• Hair care at home - home hair care

    A woman with beautiful well-groomed hair can rightly be proud of the gift given by nature. But we often expose hair to harmful effects: we paint, dry the hair dryer, use chemical perm, live in a tense rhythm, suffer from malnutrition and lack of sleep - all this can not but affect the condition of the hair, causing changes for the worse.

    What if the condition of the hair does not reach the ideal? It's simple: you need to take care of your beloved, having set aside time for home hair care.

    Do not think this is too expensive. No. You can achieve the desired effect without damaging your wallet. And the result. .. The result will be noted by all your relatives and friends, noticing how you have grown prettier. And not only friends, you are provided with increased attention from the male. Interested? Then it's time to talk about what hair care products are available.

    Care products

    Hair care products

    It is difficult to imagine hair care at home without using traditional means - shampoo, balm, conditioner. The task for these two means is different. Shampoo is created, first of all, in order to clean the hair and scalp from fat, so all shampoos available in stores contain surfactants, due to which the foam is formed when washing the head. Most often, sulphates are used in the shampoo, they do their job well, but they have rather aggressive properties, damaging the structure of the hair.

    To properly choose a shampoo, you need to find out what type of hair your hair is. In total, four types of hair are distinguished: normal, fatty, dry and combined( fatty in the root zone and dry at the tips).Shampoo for each type of hair is designed specifically to suit their characteristics. Shampoo for oily hair contains more active surfactants, and for dry hair - softer, sparing.

    Hair balm moisturizes the hair, softens and makes it more smooth to the touch. If the shampoo, due to the influence of the alkaline medium, lifts the scales of the hair, washing the impurities, the balm returns the structure of the hair to its original state, smoothing the surface of the hair. In addition, hair after applying the balm receive additional care, aimed at preventing brittleness and split ends. That's why you should not neglect the use of balms and conditioner.

    Shampoos and balms that are suitable for you, you can prepare yourself using natural ingredients, minimizing the presence of harmful substances. Traditionally, hair care products are used for sour-milk products, vinegar, herbal tea and citrus fruit juice. In the inheritance from our grandmothers were excellent hair care recipes that will help make hair well-groomed and attractive, making you the owners of chic hair.

    For an example, one of the recipes of home shampoo based on green tea. You will need a glass of brewed green tea( 1 teaspoon of tea leaves), a chicken egg and a quarter of black bread. Mix all the ingredients until a homogeneous mass is obtained( the tea should be cold).Use instead of shampoo, keeping on hair 3-5 minutes and rinse with cool water. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator. This shampoo improves the condition of hair as a whole and accelerates their growth.

    Mask for hair

    Masks for hair, perhaps, the most popular home hair care product. If necessary, using hair masks can be moistened, refreshed, dried. And the ingredients used in cooking them, for sure, will be found in your home.

    Having prepared a mask for hair, it is also necessary to apply it correctly. Here are some basic recommendations:

    • Homemade hair masks, in contrast to purchased masks, should be applied before washing your hair, ie.on dirty hair;
    • Masks are applied to both dry and damp hair;
    • The exposure time of masks is usually 30-40 minutes;
    • First of all, the mask is applied to the scalp and the radical zone, and only then spread along the entire length of the hair;
    • When applying the mask, attention should be paid to problematic areas, i.e.if the hair is greasy, then apply the mask very carefully on the scalp, if the hair is dry - then on the tips.

    Mask from oat flakes and honey

    Mask of oat flakes and honey A thick oatmeal is cooked, into which honey is mixed. The mixture is spread over the hair. Proteins contained in oat flakes favorably influence the hair, giving them extra gloss and volume. Honey, having a moisturizing property, smooths the surface of the hair.

    Clay mask

    Clay mask for hair With this mask you can normalize the fat balance of the scalp, get rid of dandruff, clean the pores. For the preparation of the mixture will require 4 tbsp.spoons of dry clay and decoction of nettle. The resulting mass is applied to the hair for twenty minutes. If your hair has dry tips, then to prevent their further drying, pre-lubricate them with vegetable oil( olive).After application, the hair needs to be rolled up and put on a special cap.

    Yeast Mask

    Yeast Hair Mask In half a glass of warm kefir or milk, dissolve a tablespoon of yeast and stir. Leave in a warm place for 30 minutes, apply on hair massaging, rubbing movements, wait 30-40 minutes, then wash off and wash the head with usual shampoo. It is advisable to apply the mask 1-2 times a week.


    Rinsers for hair

    Beer rinse aid

    Beer is an excellent means for giving shine, but only dark-haired women can afford it.

    Herbal Remedy

    This recipe will keep your hair clean for a longer time. You will need chamomile, sage and nettle grass. From the mixture of herbs taken in equal amounts, prepare the broth, add there a tablespoon of vodka, shake and apply on the head. In addition, massage. Use rinse aid should be after washing your head.

    Damaged hair

    Especially require care hair damaged. They are easy to recognize in appearance: they are tough, brittle, devoid of shine, difficult to comb, hair ends split. Most often, dry hair is exposed to this scourge. Care for damaged hair is the use of moisturizing masks, balms, special shampoos with sparing washing complexes. Such hair should be protected from UV rays.

    To restore the damaged hair shine, strength and softness it is worthwhile to prepare special masks for strengthening hair. Significant effect is achieved through the use of various oils, for example, olive, burdock, castor. They are applied approximately for 20 minutes before washing the head for the entire length of the hair. Well helps to fix the situation mask from mayonnaise.

    With damaged hair, you need to handle very carefully. At washing it is necessary to avoid too intensive manipulations with hair, and wiping a head a towel, hair it is impossible to twist and rub. Drying damaged hair is best in a natural way, resorting to drying with a hair dryer only as a last resort. When combing, move from the tips to the base of the hair, grasping the hair in small tufts. If the hair is dry, then try combing it longer, massaging the scalp - this will cause blood flow and improve the work of the sebaceous glands. Wet hair do not comb!