How to restore dry hair - restore dry hair at home

  • How to restore dry hair - restore dry hair at home

    Many of us - the fair sex - face such a problem as dry hair, especially in the winter. And although we all know the most common causes of this problem( hair dryer, ployka, ironing), we can not solve it, alas, not. As a result, dull lifeless hair, which is more on the comb than on the head. Of course, the question immediately arises: what to do?

    Causes of dryness of hair

    For this purpose it is necessary to understand the reasons of such condition of hair, after all a little at whom the dryness is incorporated genetically, basically, it is the got problem.

    1. The very first thing that every self-respecting girl and her hair should know is the proper use of the hairdressing industry. If you can not do without a hairdryer, curling iron straightening iron, then before using them, apply the means for thermal protection. They come in different types: oils and biphasic oils( Brelil), sprays and biphasic sprays( Gamma, Estel, Schwarzkopf), as well as foams, wax, spray gloss, depending on the result. Without such means, the hair loses its natural moisture and, as a result, becomes dry and brittle;
    2. Always use only the products intended for your hair type. This should be a shampoo, conditioner, mask and spray specifically for dry hair, or dyed hair, they are also quite sparing. Shampoos for oily hair are designed for intense splitting of the sebum of the head, which on dry hair is so small;
    3. Head wash Dry hair should be washed every two to three days, not once a week. Together with sebum on the head, dirt accumulates, dust and clogs the pores of the head, which leads to a weakening of the hair follicle as a whole, it is thinned and stratified, lacking nutrients;
    4. You need to do a head peeling. After all, for skin care, we do this procedure, what makes hair worse? When pilling blood circulation improves, the pores are opened, and the bulb absorbs nutrients much more intensively, which promotes hair growth and makes them more viable;
    5. Pick the right comb and learn how to comb. The hairbrush should be, if possible, made from natural materials and should not induce the electrification of hair. Combing, we stretch the hair, it cracks, breaks, and split ends appear. Therefore, combing is also necessary correctly, starting from the tips, neatly untangling, helping yourself with your fingers, get to the middle, and then to the roots;
    6. Revise your diet. It should include fish, dairy, meat products, as well as vegetables and nuts.

    Salon procedures

    Lamination of hair

    We sorted out the reasons, you can talk about courtship. In the salons you can make a hair lamination. This is quite an expensive procedure, but the effect, say the master hairdressers, is worth it. Each hair is wrapped in a cocoon of nutritious and caring substances, and it becomes less prone to external negative effects of the environment. Naturally, with hair regrowth, this procedure should be repeated.

    You can cut hair with hot scissors - this is also a salon procedure. Before the haircut, a complex of active nutrients is applied to the hair, which restores dry hair and seals the hot ends with hot scissors so that all nutritional components remain inside the hair.

    Even if there is no possibility to go to the salons and do expensive procedures, then it is still necessary to cut the ends of the hair. On dry hair, the ends are quickly thinned, split, and if they are not sheared, the hair will begin to separate higher and higher, closer to the roots. Therefore, if you do not cut the tips in time, then you have to cut a lot more.

    Folk remedies

    Exfoliating scalp

    I also want to pay attention to folk remedies for the restoration of dry hair.

    We talked about peelings, but how to make them yourself? There are several options:

    1) Large sea salt + shampoo + essential oil of sage nutmeg couple of drops;

    2) For dark hair, ground coffee + shampoo + cedar essential oil is perfect. Apply to damp unwashed hair, lightly massage and rinse.

    In the process of peeling, hair will fall out strongly, do not worry, it's weak bulbs that get rid of sick hair to give a place healthy and strong.

    Shampoo, as mentioned above, should be a special purpose, but you can also improve it at home. In a bottle with a volume of 200-250 ml, drip the essential oil of Siberian pine, clary sage and cedar( 3 drops each).Hair becomes healthier and grows quickly.

    On dry hair has a beneficial effect essential oil of geranium, chamomile, lavender, ylang-ylang, juniper and rosemary. The most important rule in using oils is the presence of a base( 100 ml of olive oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, almond oil or sesame oil) + 5 drops of three, essential oils you have chosen.

    The mask can be as cooked at home with your own hands, and bought in the store. The main thing that it was fat and nutritious, on the basis of oils, kefir or sour cream.