Honey mask for lightening hair - mask of honey

  • Honey mask for lightening hair - mask of honey

    Blonde. .. So many anecdotes are invented about her, so many stories are told, and still most women cherish the dream of becoming it. The path to the blonde ideal is usually thorny, and the result of using all sorts of colors is unpredictable. It happens like this: buy a hair dye with a charming blonde on the package, and then you get red burnt hair.

    Not everyone knows that there is one wonderful means of lightening hair, with which you can lighten your hair for two or three tones. You may be surprised, but honey is the means. Of course, if you are a burning brunette, honey to you, that the dead poultice, but if the color of your strands is close to the blond, then why put the hair on exposure to household chemicals again? After all, they harm not only the hair, but also the scalp, violate the acid-base balance, cause skin diseases such as, for example, dandruff.

    When applied to the hair, honey acts as a lightening agent, like hydrogen peroxide. Only honey affects 1000 times more sparing. In order to obtain the desired light shade, several lightening sessions are necessary. Lightening hair with honey should last several hours - at least five, and preferably 8-9.The result depends, both on the natural color of your strands, and on the structure of the hair: the degree of stiffness, brittleness. After the procedure, the hair will look not only lighter than its natural color, but will also acquire a soft golden hue and a healthy appearance.

    Useful properties of honey

    Honey has always been considered a valuable product with excellent taste and cosmetic properties. It contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients. The honey consists of:

    • Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9.It is the vitamins of group B that impart a rich color to the hair, prevent the appearance of gray hair, improve hair growth;
    • Vitamin E provides hair an attractive appearance, strengthens weakened, thinned tips;
    • Vitamin C is a universal vitamin that normalizes redox processes;
    • Vitamin A - the best remedy for brittle hair, it normalizes the fatty exchange of the scalp;
    • Fructose and glucose contribute to the preservation of moisture, which is extremely important for damaged hair.

    Honey as a cosmetic product

    As it turns out, honey is not only a useful food product, but also a wonderful cosmetic product that preserves youth and beauty. As part of the masks honey moisturizes the hair, eliminates the causes of dandruff, dullness, brittle. Compared with conventional hair dyes, honey has an undeniable advantage - it has no harmful effect, and its positive effect extends not only to the hair, but also to the scalp.

    The hue of the hair after applying the honey mask will become lighter, saturated, warm. The blood supply will improve, as a result of which the hair will receive the necessary nutrition and will grow better, the roots of the hair will strengthen. In addition, using a honey mask for the hair, you will get rid of the problem of split ends.

    Preparation of mask

    Preparation of honey mask

    Honey mask has one serious drawback. As already mentioned above, lightening hair with honey - the procedure is not fast. Before you prepare a mask, think: do you have enough patience, 8-9 hours to walk with smeared sweet, sticky mass of hair? If so, then start cooking.

    Honey mask for hair can be one-component, i.e.consist only of honey. In this case, you will only need a sufficient amount of this sweet product. In the opinion of the people who are well versed in this matter, it is best to use acacia honey, but if another honey is lying around at home, for example, lime, then it too will do. More often, honey is sold already thickened, candied. The question naturally arises: how can this mass be applied to the head? The answer is simple: honey should be melt in a water bath, under the influence of high temperatures it returns to its original liquid state.

    It is better if the composition of the mask other than honey will include other clarifying components, for example, lemon juice. The proportions of honey mask with lemon juice are as follows: on two parts of honey take two parts of lemon juice and one part of burdock oil. Some effect will be within an hour after application.

    How to apply honey mask

    To achieve the best result, it is not enough to put honey on your hair, you need to know some secrets of using a honey mask. Here is the detailed instruction for use:

    1. One of the secrets is a thorough thorough shampooing of the head with no conditioner( do not use shampoo cream) with herbal extracts.
    2. For degreasing hair( the effect will be more effective), use a small amount of baking soda in the process of washing your head.
    3. After the shampoo has been foamed, the hair needs to be rinsed very well in a lot of running water so that no trace of shampoo or soda remains.
    4. Soak the hair with a towel, but do not dry until the end, they should stay moist.
    5. Take the cooked honey, if its consistency is dense for free application to the hair, add a little water and mix.
    6. Evenly distribute the honey on the hair along the entire length, combing their comb with frequent teeth, massaging the movements, complete the application procedure.
    7. Cover the head with polyethylene and wrap it with a towel to keep the heat.
    8. Leave the mask on your hair for 8-9 hours.
    9. After rinse the mask with warm water, you may need to use a shampoo. For better clarification at the end of the procedure, you can rinse your hair with a decoction of chamomile, which, like honey, has a brightening effect.

    It is best to make a mask before going to bed, while you will be sleeping, it will just work. Be prepared for the fact that one-time use of the mask will not bring the desired result.

    In a word, lightening hair with honey is an excellent solution for blonde girls who do not want to use hair dyes, but dream to revitalize their natural color and make it two or three tone lighter.