black chocolate affects well-being and reduces anxiety and nervous tension, this was confirmed after the research in Lausanne. At the end of the study it was found that bitter chocolate affects the release of the stress hormone and significantly reduces its amount in the blood. The hormone cortisol negatively affects all body systems, but to reduce its amount in the blood, you need to consume 50 grams of bitter chocolate for 14 days. The experiment involved 30 people with an ideal state of health, they ate one part of the chocolate in the evening, and the other immediately after awakening. The hormone cortisol has been lowered for two weeks, so people suffering from nervous stress and experiencing stress should include bitter chocolate in their diet.

    Many believe that chocolate has the characteristics of a potent sexual causative agent, this is due to the fact that the relevance of chocolate to increase the desire to have sex was very high in antiquity. But scientific studies confirm only one thing - serotonin and phenylethylamine are powerful stimulants of the nervous system, they quickly improve mood. People enjoy only the use of chocolate, it is unlikely that it somehow affects the desire to have sex, this is false information.

    White chocolate

    is useful. In white chocolate there are several basic ingredients: milk protein, sugar, cocoa butter. As you can see, it completely does not contain chocolate liqueur or cocoa in its pure form. But in the composition you can find lecithin - preservative, used as a thickener, also add vanillin or vanilla to improve the flavor. This chocolate melts for a long time, so you can store it even at a temperature of +20 degrees Celsius. Of course, chocolate melts quickly in the mouth, just like milk chocolate, and the taste of chocolate is preserved because of the cocoa butter.

    Due to the lack of chocolate liqueur and cocoa powder in the composition, it can be said openly that it does not correspond to the standards, therefore, white chocolate is not sold in all countries. There is even a certain list of standards that helps determine the choice of white chocolate, it is also used to decide whether to sell white chocolate or not. In 2004, a definition was given to white chocolate in America: 14% milk powder, 20% cocoa butter, 55% sugar - if something did not meet the requirements, chocolate was not sold. Also, various acts were issued that spoke about the quality of white chocolate. In Europe there were approximately the same standards: 14% of milk powder and 20% of cocoa butter should be contained in white chocolate, otherwise sales are prohibited.

    Almost all white chocolate is made from cheap ingredients: hydrogenated vegetable fat, cheap cocoa substitute and sugar substitute, so it has a white color. You can not use white chocolate in cooking, for example, when melting, a lot of cocoa butter is emitted that needs to be poured. The same applies to other types of chocolate, especially after melting it is impossible to add water, as chocolate will have uneven lumps that will spoil the dish. You will have to try several varieties of chocolate to determine which is better to melt and where less lumps. Much depends on the chocolate manufacturer, so the color of the chocolate at the end of the cooking changes greatly, somewhere it becomes golden, and somewhere purely brown.

    White chocolate is sold in tiles, like any other. But you can find a liquid consistency of chocolate, sold in aluminum tubes. You can use liquid chocolate to decorate the dessert, you can also use the white chocolate chips. But keep in mind that white chocolate is harmful to the body, because it has a lot of simple carbohydrates and harmful fats, and this affects metabolism in the worst way. Pay attention to the calorie content of chocolate, it is within 400-600 calories. Do not use it too often, because the metabolism is severely impaired. You can unnoticeably gain weight, suddenly increase the amount of sugar in the blood, which will lead to diabetes, further development of atherosclerosis and diseases of the cardiovascular system. Use white chocolate rarely to spoil your health.

    The use of white chocolate lies in its ability to lower cholesterol in the blood, since in cocoa butter there is an aleic fatty acid that reduces the amount of cholesterol. But if the body has too much of this acid - the amount of cholesterol will increase, which will lead to diseases. Also do not forget that dark chocolate does not have such a negative effect on teeth like white chocolate. This is due to the high content of astringents, cleansing the oral cavity and eliminating pathogens. These substances are not found in white chocolate.

    The harmful chocolate

    First, chocolate has a lot of calories, which are contained in refined sweets. In chocolate, as well as in the cake - there are no minerals, vitamins and fiber, but there are many simple carbohydrates and calories. Regular use of sweets provokes the appearance of excess weight, chronic diseases and deterioration of well-being. In a tile of chocolate weighing 150 grams contains the same number of calories as in 1.5 kilograms of apples. A small piece of chocolate cake has the same number of calories as is contained in seven pieces of black bread.

    Secondly, chocolate contains a natural energetic - caffeine, which can provoke nausea, gastrointestinal diseases, heartburn and even prostate enlargement in men. A cup of hot chocolate contains more than 40 milligrams of caffeine, which is very much. Because of this, the pulse, blood pressure and so on increase, which is why taking chocolate is contraindicated for people who have experienced a stroke or heart attack. In 100 grams of chocolate contains the same amount of caffeine as in a mug with instant coffee.

    Third, methylxanthine - theobromine, which is found in chocolate, has a very negative effect on the male glands. Since this substance poisons the prostate much more than caffeine, male sperm are dehydrated and produced more slowly, which can lead to infertility. Also, chocolate is very harmful for children, because their metabolism is fast enough, but chocolate can slow it down or speed it up. Of course, children love hot chocolate and cocoa, but they are extremely harmful to the body. Excessive fat in chocolate can trigger dehydration of bone tissue, which will remove calcium from the bones and lead to weakness of bones and joints.

    Fourth, any chocolate has harmful substances, which is why the administration of medicines compiled a detailed list of substances contained in chocolate. In any chocolate can contain particles of insects and rodents. In 15 grams of chocolate contains about 70 fragments of dangerous insects. Litter of rats is also found in chocolate, and this can lead to infection with worms. Chocolate is very dangerous, especially from an unknown producer, do not buy cheap chocolate if you care about your health.

    As you can see, chocolate has not only positive but also negative qualities. Everyone makes a choice - to eat chocolate or not, of course, bitter and dark chocolate is very useful in small quantities, but most people eat chocolate for dessert in huge quantities, which only harms health. Include in the diet really high-quality bitter chocolate and rest assured that your health will be in perfect order, but in no case do not abuse chocolate.