• Jojoba oil for hair

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    Jojoba oil perfectly strengthens the roots of hair and restores its structure

    Liquid vegetable wax orJojoba oil is the richest source of useful amino acids and esters.

    A gentle method of pressing the nuts of Simmondia bush Chinese allows you to preserve all the properties of the product, which are widely used in the production of ready-made cosmetic products and in household grooming products for hair.

    Use of jojoba oil for hair ^

    Useful properties of jojoba oil for hair:

    • Oil contains in its composition a large number of useful amino acids and alcoholic acids, among which are: eicosenic, docosenic, oleic, docosahexenoic, nerve-wicking, which are similar in composition to collagen. These substances rejuvenate and prevent aging of the skin at the cellular level.
    • Rich vegetable wax with group E vitamin, where it actively regenerates damaged strands, nourishing and moisturizing them well. Actively affects the work of hair follicles, as a result of which hair grows faster.
    • Ideal for owners of fatty hair, as it normalizes lipid metabolism, resulting in the disappearance of excessive greasiness.
    • With regular application gives the hairs a firmness and radiance, as well as health and natural beauty.
    • Is an ideal moisturizer for dry hair, brittle and lifeless strands, as it envelops every strand, helping to preserve and retain moisture in it.
    • On a mixed type of head of hair acts in a complex way, moisturizing it and removing excess fat at the same time, in places where it is necessary.

    Application of jojoba oil for hair found in everyday care for curls of different types. For care, it is used as an independent tool, and in the composition with other vegetable and essential oil products. Several drops of Jojoba oil are recommended to be added to caring creams, shampoos and balms, which increases the effectiveness of their use.

    Strengthening and preventing hair loss contributes to the daily combing of comb hair with several drops of the ethereal product. Effective for hair and applications from jojoba oil, which is applied for an hour and a half before washing your head, starting from the roots.

    • Treatment of hair with jojoba oil begins with a course of courtship procedures, where it is carefully rubbed into the roots before going to bed and is kept on the head all night.
    • To increase the growth and strengthening of hair, it is recommended to perform daily head massage for 10 to 14 days.
    • Restore strands and wraps, where a tablespoon of oil product is distributed over the entire surface of the scalp and washed off after an hour or a half.
    • To achieve the greatest result, a small amount of oily etheric agents, such as ylang-ylang, greyfruit, rosemary, petit-grass, and orange, should be added to jojoba oil.

    Jojoba essential oil for hair is well absorbed and does not give a sense of fat, even if it does not wash off, since it has a light, almost airy structure, which differs significantly from other oil products. Well tolerated.

    Contraindication to its use can only be the individual intolerance of the drug and hypertrichosis on the face of women( that is, the appearance of excess hair on the face), since jojoba is a product that stimulates the growth of the hairline.

    Jojoba oil mask: recipes, rules for use ^

    Jojoba oil is actively used not only in ready-made jars for hair care, but also in masks that are easy to use at home.

    Mask with jojoba oil for hair growth

    • Take dry mustard, sugar and jojoba in equal amounts of two tablespoons.
    • Mustard with sugar is mixed and diluted with water until a uniform mushy mass is formed.
    • Immediately before application, the jojoba oil solution is added to the slurry, it is aged under a polyethylene film for about fifteen minutes.

    Mask with jojoba oil from hair loss

    • Should you take a chicken yolk, liquid honey - a tablespoon, propolis -?a teaspoon of spirit tincture and Hojoba( Jojoba) - a tablespoon.
    • All components should be mixed and rubbed into the skin with effort, distributing the remnants throughout the hair, where it is left for an hour.

    Jojoba mask for oily hair

    • One must take one avocado, half a lemon and 50 grams of butter.
    • Avocado is peeled, bones and finely chopped with lemon in a blender, add butter and a little hair balm to the mixture.
    • Kashitsa is applied to wet clean curls, where it is aged for an hour and a half.

    Mask with jojoba oil for dry hair

    • For preparation, take one avocado, a tablespoon of jojoba oil and three similar spoons of olive oil.
    • Avocado is cleaned and crushed, olive oil and jojoba are added to it.
    • Ingredients are applied on dry strands for half an hour.

    Jojoba oil mask for split ends

    • For this mask, jojoba and other vegetable oil products in a 1: 1 ratio are suitable.
    • This may be a burdock, olive, almond or castor.
    • The oils are slightly heated, and applied directly to the cut ends for an hour.
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    Reviews and useful tips on the application of Jojoba oil for hair ^

    Reviews about jojoba oil for hair growth are of an exceptionally positive nature. Most opponents note the growth of the scalp to 5 cm per month with the regular application of the mask, but no more than twice in seven days for two months. The curls during the use of the mask became thick and shiny, which was promoted by the collagen contained in jojoba oil.

    Reviews of the mask with jojoba oil to strengthen and from hair loss showed an excellent result:

    • Locks stopped splitting and falling out, and the ability to condition the air gave them a natural smoothness and strength.
    • Good humidification of the head of hear was observed after the first procedure, and greasy hair acquired a pleasant matte shade.
    • Hair after applying jojoba oil has become more voluminous and elastic. Have got antistatic.
    • The remedy helped remove the remnants of coloring and toning funds without harm to the head of hearing.
    • The scalp was saturated with nutrients, which helped restore the injured hair structure.

    Many noted the habituation of hair to such masks, but from such a situation quickly found an outlet, where some components were quickly replaced by other similar means. The bottle with jojoba oil must be stored in a dark place, at a natural room temperature. Shelf life is not more than a year.

    Jojoba oil perfectly cares for the hair, with its help you can easily find beautiful, healthy and shiny curls.