How to strengthen the vessels - strengthen the vessels

  • How to strengthen the vessels - strengthen the vessels

    What we call weak vessels, in the language of medicine, is called a neurocircular dystonia. This is a disturbed blood circulation, which is caused by a malfunction in the nervous regulation of the vascular tone. To understand how to strengthen the vessels, it is necessary to understand why such a problem arises at all.

    Symptoms of weak vessels

    Bad vessels cause such symptoms:

    • persistent dizziness;
    • with a sharp change in body position, there may be a darkening in the eyes;Motion sickness in transport;
    • intolerance of hot weather;
    • cold feet and hands;
    • constantly emerging weakness, especially in the morning and afternoon;
    • frequent palpitations and throbbing in the temples;
    • "jumping" pressure.

    Reasons for weakening of

    vessels There are many causes that lead to neurocirculatory dystonia. In some cases, it is inherited, but much more often it can be observed after a person has suffered severe stress, prolonged nervous strain or a serious illness.

    In addition, weakening of blood vessels can provoke even boring work and constant troubles in life. And what is noteworthy, absolutely no tablets help. The only way that can save you from dystonia is to reconfigure your life to a new, healthy wave and "re-educate" your entire body.

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    Sport as a medicine

    Scientists have proved that they only have a week of active training in the gym, so that 20 percent of people suffering from vascular disease feel better. According to scientists, a person who does not completely exposes the body to physical exertion will not be able to achieve such a result. But there are also conditions that are recommended to adhere to:

    • engage at least 4 times a week, or even better every day, at least 15 minutes a day;
    • try not to let fatigue. After all, excessive physical exertion can provoke a "breakdown" of the human vascular system.

    Very good warm-up for capillaries - jogging. But the vessels "like" swimming. At the first stages of introducing sports into your life, you should try not to do exercises that require a sharp change in the position of your body.

    Water procedures

    Water procedures for vessels

    Do not know how to strengthen the walls of blood vessels? A very good tool for this is a contrast shower. It is best to do it in the morning, so your vessels will receive the necessary energy charge for the whole subsequent day, and you will have a wonderful mood.

    Of course, if you perform this procedure in the evening, it will also bring good results. So you can remove the fatigue that accumulated over the whole working day and get rid of stress.

    Do not you like this procedure? Then make at least contrasting foot baths. Pour cold water into one basin, and in the other - hot. In each basin it is necessary to keep the feet for two minutes alternately. Both the contrast shower and foot baths necessarily finish with cold water.

    Very well on the vessels affects and regular visits to the usual bath. Do this every 2-4 times every month. Bath can be called a wonderful massage for the vascular system. No bath? Then the sauna will do. But the first, of course, is preferable.

    is very important: every time you leave the bath, you must pour yourself with cold water.

    Compliance with the diet

    Diet for vessels

    Always try to eat very small portions. After all, the stomach, completely clogged with food, takes over most of the blood. In addition, with weak blood vessels, overeating can cause dizziness, weakness, tinnitus and fainting.

    Regarding coffee. It should be drunk in very small quantities, but a drink like Coca-Cola is better to be excluded from your diet. These drinks have the ability to increase the tone of the vessels, but if you consume them in very large quantities, you can loosen the vascular system.

    To maintain a normal volume of circulating blood, you must drink at least one and a half liters of fluid per day. Try to eat as much vegetables and fruits as possible. Just be careful with bananas, they have the ability to lower blood pressure. But in salt, for example, you do not need to refuse at all. Never had an unexpected desire to eat anything salty? This is the signal from your weakened vessels.


    Self-massage for vessels

    You can try this kind of massage, which is offered by the Tibetan technique. It helps to restore the disturbed balance in the blood vessels. You can perform it standing or sitting:

    1. Raise your hands to the level of the chest, close your palms and twist your fingers. After this, it is necessary to slowly pull the arms in different directions with tension until the fingers are separated. Repeat the exercise at least 5 times.
    2. Tie up the little fingers and pull the wrists in different directions until the "lock" breaks. The same thing you need to do in turn with each finger.
    3. Flatten your palms and rub them well.