Why dandruff appears and how to get rid of it

  • Why dandruff appears and how to get rid of it

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    Anti-dandruff masks have a good healing effect

    Dandruff are grayish white flakes that are peeled offdead cells of the outer layer of the scalp. In a healthy person, skin cells are constantly updated - the old ones die off, new ones are formed, the dead cells become an ordinary dust, so this process is visually invisible.

    The process of skin cell death is normal for about a month, but sometimes, when the body malfunctions, this process is greatly accelerated and occurs every 7 to 10 days. In addition, keratinized cells stick together, turning into fatty and sticky flakes, which is dandruff.

    Causes of dandruff ^

    The causes of dandruff - a microscopic fungus, which is conditionally-pathogenic, that is, constantly lives on the skin of the head of each person and for the time does not manifest itself. But, as soon as there are weakening immunity to unfavorable factors, the fungus immediately activates and begins to multiply at a tremendous rate, causing head skin diseases.

    The causes of dandruff in most cases are inside the body and can be very different:

    • according to medical experts, 90% of people suffering from dandruff and seborrhea, have problems in the work of intestines up to dysbiosis;
    • often the mechanism of its occurrence trigger stress;
    • lack of vitamins, especially A and B;
    • metabolic disorder that causes abnormal sebaceous gland function;
    • overwork;
    • to provoke the development of the disease can too frequent washing the head, flushing the natural lubricant on the skin;
    • incorrectly selected shampoo;
    • frequent drying with a hair dryer.

    Dry and oily dandruff ^

    Dandruff can be oily and dry. Fat dandruff is formed with increased separation of sebum, heavily exfoliates and hangs on the hair in the form of large flakes. Hair grease very quickly and already on the second day after washing look greasy.

    Dry dandruff, on the contrary, occurs with a lower level of fat loss, in which the scalp becomes too dry and flakes easily. At the same time, the hair becomes brittle, dry, loses its shine and falls hard. As with dry, and with fatty dandruff, the scalp is often strongly itchy, which causes great inconvenience to people.

    To get rid of this problem, we need an integrated approach, because it is often caused not by one but by a combination of several factors. Dandruff is not an independent disease, but only indicates some violations in the body.

    Treatment should begin with proper hair care and a healthy diet:

    • First of all, you need to restore the correct water-salt balance in the body, especially with dry dandruff. To do this, you need to drink at least 2 liters of ordinary water at room temperature every day.
    • Food should be rich in vitamins and microelements. Limit the use of fatty, spicy, smoked, spicy foods and alcohol, as they increase the work of the sebaceous glands. For the same reason, try not to eat or drink anything too hot.
    • Very useful vegetables, fruits, cereals, containing useful vitamins, minerals and fiber, normalizing the work of the intestine. Also eat plenty of fish, seafood and nuts.
    • A positive effect is provided by scalp massage. With each head wash, massage the skin for a few minutes - it will improve blood circulation, nourish the hair and well exfoliate the dead particles.
    • Wash your head with warm, not hot water, and rinse thoroughly the remains of shampoo. Inadequate washing of hair during washing can contribute to the appearance of dandruff.
    • Try to use a hair dryer only in extreme cases, do not bring it close to your hair and turn it on.
    • In the summer, protect your hair from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, and in winter, do not supercool the skin and wear a hat.

    Shampoos and dandruff remedies ^

    Shampoos and anti-dandruff products advertised by cosmetic companies, unfortunately, can not help to get rid of it forever, because they do not eliminate the main reason. They only help to get rid of symptoms for a while and, in addition, are addictive.

    Once a person stops using this shampoo, he immediately has dandruff again. For a complete cure, special therapeutic shampoos are needed, sold in pharmacies. Therapeutic shampoos not only destroy the fungus, which is the cause of dandruff, but also regulate the work of the sebaceous glands.

    As a part of medical shampoos, sulfur, tar, salicylic acid, selenium, ichthyol, tea tree oil and other substances that normalize the rate of renewal of skin cells are usually present. Now there are a lot of such shampoos, consult a doctor about what exactly will suit you, given your hair type and severity of the disease.

    Specialist - trichologist, using modern diagnostic methods, take a scraping to the fungus, correctly determine the type of dandruff and correctly select the right shampoo. Therapeutic shampoos come in several forms:

    • antifungal,
    • exfoliating( act as a scrub),
    • with herbal extracts, removing excess fat and slowing the reproduction of the fungus.

    Pharmacy shampoos are more expensive than usual, they are usually treated for two months 1-2 times a week:

    • If you need to wash your head more often, apply a normal shampoo.
    • For dry dandruff, an hour before washing the head, it is useful to rub any vegetable oil or an equal mixture of calendula with castor oil.
    • With oily scalp, rub the alcohol tincture of calendula.
    • In rinse water, add essential oils that will give your hair a healthy shine and a well-groomed look.
    • In addition to shampoos, it is recommended to use various folk remedies, which, with a competent approach, can give a very good effect.
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    Among folk remedies for dandruff treatment at home, masks are most often used.

    Masks against dandruff fatty ^

    • Honey mask .Mix 1 tbsp.burdock oil, honey, lemon juice and egg white. Hold for 1 hour.
    • Herbal mask with salt .1 cup of ground leaves of dry nettle mixed with 1 tsp.sea ​​salt. When the salt is dissolved, rub the mush into the roots of the hair and hold for 15 minutes.
    • The acetic mask of .Mix 1 tablespoon.vinegar with 8 tablespoons of nettle broth. Rub into the scalp with a cotton swab. Can hold for several hours, rinse with acidified water.
    • Honey-and-oak mask .1 cup of oak bark broth mixed with 1 tsp. Honey Rub in the roots of the hair.
    • Beetroot mask .Rub the beetroot on the grater, squeeze the juice and rub into the skin. Excellent removes the itching and removes dandruff, but does not fit blondes, because it dyes your hair.

    Masks against dandruff dry ^

    • Oil mask . Heat warm burdock or sunflower oil into hair roots, wrap with polythene, top with a towel. Hold for 30-40 minutes.
    • Honey and oil mask .1t.l.mayonnaise, 2 tsp.sunflower oil, 2 tsp.honey, 1 tsp of aloe juice and yolk stir well, keep on hair for 15-20 minutes.
    • Yolk-oil mask .2 yolks, 1 tsp.burdock oil and juice?lemon. Hold for 1 hour.
    • An onion and oak home mask against dandruff .?a glass of oak bark and?a glass of onion peel pour 1 liter of boiling water, cook on a quiet fire for 30 minutes. Grate in the roots and hold for 20-30 minutes, wrapping the head with a towel. Blondes are not recommended because the mask tones the hair in a light chestnut color. If you use this decoction regularly 1-2 times a week, you can get rid of dandruff in a month.

    Doctors warn that dandruff is not only a cosmetic defect and can cause severe hair loss if it is running. Therefore, take this problem seriously - properly organize your daily routine, sleep well, do not overtire and reconsider harmful eating habits.

    If you maintain a healthy image, which is considered the best prevention of any diseases, you can not only get rid of dandruff, but also have beautiful, strong and healthy hair.
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