• Laminating hair at home( at home)

    Beautiful healthy hair is the dream of any girl. For sure, many spend a lot of money to make your hair look well-groomed. For this, not only shampoos and balms are used, but also various masks, mousses, sprays. For styling hair can also be used several different means. This set of funds sometimes take a lot of money, but the result is not always satisfactory.

    In pursuit of beauty and health of hair, do not forget about folk remedies. Sometimes, using the minimum number of available ingredients, you can bring your hair in order.

    Now most salons offer a procedure for laminating hair. Worth this service is not cheap, but to achieve a visible result, lamination should be done regularly.

    Self-care for hair

    When to laminate

    To avoid large expenses, it is possible to make hair lamination at home( at home).Prepare a mixture is not difficult, with this can cope with any girl who cares about the beauty of her hair.

    Lamination of hair is ideal for those who have damaged hair, they are dry, like straw and tips are severely cut. And if you - the owner of fine hair, the procedure of lamination will give extra volume to the hair. In a word - this mask is suitable for everyone who wants to have beautiful, shiny and healthy hair. The procedure for laminating hair with gelatin will take about one hour.

    Home hair lamination is produced by a mask based on food gelatin. The main advantage of this component is the content of the natural collagen protein that envelops each hair with a protective film. Gelatin perfectly nourishes the hair and moisturizes it. That is why the effect of the procedure is noticeable after the first application. But to achieve the best result, lamination with gelatin should be done regularly, at least once a week. The first three procedures are best done three times in a row while washing your head.

    Simple recipe - excellent result

    Gelatin mask

    In order to make a gelatin mask, you need one bag of gelatin, boiled water, as well as any hair balm.

    To begin with, bring the water to a boil and allow it to cool. After that, a tablespoon of gelatin is poured into a nonmetallic bowl and filled with three tablespoons of water. Owners of thick and long hair can prepare double the volume of the mixture. Water with gelatin is thoroughly mixed, after which the dishes are covered with a lid. This is done so that gelatin does not cool down.

    While gelatin is swelling, it's time to wash your head with an ordinary shampoo. Hair should be dried naturally, leaving them a little wet.

    During this time( about twenty minutes), gelatin should completely dissolve in water. Otherwise, it can be briefly placed on a water bath, until a uniform mass is formed. In this mixture is added a half tablespoon of hair mask or balm. The consistency of the finished mixture will resemble thick sour cream.

    How to use the mask

    The mixture is applied to damp hair. It is better to avoid direct contact with the scalp, as unpleasant sensations may occur. The best option is to retreat a centimeter from the roots.

    The gel mask is very simple to apply. The mixture does not spread, therefore it is convenient to use.

    Immediately after applying the mixture on the head, you should put on a cap or a plastic bag. From above, the hair is covered with a towel to create heat. In addition, you can dry your head with a hairdryer. Keep on the hair mixture should be no less than forty minutes.

    The last step is to flush the mask with water. Adding balm to the mask makes this procedure simple, the mixture is washed off the hair very easily.

    In total, the procedure lasts about an hour. To achieve maximum effect, gelatin lamination is best done at least once a week for two to three months. Then you can take a short break.

    The simplest recipe for laminating hair at home is suitable for almost everyone. But you should know that you can choose additional ingredients depending on the type of hair. The new component will only enhance the effect of the procedure.

    Additional ingredients that enhance the effect of

    Egg for gelatin mask

    The egg yolk will be a universal supplement. This mixture is suitable for any type of hair.

    The gel mask is made in the same way as the lamination mixture, but it contains additional components. Apply the mask in the same way as any other. To understand that the proportions are met correctly, you can check - the consistency of the mixture resembles liquid honey. As well as the mixture for lamination, the mask is not recommended to be applied to the scalp. It is better to retreat a couple of centimeters.

    For girls with blond hair, a mask with diluted juice of lemon, and for brunettes - juice of carrots will suit. In this recipe, water is replaced with juice. Then everything is as usual.

    A good option for strengthening hair - adding a mixture of burdock or castor oil.

    Depending on the color of the hair, girls can add herbal tinctures to the mask. Blondes are suitable for infusion of chamomile flowers, and for brunettes - nettles. Gelatin is mixed with broth, after it is added a tablespoon of honey.

    Boiled water in the mask can be replaced with mineral water or milk.

    Owners of dry hair like a mask with almond or lavender oil. For its preparation, a teaspoon of oil is added to the mixture. If the hair is very dry, the amount of oil can be slightly increased. The peculiarity of such a mask is that it can not be kept on your hair longer than half an hour.

    And in order to tidy up fatty hair, four spoons of lemon juice or vinegar are added to the mask. Also, shampoo for hair is added to the mixture.

    Not very popular, but, nevertheless, an effective hair care product - gelatin mask-shampoo. For its preparation, a decoction of herbs is made. Chamomile, nettle, burdock will do. You can add something else on your own, depending on the color of your hair. On the third part of the glass of the broth, add three tablespoons of gelatin and the same amount of regular shampoo. The mixture is heated in a water bath until the gelatin is completely dissolved. This shampoo is applied to the head for ten minutes, after which it is washed off with warm water. This mixture can stand in the fridge for a week. Therefore, there is no need to make gelatin shampoo before each hair washing procedure.

    Result of using gelatin

    If you regularly make gelatinous lamination, you can achieve an amazing result. Hair will become even, obedient, more elastic and dense.

    Please note! The use of natural ingredients does not harm the hair, but only has a positive effect.

    If it is correct to make gelatinous mask, you can several times reduce the number of expensive procedures in the salons, and, maybe, they do not use them at all. Your feedback on home hair lamination can be left in the comments.