How to wash your hair - how to wash your hair

  • How to wash your hair - how to wash your hair

    An image is important to a modern person, that's why we regularly take a shower, brush our teeth and watch our hair. But it turns out that not everyone knows how to properly wash your hair. It would seem that nothing complicated is there - I took the shampoo, soaped it and washed it off. But no! This is a whole science. From the correct approach to washing the hair depends on their appearance and condition, according to which the surrounding assess the owner.

    Beautiful, silky and well-groomed hair can tell a lot about its owner. If the hair looks great, it means that a person most likely leads a healthy lifestyle and does not have health problems: neither physical nor psychological.

    Excessive consumption of coffee, smoking and alcohol are detrimental to the condition of the hair, making them dull and lifeless. Of great importance is the environment. Dust, dirt, scorching sun, icy wind and frost are not the best friends to your hair. Therefore, they need constant care and careful attitude.

    How often to wash the head

    Means for washing hair

    To strengthen and improve the structure of the hair, and therefore to fill them with health from the inside and radiance from the outside, special care products are called: shampoos, masks, conditioners and balms. But this does not mean that too frequent washing your head will achieve a better effect. Have you ever wondered about how often to wash your hair?

    Rebroadcast a bunch of women's magazines, you can finally get confused. Some argue that the head needs to be cleaned once in 10 days( yes, there are such!), Others - every 4-5 days, the third - every 2-3 days, well, some firmly believe that without this procedure is indispensableeveryday.

    In fact, there is no single answer. It all depends on the type of hair, on their length and working conditions of the person. If you have long hair, prone to dryness, then the washing should be done every three days. Short and greasy should be washed more often. In winter, the hair gets dirty faster than in the summer, respectively, and they need to be washed more often.

    Dermatologists unanimously assert that it is necessary to wash hair as they become contaminated.

    Please note! Do not do this every day, because the shampoo, whatever it is written on the label, contains an alkali that, when washing off dirt, also grabs sebum with it.

    It is formed as a result of the activity of the sebaceous glands and serves to naturally protect the scalp from germs. If the fat is not enough, the scalp will dry up and itch, and as a result you are guaranteed to get dandruff.

    Using shampoo

    Comb your hair

    So how to properly wash your hair to preserve their natural strength and beauty? There are several simple rules that are easy to remember.

    • Before you go to the bathroom with a towel and shampoo, comb your hair well. Combing hair before washing is necessary to avoid strong entanglement afterwards.
    • Then prepare the water. From the tap - not the best option. It contains many heavy chemical elements that will settle on the hair. Ideal suited boiled water temperature from 35 to 40 degrees.
    • Shampoo should not be poured on the hair, it must first be rubbed in the palms of your hands and spread smoothly over the entire surface of the hair with smooth massaging movements. Always start from the roots and move to the tips.
    • The scalp does not scratch the nails, but only touch the pads of the fingers.
    • Lather your head at least twice, but do not allow the mixture to stay on your hair for more than a minute. This time will be enough to wash off the dirt, but not enough to damage the structure of the hair.
    • After washing with shampoo, you need to rinse your hair. For this purpose, use balm-conditioner or acidic solution, prepared independently. So you will calm the opened scales of hair after washing that will help without effort to comb. Hair after rinsing becomes soft, flowing and easy to fit.
    • Of course, drying with a hairdryer is not welcome. Wet hair is first lightly wiped with a towel, and then allowed to dry naturally.
    • Combing wet hair is also not worth it because it is too heavy. If you start to pull it, then a lot of hairs will remain on the comb.
    Wipe hair with a towel

    Using a small

    How to wash hair with soap

    Often instead of shampoo apply economic or tar soap. This recipe came to us by inheritance from grandmothers. The process of washing hair with soap is done according to a certain technology.

    Prepare a soapy solution
    • A concentrated soap solution prepared by prolonged foaming of a piece of soap with hands with the addition of water is prepared in the container.
    • Hair is placed in the resulting liquid and washed.
    • Then rinse with clean water with a little lemon juice or a decoction of chamomile.
    Please note! There are conflicting opinions about the use of soap.

    Some are sure that after a soap solution the hair becomes elastic, heavy and perfectly retains its volume.

    Opponents argue that soap is harmful to the hair, since it consists of concentrated alkali. Getting on a hair, it destroys the protective film and lifts the scales. As a result, hair loses its shine, elasticity and poorly combed.

    Using folk remedies

    Rye bread

    Today it is popular to wash hair at home using various folk remedies. These include strengthening masks from natural ingredients, homemade shampoos based on chicken eggs, rye bread, honey, brewer's yeast and rinse broths, which are added a drop of perfume to give the hair a pleasant smell.

    Of course, the choice of means for washing hair is a personal matter for everyone.

    Please note! Stylists are advised to select shampoo based on the type of hair, and also once every six months to change the habitual means for something else.

    By the way, if there is no time to wash your head, you can use an express shampoo, which is applied to dry hair.