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    Hair straightening gives strands naturalness and beauty

    Hair styling is a method of coloring curls in several colors.

    After such coloring, the hairstyle becomes beautiful and visually more voluminous. In this case, individual strands, painted in contrasting colors or in different shades of a single color, create an effect of naturalness.

    Original and exquisite shades beautifully emphasize the oval face and create a new interesting image. In addition, after the melioration process, hair does not require additional care and labor-intensive laying.

    What is Hair Fixing ^

    The hair styling technique allows you to use any color to achieve the task and choose any width for colored strands. It should be borne in mind that when coloring, the original natural hair color is of great importance.

    The dyeing technique is simple, but it takes time and professional skill. A true master of hairdressing art with the help of melioration will be able to create an individual image and true harmony in combinations of hair and skin colors.

    Mixing of colors and a combination of various shades gives the opportunity to customize the habitual and everyday coloring of hair into artistic action and, as a result, get a stylish and effective hairstyle.

    • The most complex is considered melirovanie on dark hair, because in order to color the right amount of strands you must first lighten them. Initially, the curling is applied to the curls, and then the same strands are painted in a chosen color.
    • Brilliance on blonde hair is not particularly difficult. The process is easy and without special violations of technology and always leads to a positive result. The paint for application can be lighter or darker than natural color. In any case, it will look very nice and elegant.
    • Carrying out melirovanie on fair-haired hair, do not forget about the ability to lighten some of the strands. It is this technique that will allow to give the locks a lighter tone and make them visually more voluminous. With this color of hair, the strands are strikingly beautiful, painted in lighter colors.

    Types and ways of highlighting: description of staining technique ^

    The main types of highlighting have been available in almost every beauty salon for a long time. Practical for every hairdresser is the necessary tools and dyes, but only a real master can create by means of a unique color game and shimmering shades.

    An interesting effect is given by highlights through the cap - in a special cap, strands are drawn through the holes in the hairdresser's crochet. The paint is applied only to these strands. It turns out very beautiful and increasing the volume effect of bird feathers.

    Before the appearance of special hats, self-taught craftsmen used ordinary rubber bathing caps. But some types of coloring are not done this way. Melting on foil involves wrapping each strand in a separate piece of film or foil. The process is long and painstaking, but beauty requires sacrifice.

    The most popular types of highlights


    California highlights require this approach to the process of dyeing hair. With this method of staining, no foil or other hair-segregating devices are used. Hair color neatly, with small strands and create a unique gradient of color and shades.


    The marvelous effect of the transition from light to dark, creates a Venetian highlight. This technique allows you to give the haircut relief and dynamic movement. Light strands should be slightly and smooth their transition into dark hair reminiscent of Venice at night.

    Original melioration with chocolate strands will suit not only young girls, but also ladies of solid age. A smooth transition from the dark roots to the light ends of the hair will reduce the age by several years.


    An interesting way to make an original hairstyle is the "Mazhimesh" marking. With this method, only individual strands are painted in a lighter tone. Especially beautiful effect of gold threads looks on light blond hair and blondes. Hair, as it were, is constantly illuminated by the sun's rays.


    In contrasting colors, hairdressers usually dye their hair when marking "Baliage", while only the ends of the hair are stained. Professional masters know how to do this, using several, gradually shifting into each other shades. Smooth transition from dark to light tone, at the request of the client, can be replaced immediately with contrast. Everything depends on the skill of the master and the wishes of the woman.

    Magi Contrast

    Doing the marking of Magi Contrast should not forget that this method involves the use of persistent dyes. This kind of staining is very suitable for dark hair. Some strands are lightened, and they retain a selected color for a long time. It is possible to do partial highlights, slightly brightening bangs or some selected strands.

    Crazy Colors

    It's very extravagant looking melirovanie Crazy Colors. This is not only a way to impress others, but also an excellent opportunity to express your own mood. With this method, a bright gel is applied on the hair stained with different shades, which can be washed off after a while.

    However, additional bright combinations of colors should not be used in large quantities to avoid association with the bright feathers of overseas birds.

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    Video, reviews, results before and after the melody ^

    Highlighting allows not only to show individuality, but also will give a woman a sense of attractiveness and efficiency.

    When reading reviews on hair styling, it can be concluded that women respond positively to this method of staining. For many, it is very important that, after staining, the hair does not deteriorate and become more magnificent and voluminous in appearance. Different results of hair styling depend on the skill of the hairdressers and the choice of the right style.

    But, it should be remembered that melirovanie, as well as any coloring, thins hair after and makes them more fragile. After the procedure, it is necessary to make strengthening masks and wash the head with special nutritional balms.