Seeds of chia for weight loss - how to take it right

  • Seeds of chia for weight loss - how to take it right

    With the growing number of obese people around the world, there has been a tendency to search for unusual foods that contribute to quick and harmless weight loss. So became the goji and acai berries, stevia, green coffee and many other natural foods. Previously, these plants and berries were known only to local residents, but now they have become actively promoted and sold around the world. Whether they really help to lose weight is a separate matter, however, among them there are really healthy products. Among them, chia seeds are plants originating from Central America.

    Origins and traditional use of

    Growing chia

    In China, chia is one of the usual foods in Mexico. Chia, or Spanish sage, is a plant that grows in the desert. It gives small dark seeds, something remotely similar to tiny beans, with a weak nutty taste. But these small seeds have great opportunities - they are able to increase their volume up to 12 times if they are filled with liquid.

    This feature of chia from ancient times was used by local tribes. In dry form, the seeds are very convenient to store and carry, they occupy a minimum of space, and on contact with water they swell and turn into a tasty and satisfying food. Chia was prepared as a kind of jelly-like porridge, as well as a variety of drinks, added to other dishes.

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    Chia seeds

    Chia is a very profitable product. A handful of seeds gave a full dish, without burdening with a lot of weight and not forcing to take a whole cart of food. The ability to swell and fill the stomach attracted modern nutritionists who began using chia seeds for weight loss.

    The benefits of

    The popularity of this plant is due to its numerous positive properties. It's no secret that many products that are heavily advertised as a means to actively lose weight, have an unpleasant taste or smell. Chia has a neutral taste, with a taste of nuts, which not only does not repel, but, on the contrary, many like it very much.

    Please note! Chia seeds are universal, they can be added to any dish, as well as making very fashionable lately smoothies - fruit and vegetable thick drinks.
    Smoothies with chia

    The main advantage of chia seeds for weight loss is that they contain a lot of fiber. It swells in the stomach and causes a feeling of saturation, which lasts a very long time. Thus, a person receives a minimum amount of calories, but for a long time he does not want to eat. If at this time he is busy with something active, for example, he is engaged in fitness, the body is actively burning calories, but they do not eat much from food. As a result, people gradually and harmlessly lose weight, without suffering from draconian restrictions of modern diets.

    In addition, fiber contributes to the natural cleansing of the body of toxins. It acts as a natural purifier, stimulating intestinal peristalsis and causing liberation from stale remnants of food. Regular evacuation of waste contributes to the normalization of digestion, and this, in turn, leads to improved metabolism. In this case, a person does not just lose weight, but also keeps the weight gained on optimal indicators.

    Chia crackers

    In some ways chia seeds are similar to all known flaxseed - it also gives a slimy gel when soaked, contains fiber and vitamins. There is another similarity - both types of seeds contain a large number of amino acids, extremely useful for the body - omega-3 and omega-6.They improve blood circulation in the body, eliminating the accumulation of cholesterol, which contributes to the acceleration of metabolism. In addition, these fatty acids have a positive effect on the condition of the skin and hair.

    Those who have encountered natural slimming products know what chlorogenic acid is. It is very rare, but it can actively burn fat in the human body. When practicing in the gym, it helps to get a lot of energy, which helps to accelerate the process of losing weight. It is on the presence of chlorogenic acid in the seeds of chia and the legendary green coffee that their action as a natural fat burner is based.

    Pudding with raspberries

    Those who know how to use chia seeds for weight loss, use them as an additive in various dishes. In this case, the food becomes more voluminous and satisfying, its taste does not change, but the person gorges on a considerably smaller portion than usual. Gradually losing weight gets used to eat less and gradually grow thin.


    There are contraindications

    Like all plant products, chia seeds can trigger an allergic reaction. Since this plant does not belong to our usual food, some people may experience cases of individual intolerance and rejection of products with these seeds.

    In addition to allergies and intolerance, chia seeds have the following contraindications:

    • Different types of intestinal disorders, acute and chronic form of diarrhea. Since chia have a laxative effect, they can aggravate the condition of the patient.
    • Flatulence and a tendency to increased gas production. Due to the abundance of fiber, these conditions can intensify.
    • Presence of peptic ulcer of stomach or duodenum, colitis and enterocolitis, gastritis. With these diseases, a large amount of fiber in the food is badly tolerated.
    • Together with aspirin or anticoagulant can adversely affect human health.
    • Under reduced pressure, seeds are not recommended because they have the ability to lower blood pressure.
    • Since there is no reliable data on the safety of chia seeds, it is not recommended to use them for children under 7 years old, pregnant and lactating mothers.

    For healthy nutrition and growing thin

    Pudding chia with green tea

    Beginners do not always know how to take this plant with health benefits. It's easiest to make smoothies with chia. To do this, seeds are poured with water or juice, allowed to swell, added fruits or vegetables to taste, turned into a homogeneous mass with a blender. This product is extremely popular with vegetarians, especially in vegan, completely abandoned food of animal origin.

    How to prepare

    Chia can be added to salads, and also create a kind of vegetable "mayonnaise" - refueling without a single drop of fat. Two tablespoons of seeds are poured into a glass of warm boiled water, allowed to turn into a gel and turned into a sauce blender. Such a vegetable composition can be filled with any salads, even olivier. This will only benefit, reducing the calorie content of the dish.

    In salad
    Please note! Since chia seeds are exotic, everyone should try it, listening to their sensations.


    Recipes with chia seeds: