Dukan Diet - a diet system developed by Dyukan

  • Dukan Diet - a diet system developed by Dyukan

    Actually, Dr. Pierre Duccan is a neurologist by profession. However, life has developed so that one day he had to help a friend who wanted to lose a few extra pounds. And then Dukan developed a nutrition system that is fundamentally different from most modern diets and leads to the achievement of optimal weight loss without losing muscle mass of the patient.

    The familiar Dyukana really lost weight, and then began to actively promote a new diet. And the French doctor himself specialized in dietetics, worked his newly invented way of parting with fatty deposits to subtleties, wrote and published 19 books translated into 10 languages ​​of the world. They say that by this method, Jennifer Lopez herself was losing weight. Maybe it's worth a try and us?

    Four "Milestones" of the Hard Road

    Dukan Power System

    If you think about it, it turns out that the Ducane diet is a food system that can be used for a long time without fear that the body will lose its strength. She becomes a way of life, a person gradually gets used to. He does not suffer from hunger pangs, does not suffer from a lack of trace elements.

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    All the way that a neophyte will have to go is divided into four stages. Each of them has its own characteristics and is aimed at a certain result.

    Stage one - the phase of "attack"

    Weight reduction

    It is during this period that the maximum loss of excess weight occurs - you can part with 5-6 kg without exerting special efforts.

    Please note! The essence of the initial stage is that the menu completely excludes any products, except protein.

    Surprised? Of course, after all, standard diets, on the contrary, maximally restrict the intake of protein and fats in the body, leaving carbohydrates and fiber. In this case, a person grows thin, but fruits and vegetables, of which the diet menu usually consists, contain little protein and trace elements. Protein is the main building material of the cell, when the body does not receive it from the outside, the body begins to look for and process its own protein. Therefore, together with the fatty layer, "burns" muscle tissue. Skin hangs, loses its tone, muscles weaken. Hair can begin to fall off more intensively, the nails become brittle.


    If you eat foods that contain protein, these troubles can be avoided. At the first stage of the diet are allowed: any meat, except pork, - beef, veal, offal, poultry.

    You can eat dairy products, but it is desirable that it was skimmed: kefir, milk, tofu.


    Seafood( fish, shrimp, crabs), as well as eggs - chicken and quail are welcome. In order not to suffer from monotony, you can add salt, spices, any herbs and pepper during cooking. You can develop a menu for each day yourself.

    As a small clue:

    • For breakfast, make an omelet made from the proteins of three eggs and milk, prepare an invigorating cup of coffee. However, after such a breakfast you can easily hold out until dinner?
    Baked chicken
    • For lunch, baked with herbs or boiled chicken, and for dessert - a favorite drink.
    • Have a snack with a shrimp or a piece of fish.
    • End the day with a glass of low-fat kefir or yogurt.

    Agree, this menu is quite suitable even for those who can not withstand the usual diet? From the feeling of hunger will not remain a trace - protein food perfectly copes with it, supplying the body with enough energy.

    A person who is interested in a diet usually immediately raises the question: what is the duration of the first phase?

    Please note! It is desirable that it does not exceed 10 days.

    If you need to part with only 3-5 kg, then this phase can last 2 days. If the excess weight goes beyond the mark of 10 kg - then just 10 days.

    It is important to observe the following conditions:

    • daily eat 1.5 tablespoons oat bran;
    • cook everything without oil;
    • drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day;
    • walk in the fresh air at a fast pace - at least 20 minutes a day.

    Stage two - phase "cruise"

    Cutlets from turkey

    Having successfully passed the first stage, we pass to the second - with an intriguing name "cruise".The phase of "cruise" is based on the alternation of "protein" days and "vegetable".The diet becomes easier, because now you can add vegetables to podnadoevshim meat products. Henceforth recipes of dishes become much more various.

    Vegetable days

    28 types of vegetables you can eat in any form - cheese, stewed, baked.

    Please note! The main thing - do not use oil and mayonnaise.

    If you add vegetables to the 72 kinds of meat allowed in the first stage, you will get a vast field for flying fantasy and inventing new dishes. Carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, cabbages of all sorts, onions, beets - all this can be cooked and alternated 3 days of pure "meat" with 3 "vegetable" until you reach the ideal weight.

    Please note! This phase is long - since the process of burning extra pounds now will go slower, no more than 1 kg per week.

    At this point, you can get stuck slightly if your excess exceeds 10 kg. However, the probability of a breakdown is not high, since the body still does not suffer from a feeling of hunger, and the variety of dishes makes it possible to brighten the carbohydrate everyday life. What else needs to be done at this stage to continue to lose weight and still be in good shape? The rules are the same, just a little bit tougher.


    Drink more
    • to eat 2 tablespoons of bran;
    • drink plenty of fluids;
    • walk for at least half an hour a day in any weather.

    You can eat spices, lemon, low-fat yogurt.

    Please note! Carbohydrates are still prohibited!

    No cereals should be diversified as long as your diet, otherwise you will have to start all over again.

    Stage three - phase "fastening"

    Calculate weight

    The second phase behind, the ideal weight is reached. All you can happily run for a cake to celebrate this event? In no case! Mentally we will shake our hand, congratulating on the victory, and step on the third step - we will enter the "fastening" phase.

