Masks for hair from sour cream - masks from sour cream for hair

  • Masks for hair from sour cream - masks from sour cream for hair

    Such product as sour cream is quite popular and is loved in our country. But she won women's love not only because thanks to her every dish you cook can be made tastier and more satisfying. Sour cream is also popular because combining it with various other products, you can preserve the health and beauty of your hair for a long time. Sour cream is a wonderful cosmetic product that provides excellent care for hair and skin. But do not immediately hope that the mask for hair from sour cream , can bring a wonderful result after several times using them. No. Achieve good results can only be done on a regular basis.

    Masks for dry hair

    Masks from sour cream for dry hair

    There are many masks based on sour cream. Consider only the most effective of them.

    Sour cream, potatoes, honey and egg yolk

    A wonderful tool to revitalize and nourish dry hair will come from the above ingredients.

    Cooking recipe: Take a raw potato of small size, peel it and grate it on a fine grater. Now wring out the juice and add the sour cream, honey and raw yolk - all you need is one tablespoon. Next, you must carefully mix everything, apply a thick layer on your hair and scalp, wrap your head with a plastic wrap and a warm towel. Hold the mask for at least half an hour, and then rinse off with warm water and a favorite shampoo.

    Sour cream and egg yolk

    Mix two raw yolks with two tablespoons of sour cream. Thoroughly shake everything and apply on hair and head. Again, wrap your head with polyethylene and any towel. It remains to sit with this mask for only 15 minutes.

    Sour cream and burdock

    This mask has several remarkable properties! It strengthens the roots of the hair, nourishes them and helps to remove dandruff.

    Pour a tablespoon of burdock roots with boiling water( one glass).Let the tincture stay for about an hour. Now add ¾ cup sour cream to it. Such a mask should be applied only to damp, clean hair. Hold for fifteen minutes and rinse with shampoo.

    Sour cream, olive and castor oil and egg yolk

    This mask is especially suitable for dry and curly hair. So, mix the egg yolk, olive and castor oil( one tablespoon) and sour cream. Now mix everything in the most thorough way so that a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Apply the mask on your hair, wrap your head well and keep it for half an hour. To wash off the product is best shampoo, which is specifically designed for curly hair. Periodicity, with which you need to do this mask - twice a week.

    Sour cream, cucumber and avocado

    The mask of such ingredients is ideal for dry hair: it gives them the necessary moisturizing and nourishes the tips. In order to prepare such a mask, you need to take a cucumber( fresh) and half an avocado. Both ingredients are finely chopped and add to them one third of the sour cream. Now take a blender and mix everything thoroughly. The resulting mixture must be applied over the entire length of the hair and keep for about 40 minutes. Wash off as usual.

    Sour cream, olive oil and avocado

    Another great mascara recipe with avocado that suits very very dry and brittle hair. Add 3 teaspoons of olive oil and 4 teaspoons of sour cream to the blender. Mix until a uniform composition is obtained. You will apply it to wet hair. Hold for half an hour and rinse with warm water.

    Masks for normal and oily hair

    Masks for normal and oily hair from sour cream

    With normal and oily hair, of course, the winds are much less than with dry. But still they sometimes require increased attention. Especially it concerns the cold season, when the hair becomes more dry, their tips are split and break off.

    Sour cream and honey

    Very simple recipe: just mix sour cream and honey( two tablespoons) and apply for the entire length of the hair for about 30 minutes.

    Sour cream, coconut oil and yoghurt

    Mix all ingredients, according to a tablespoon of each, and apply the resulting mixture to dry hair for about half an hour.

    Did you know that coconut oil is one of the best ways to make your hair even more beautiful, healthier and shiny? No, but in vain. In many countries it is actively used and no one has regretted it yet.

    Sour cream, banana, honey and egg yolk

    Take one tablespoon of each product and mix until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. Then apply the mask on the hair and hold for about thirty to forty minutes. Do not forget to cover your head, first with a plastic wrap, then with a towel.

    All the above masks from sour cream for hair are best washed with warm water, applying a suitable shampoo. But to dry hair with a hair dryer is not necessary, let dry naturally.

    Mask for problem hair

    Mask from sour cream for problem hair

    If you have thin and thin hair, pamper them with a mask of sour cream and kefir. To do this, simply mix the two ingredients in the same parts. Then apply the mixture for the entire length of the hair and hold for half an hour. If you do not forget about the regular use of this mask, your hair will become noticeably stronger and thicker.

    If you notice that the hair has started to fall very badly, do not less than two a week a week: take one fresh carrot, grate it and add 2 tablespoons of sour cream to it. Apply mask to the scalp and hair, for about 40 minutes, after wash with your favorite shampoo. Another great tip: wash the mask with the remaining carrot juice.

    Another ode to effective with a strong hair loss can be called the following: take the egg yolk, add one spoonful of cognac into it and mix it all up well. In the resulting mixture, you need to pour a spoonful of castor oil and 2 tablespoons of sour cream( preferably more fat).And once again, everything is knocked down. Next, the mixture should be slightly heated in a water bath and applied only to the scalp. Then massage gently, rub the mask into the roots. Keep this mask should not be less than half an hour, always wrapped his head with a towel and polyethylene. After half an hour, rinse the mask with warm water first, then hotter.

    This mask is best done 3 times a month and so for at least six months.

    It's good when you make any hair masks with sour cream, wash them with a mug broth or freshly brewed tea.