How to beautifully collect long hair - we collect hair by our own hands

  • How to beautifully collect long hair - we collect hair by our own hands

    A modern woman should be the owner of well-groomed legs and hands, fashionable clothes, topical make-up and well-arranged hair. Only then can we say that it can succeed and become fashionable. In the article, let's look at how beautiful it is to collect long hair, since not everyone can do it, even having a luxurious head of hair on his head.

    The fact that hairdressing is a real art that requires special taste and certain skills, so let's talk about how to make a great option "for every day", as well as about options for more solemn occasions.

    Naturally, long hair needs to be taken care of constantly, using conditioners, nutrients, and also therapeutic masks. In addition, they need to comb every day for twenty minutes. Only in this case it will be possible to preserve this "natural" wealth.

    We collect long hair "for every day"

    Hairdress for every day

    The offered options are perfect for both long hair and curls of medium length.

    The easiest option - to make a smooth hairdo, "hair to the hair."To do this, they connect to a normal "tail", located just above or slightly below. Adjusting the height of the "tail", you can go to work every day in a new way.

    In addition, one of the popular hairstyles is a "bundle" that can be left loose, or, conversely, tightly fix it on the back of the head. You can make a "bump", "basket" or "haly".To decorate such a hairstyle is recommended by an unusual rubber band;elegant, but unobtrusive barrette or simple invisibility and hairpins.

    And the hair does not need to be prepared in some other way: weave, twist or knit. It is necessary simply to comb smoothly the strands, using a comb with frequent teeth. Further collect in the tail, or form a bundle. Additional fixation of such a smooth daily styling is not required. Hair will perfectly hold the "shape" without the use of means.

    Now let's look at how beautifully to collect long hair for a festive event.

    Features of the festive hairstyle

    Hair Decor

    When it comes to hairstyle for "going out", then in this process there are no limits for creativity! The only thing, it will depend on the image that you create.

    The first and the main rule is that the elegant hairstyle completely corresponds to the style that you create, because you need to make a harmonious image.

    The second rule is that medium or long hair should be further decorated. You can do this in absolutely different ways. You can use the original studs, chic hair clips, bows, artificial and natural flowers, Chinese sticks and stuff. The third rule is

    .Let's take a closer look at how beautiful it is to collect long hair to make an evening hairstyle.

    Use for this you need, firstly, a variety of weaving - Greek, Scandinavian, French and Russian braids. And first you can collect in the tail, but only then braid, or make beautiful braids and collect them in the original bundle. To fix them you need smart hairpins or invisible ones. Such a construction of braids can be taken under a special decorative grid, which has large cells. With its help, such a styling will look more original and textured.

    Secondly, "bunches" and "bumps" can be decorated with flowers - living and artificial, original sticks, stylish hairpins and hairpins with rhinestones.

    Third, the fashion trend is now to collect medium and long hair in the form of harnesses. It can be like symmetrical harnesses that are made from the temple to the back of the head;parallel - "from the forehead" and across the head. It will depend on the taste and desires of the woman. This laying is decorated with ribbons, rhinestones or colored artificial strands. The harnesses will look very impressive.

    Variants of light festive hairstyles

    A bunch of braids

    The first way. It is necessary to collect long hair in the tail, so that it is on the vertex. Then divide it into ten to fifteen strands, each of which is rolled up in the form of a "ring" and stabbed with a stud at the base. It will not be terrible if some ringlets disintegrate. This will give a special charm. On the sides, you can leave strands, which should be slightly twisted.

    The second way. The hair is divided into four parts. The two upper strands need to be pounded with a hair clip and put them in the form of a "wave".They must first be fixed with varnish or with a foam having a strong fixation. The lower strands must be wound with the help of large curlers and fixed.

    Seashell of hair

    The third way. The hair of the upper part of the head should be combed and fixed with lacquer. Then make a shell and pin it with beautiful hairpins.

    There are a lot of hairstyles. Even the most ordinary of them can be decorated with accessories, making it unique.