    You can understand by the name that the essence of the third stage is to consolidate the achieved result. How to achieve this? You need to start with the preparation: calculate the weight that you managed to reset, as follows. Each lost kilogram will equal 10 days of the duration of the "fastening" phase. For example, you have achieved your ideal weight by getting rid of 10 kg. Therefore, the third stage of the diet for you will last 100 days.

    Actually, it's difficult to name a diet in the literal sense of the word. To the usual diet is added a serving of fruit a day.

    One fruit

    This can be either a fruit the size of an orange, or a cup of grapes for 200 grams. You can treat yourself to a vegetable salad dressed with real vegetable oil - now a tablespoon per day is allowed. But this is not the main joy. For those who have successfully passed the two most difficult sections of the road, on the third it is sometimes allowed to organize small feast feasts. The duration of your third stage is 100 days? Divide it into two equal parts.

    One serving of
    1. potatoes In the first 50 days, you have the right to eat 1 starchy product( return your favorite pasta and potatoes) per week and make one day out of seven feast: cook yourself a lunch of any two dishes and for a dessert eat a sweet fruit or drink a glass of wine.
    2. The second 50 days will be even easier: at this time 2 starchy meals and two feasts are allowed per week.
    Please note! Do not forget about oat bran and daily walks. It would be nice to do some kind of sport.

    A very important thing that you should do at the third stage is to choose the day that is most suitable for you to use only protein products on this day. Dishes are from the diet of the first stage, and this day is only one per week.

    Please note! The main thing: you must now withstand one "protein" day a week throughout life.

    Phase four - phase "stabilization"

    Weight stabilization

    Weight stopped at the desired mark, well-being, the mood is fine. And ahead of us is the fourth, final stage. It is called "stabilization".

    Stabilization - maintaining the ideal weight for many years, and maybe forever. What will it take from you to achieve this result?

    Yes, in general, nothing new. You can safely eat as you like, strictly observing only a few rules:

    One protein day
    • once a week, arrange yourself a "protein" day from the first stage;
    • daily eat 3 tablespoons of bran;
    • go on foot wherever possible - go to one stop earlier than necessary, ignore the elevators, often leave the car in the garage.

    About the "pluses" and "minuses"


    The essence of the Ducane diet is to force the body to consume and absorb proteins, which it usually does with great reluctance, as it is more difficult than using carbohydrates. The processing of protein products takes a lot of energy, so people not only do not recover, but, conversely, grow thin.

    Who does not approach this method of weight loss - because there are certainly people for whom it is contraindicated?

    • First, careful should be those who have stomach diseases and serious kidney diseases - sometimes excess proteins can damage.
    • Secondly, pregnant women and nursing mothers should not subject themselves to tests for strength and sit on any diet - this can adversely affect the health status of both the mother and the baby.
    • The third category of people for whom the above method is undesirable is vegetarians. Even if a person who is accustomed to vegetarian food, decides to change his diet, such a sharp transition can be detrimental to health.

    For everyone else this way of parting with extra kilograms is convenient and safe. Judge for yourself: you do not feel hungry, do not spend a lot of time preparing dishes, you can not give up hiking with friends in cafes and restaurants.

    Pros of the protein diet

    Maybe, someone will think that this method is not cheap: seafood and many kinds of meat are expensive now. But here it is necessary to choose: it's better to spend a little more now and lose weight, than to earn yourself with this weight of health problems and then try to solve them by buying expensive medications.

    Diet is easy to perform, does not require an infinite count of calories. The constant alternation of stages provides diversity, and also guarantees that the body will not unbalance microelements and vitamins by increasing one and stopping the intake of others.

    Diet or lifestyle


    By the way, you noticed that the duration of the fourth stage is not said a word - why? It's simple: the last stage will always continue. In other words, it should become a way of life, if you do not want the pounds that have said goodbye with you again. If, however, there was a breakdown, do not panic: just go back a few days to the first stage. If the weight was dialed in a small amount, it will quickly go away.

    Before and after the Ducane diet

    For many years, an unusual diet is not losing its popularity. Its main advantage - the stabilization of the achieved ideal weight - attracts many people who have lost weight in many ways and again recovered, despite desperate efforts. It is possible that there is another trick here, noticed by Pierre Ducant: not always the weight that a person strives for is perfect for him. By adopting a top model for a landmark, a person tries to achieve the same proportions, forgetting about genes, hereditary predisposition, individual characteristics of his organism. Losing weight on diets, the body subsequently regains what is really needed for it, and even with a surplus: what if the master again decides to engage in self-torture? It is necessary to have a margin of safety for such a case.

    Please note! In the "protein" diet, this is excluded: the body gradually switches to a new mode of operation and spends only what it really does not need.
    Ideal weight of

    If you have tried many ways to lose weight, but the result is not there, or if it does not satisfy you, try the "protein" option. The only thing that is required of you is a little patience and endurance. Over time, healthy food will become the norm, and you no longer want to swallow mountains of sweets to cheer yourself up. Instead, you will go for a long walk, catching the sun's rays or soft snowflakes, and life will seem surprisingly beautiful. The weather is excellent, the soul is good, and the body is light and obedient - is this not a reason for joy?

    In general, thanks to Dr. Dyukan for the opportunity to become yourself and enjoy life!