Cherry: useful properties and contraindications for humans. Is it harmful?

  • Cherry: useful properties and contraindications for humans. Is it harmful?

    Cherry tree is considered to be the most useful plant for a person, and a great popularity among gardeners makes this fruit very affordable for any person, regardless of its income level. Useful properties and contra-indications of cherries are familiar to every doctor, now you will also learn about them. The fruit contains a lot of vitamins and medicinal properties, but what exactly are we now with you and understand.

    Common beneficial properties of the cherry

    • Drinking dried and frozen cherries in food will help strengthen blood vessels, it increases immunity and prevents the development of anemia.
    • Useful properties of cherry leaves are used in folk medicine. For treatment use only fallen leaves. Also use twigs of cherries for broths.
    • Tea from spring leaves has a hemostatic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.
    • Decoction of leaves on milk is recommended for liver diseases. And to stop the bleeding from the nose - will help mash the leaves.
    • If you suddenly get poisoned with lead or mercury, then these healing berries help you. Their fruits will help block inflammation much better than aspirin.
    • Also pharmacists use cherries as part of children's medicines. Thanks to this, the preparations acquire a pleasant taste and help to speed up the recovery of babies.

    Interesting to know: cherry bones for humans also have some properties. They contain 40% of the oil with a high amount of iodine and amygdaline. What is most interesting, these substances contain poison, but the thermal treatment kills them. Do not forget that cherry juice helps with certain diseases. Thanks to iron, salicylic acid and other active substances, kills harmful infections. Useful properties of cherries are studied by man for many years, also Vse-Sekrety.ru can not ignore the fact that coumarin, contained in the fruits of cherries, helps to block even the development of cancer.

    Benefits of cherries for the health of the face and body

    Using both berries and juices of cherries helps maintain beauty. If you have normal and oily skin, then you will need a mask from a ripe cherry with starch. To do this, you need to crush the berries and mix them with starch. Apply the mask for 20 minutes, and then rinse with cool water. After application, you will notice how the pores will decrease and the skin will become fresh. It is also possible to apply to the skin of the face the usual gruel from berries. The ash of the cherry tree helped to fight skin diseases, psoriasis and female diseases.

    In ancient times it was believed that if you wash the udder of the cow with water mixed with "cherry" ash, then it will give a large amount of milk. If you have oily hair, then make cherry masks. To do this, mash the berries and squeeze out the juice from them, add 2 tablespoons of starch, lemon juice and mix it all. The resulting mixture must be rubbed into the scalp, and after wrapping the head with a film and a thick towel. After 40 minutes you can wash off the mask.

    Cherry in Cooking

    Cherry, useful properties of which are used not only in folk medicine, but also in cooking, is able to give a special taste to various dishes. Cook jams, jam, compotes, wines, liqueurs, fruit drinks and syrups from it. Cherry is a filling for many dishes, such as: vareniki, cakes and rolls. Do not forget to add leaves to the blanks of vegetables and fruits, because cherry leaves have antiseptic properties.

    If you do not have a garden, and no cherry tree grows in the yard, you should know some features when buying this berry. Choose the darkest varieties of berries, only they contain the most useful substances.

    Contraindications and harm to cherry

    The benefits and harms of cherries are closely intertwined, for some people the features of this fruit are fatal and extremely not recommended for use. In what cases is the damage to the cherry more beneficial:

    • gastritis with increased acidity;
    • stomach ulcer;
    • diabetes;
    • in large quantities harm tooth enamel;
    • if you cook cherry liqueur with bones, then they secrete hydrocyanic acid.

    Video-story about the cherry-tree

    Now you understand that the benefits of cherries for health are obvious. Fresh, frozen and dried cherries have a great healing ability and culinary spectrum. That's why we strongly recommend to use this type of berries in your diet, for example, make compote of cherries. However, it is better to eat them in the season, when the berries contain the maximum number of useful elements.