• Colorless Henna for Hair

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    Colorless henna restores the structure of the curls from the roots to the tips.

    Henna colorless is a cosmetic product derived from a cassia plant that is tulip, known for its medicinal properties.

    This product has no coloring abilities, but gently cares for hair, face and nails, giving them their invaluable qualities.

    The use of colorless hair henna ^

    The properties of colorless henna for hair are truly unique and dictated by its rather complicated composition:

    • It contains crisofanol, giving the yellow curls a yellowish shade and successfully treating the scalp disease. This component also has antifungal and antimicrobial properties.
    • Emodin - no less valuable substance responsible for the shine of the head of hear.
    • Next, aloe-emodin, which stimulates blood circulation, resulting in curls grow faster.
    • Carotene in the chemical composition of colorless henna restores the structure of each strand separately, gently enveloping it, removes fragility and split ends.
    • Betaine perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the strands of the head.
    • The natural component of ceaxanthin strengthens the hair follicles, causing them to work more intensively, which significantly strengthens the hair.
    • Routine is another element that prevents hair loss.
    • Fisalen is an antifungal ingredient that helps to successfully cure fungal head skin lesions.

    The application of colorless henna eliminates almost all the problems with the hair:

    • It strengthens it, restores the structure of a particular curl, carefully takes care of them and treats them.
    • Actively stimulates the follicles, which in every way contributes to the growth of hair.
    • With regular application, it smooths the scales of each hair, enveloping them with biofilm, as a result of which they become smooth and obedient, which makes laying much easier.
    • Promotes thickening of strands, saturates curls with nutrients, moistens them, gives them strength and a healthy appearance.
    • Ideal for fatty hair, since it regulates the sebaceous metabolism.
    • Promotes the complete disappearance of dandruff and removes all pustular and inflammatory processes.

    Treatment of hair with colorless henna, as shown by practice, gives positive results, but despite this, cosmetic procedures with its application should be conducted once in thirty days for dry strands and one procedure - a session in seven days for fatty. This is due to the fact that colorless henna can cause excessive dryness of both hair and skin.

    It is especially recommended to use hair products based on colorless henna in the intervals between painting your hair, because it will be possible to maintain their condition in a healthy way.

    Hair masks with colorless henna: recipes, rules of use ^

    You can buy already prepared cosmetic care products based on colorless henna, but you can make them yourself at home, recipes for such masks are given below.

    Mask with colorless henna for hair growth

    • Powdered colorless henna is bred in a glass of hot water.
    • After the mixture has cooled slightly, a quarter of a glass of kefir and drops of four essential oil are added to it.
    • The components are mixed together and kept on the curls up to forty minutes.

    Mask with colorless henna from hair loss

    • In powder form, colorless henna is mixed with olive oil in a one-to-one ratio.
    • To this mixture is added a tablespoon of castor oil.
    • All the ingredients are poured with boiling water and applied to strands for thirty minutes.

    Mask with colorless Henna for strengthening hair

    • Colorless henna in the amount of 150 grams is beaten with two chicken yolks and burdock oil( 50 grams), olive oil( 25 grams), apple vinegar essence( 50 grams), two teaspoons of liquid honey.
    • Kashitsa is poured hot water to get the consistency of sour cream and is kept on the head for an hour and a half.

    Mask with colorless henna for fatty hair

    • 100 grams of powdery color henna should be diluted in a glass of hot boiled water and add to the mixture 50 grams of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 50 grams of blue clay and 25 grams of burdock oil for strands.
    • The mixture is applied and aged for about an hour.

    Mask with colorless henna for dry hair

    • Colorless henna in the amount of one hundred grams is diluted with 300 grams of hot water.
    • A ready-made mass is added to the previously peeled and peeled avocado( softened flesh).
    • Castor oil is also added here and is applied to the curls for about forty minutes.

    Mask with colorless henna for colored and stained hair

    • 50 grams of Irish colorless henna is poured with a decoction of chamomile.
    • Several drops of essential products are added to the mixture, such as ylang ylang, rosemary, jojoba oil, and a spoonful of a repeating oil.
    • The mixture is spread over the entire surface of the strands and is aged for about 60 minutes.
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    Reviews and useful tips on the use of colorless hair henna ^

    All the properties of colorless henna have not been sufficiently studied yet, but thanks to positive results, masks based on it have become beloved by many women.

    So, feedback on the use of colorless henna for hair growth says that a significant effect is noticeable only after the fourth procedure. Namely, hair growth increased to four centimeters per month, and along with it the strands became more dense and bulky.

    Masks make a course one session per week for two months, then you should limit the procedure to one session per month. This is due to the fact that more frequent use can noticeably dry out the structure of the hair and the effect will turn out to be quite the opposite.

    Reviews of a mask with colorless henna to strengthen and from hair loss are only positive. Particularly effective were funds with the addition of essential oils and clay. But the use of colorless henna in its pure form also brought its fruits: the hair became stronger, more obedient, unprecedented smoothness appeared, dandruff disappeared, fat hair became less greasy and acquired a healthy appearance.

    For dry hair type, these masks should be applied with extreme caution, as they are dried. Warnings about hair coloring in blondes in yellow did not find confirmation. Experience has shown that in many women the shade was preserved after applying the mask in an unchanged form.

    The downside of such a tool is that the head of hearing is badly washed after washing with water and the procedure for washing your head has to be repeated several times.

    It should also be noted that:

    • similar masks are always applied to dry hair;
    • with their use of the head must be warmed with a towel and cellophane;
    • after cosmetic procedures is not recommended to use a hairdryer;
    • periodicity of masks for fat curls - once in seven days, for dry - once in thirty days;
    • powder is always diluted with hot water only;
    • colorless henna is not compatible with the coloring agents and after using the mask on its basis should be applied not earlier than a week;

    Colorless Henna is a worthy tool in the struggle for beautiful thick strands and healthy scalp, which should not be discounted.