How to accelerate the growth of hair on the head - accelerate the growth of hair on the head of the house

  • How to accelerate the growth of hair on the head - accelerate the growth of hair on the head of the house

    Long, well-groomed hair from a woman always attracted the attention of men. Long since the women were proud of long hair, and if there was nothing to boast about, they used hairpieces and wigs. At present, the situation has not changed, women are also striving to acquire long-haired head of hair, it is now possible, instead of using wigs and hairpieces, to use the hair extension service. However, it sometimes happens that one wants to have his own long hair grown with his own hands. It's great when a woman can boast of long hair, but if not? You need to make an effort, and you will achieve your goal. If you are looking for information on how to quickly grow your own hair, without resorting to the service of hair extensions, then you came to the address.

    Causes of poor hair growth

    "Why does someone have hair growing like a leap, and I do not?" - Some women ask themselves this question. Particularly topical this issue becomes when there is a desire to grow hair, at least below the shoulders. By the way, sometimes the problem is far-fetched. If the hair grows at least one centimeter per month, then this is a normal increase. And if not. .. The causes of poor hair growth are banal, but numerous. Among them is:

    • Unbalanced food. If you eat fast, eat food with a low content of nutrients, i.e.vitamins and micro-, macronutrients, then it is not necessary to expect rapid hair growth. If your hair grows poorly for this reason, then, most likely, your nails also grow slowly, which also often causes women a sense of vexation, but that's not what this is about.
    • Stress. Psychological factors can also trigger a slowdown in hair growth, even causing hormonal imbalances.
    • Genetics. Having a genetic predisposition to slow hair growth, it is not worth waiting for miracles.
    • Poor blood supply. It's blood that nourishes the hair. If there are many nutrients in the body, but the blood does not supply the scalp well enough, the hair follicles simply will not receive the necessary nutrition, and hair growth will be very slow.
    • Diseases. Hair can suffer because of violations of the endocrine glands, because of trichological problems - both lead to a deterioration of the hair: dandruff, brittle, falling out, as a result, poor growth.

    With the reasons for poor hair growth, everything is clear, but how to accelerate the growth of hair on the head? There are means, and you do not have to swallow pills and go to doctors. We will talk about how to accelerate growth on the head at home. But just make a reservation - it will not be easy.

    Diet for hair growth

    You need foods rich in protein. Eat fish, eggs, legumes, seafood. Do not forget about the sources of keratin - these are sunflower seeds, bread with bran, unrefined vegetable oils. Do not interfere with dairy products containing calcium. They will strengthen the hair, which will avoid brittleness. Avoid the sweet, salty and spicy, try to avoid McDonald's side - in such nutrition there is nothing useful either for you or for your hair.

    Massage of the scalp

    Head massage

    The head massage is designed to provide additional blood flow, and thus strengthen the hair nutrition. Exercise it should be very carefully, making small efforts: stroking, rubbing, twitch strands. To get long hair, it will be enough to devote 10 minutes a day to this occupation. An important condition in this matter is regularity. You can massage using oils that will also be extremely useful for hair growth.

    Masks for hair growth

    Hair masks accelerating growth
    1. It is common knowledge that burdock oil is the most remarkable way to accelerate hair growth. It should be applied in a warm form with massage movements, keep for at least an hour, only after that it should be washed off. You can use burdock oil in combination with various ingredients, for example, egg yolk, lemon juice. Especially good effect you will achieve, if you use burdock oil with pepper. You can buy it ready in the pharmacy. It will cause a flow of blood.
    2. Another hot mask is onion. It is multicomponent. You need 2 parts of onion juice and one part cognac, burdock oil, honey, kefir, sea salt. For example, if you take two spoons of onion juice, then everything else you need is one spoonful. Naturally, you need to measure the same spoon. Doing this mask every other day for two months, you will see what a wonderful effect you could achieve. Among other things, the mask at times improves the condition of the hair. The only drawback is an unpleasant smell.
    3. Mustard mask. Ingredients: 2 egg yolks, a glass of kefir and a spoon( table) of mustard. All mix and apply. Time of "aging": one hour. Do this mask not more often than once a week.

    These are the basic tips. However, you probably noticed that we did not understand a few more reasons for poor hair growth. As for various diseases, then you need accurate diagnosis, and then you need to contact a doctor, and genetic and stress factors, unfortunately, are not subject to us.