• How to wind hair on hair curlers at home

    Has nature endowed you with straight hair? And you so often want them to be curly? This happens in girls quite often: those who have even hair, want waves, and those who have curly hair are perfectly straight. Fortunately to solve such a problem is quite simple, you just need to know how to wind hair on curlers. Do not know how to do this? Read the article, which will reveal all the secrets.

    To get beautiful curls, you need to correctly choose the size of the curler. In our market of species, shapes and sizes is a huge number. There are curlers made of plastic, metal, but with plastic coating, electric curlers and foam rubber. Even the attachments of this remarkable device are very different. But the most used and favorite among women for a long time remain curlers with an elastic band.

    Why is everyone so fond of curlers? Perhaps because the harm done by them can not be compared with that which is inflicted by a curling rod and a perm. But they have curlers and a disadvantage - when you start to do the stacking with them, the procedure for unaccustomed use will take quite a lot of time. But after some time, if you wind your hair all the time, the styling will take you very little time.

    Hair curlers of different types, differ in their technique of use. But still there are rules that combine all these types: before you start the wave does not need to dry your hair very much - let them be a little wet so it will be much easier to wind on curlers, and they keep the shape much longer. But too much wet hair also does not need to curl: they are too steamed, and so the laying will not last long. And imagine how long they will dry up in a coiled form? If the hair has had time to dry completely, be sure to sprinkle them with a small amount of water from the spray gun.

    Before curling it is important to know

    So, there are certain points that will help to properly wind hair on curlers. The first thing you need to do is prepare the tools that you will use when curling. To begin with, the curlers themselves, then the comb with a thin handle and two mirrors. A sprayer filled with water will help you very much. Ask why two mirrors? Just so you can see and wind hair on the back of your head. Thanks to the comb, you can easily separate the strands of the desired thickness, and the spray gun is useful if you realize that the hair has already dried too much. When you wind the hair on the curlers, be sure to comb each strand. Especially it concerns curlers with bristles - such hair curlers to pull out from hair it will be very difficult, and to cut them it is possible.

    If you want the hairstyle to last as long as possible, use special fixers that need to sprinkle the hair before winding them on the curlers. Such funds cover each hair with a thin film, strengthening and protecting them. When choosing a fixer, note that they differ in the type of hair for which they are intended. If you choose a product that does not suit you, you can not only not fix your hair, but also damage your hair. For example, a thinner should be applied to thinner hair, which has an easy fixation - the hairdo will retain its original appearance much longer. But if you apply a varnish of extra-strong fixation to such hair, it will only make your hair more heavy because of what it will lose in a couple of hours the shape that you so carefully created.

    How to wind hair at home

    The technique of winding hair on hair curlers can not be called something complicated. But a few rules still exist:

    • thanks to a thin comb it is necessary to separate a lock of hair, which is equal to the width of the hair curlers. To strand on the disintegrating in the hand to separate hairs, lightly drizzle it with water from the spray gun. You need to start the winding from the tips of the hair: attach them to the center of the curler and wrap the curlers inside, so the hair will wrap it more evenly. And so it is necessary to twist to the roots. Just do not tighten too tightly, it should not hurt you. When you screw all the hair in this way, go do some of your own business - you'll have to wait for a while, your hair should dry completely. Once you understand that the hair is completely dry, you can take off the curlers. Advice : do not comb your hair immediately, wait for about fifteen minutes, the curls will last longer and keep the desired shape;
    • if you have thin and unruly hair, the laying of which disappears in a few minutes, be sure to apply hair fixing foam or gel;
    • you decided to use an electric hair curler, then know that too frequent use of them will harm the hair. And in no case do not start to wind hair before they completely dry;
    • hair in the neck and sides should be wound on smaller curlers compared to those that you will use for the forehead;
    • try to lay the ends of hair on curlers so that they are located exactly, otherwise the ends will turn out very sloppy, and this will greatly spoil the appearance of the laying;
    • winding strands at an angle of 90 degrees to the roots and without strong tension.

    How to wind curlers on long hair

    Now you know how to wind hair, but with long hair there are sometimes problems, because the longer the hair, the more skill, time and patience you need to attach to the styling.

    In general, winding long hair, stick to the same technique as usual. They also need to be combed, a little moistened with water from the atomizer, split the hair into thin strands, and starting from the tips of the hair, wrap them around the curlers. Consider that when laying long hair, strands need to be taken much thinner than on medium and short - the hair simply can not fit on the curlers, and this is a guarantee of sloppy appearance. Twisting long hair, do not forget about fixing means for styling.

    Let the "science" of winding hair on hair curlers will not become complicated for you and do not spare time for beautiful styling, lead well-groomed hair - almost the main decoration of a woman.